System JO H2O Flavoured Lube Review (Various Flavours)

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System JO H2O Flavoured Lube Review

by Salacious Doll

It’s been flavoured lube month at my house recently. I was fortunate enough to receive another flavoured lube but in the mix were these 3 little gems for me to have a try and play around with. 3 sachets of System JO H2O Flavoured Lube.


I’m going to be absolutely honest here and admit that I avoid flavoured lubes like nothing else, as there is usually a lot of artificial tastes and sticky messes but as I was a little intrigued I decided to have a little look.

System JO H2O Flavoured Lube

The System JO H2O Flavoured Lube is water based and come in over 17 different flavours, so you are completely spoilt for choice as there is variety for even the pickiest of people (that would be me). Secondly if you fall as madly in love as I did with a flavour they come in two different sizes, a 30ml and 150ml (however I was sent a 3ml sachet for a taster, so to speak).

In my mix of lubes I was sent a Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Kiss and Cool Mint in sachet form as previously mentioned, but I’m not too keen on these as the can get very messy if you decide to keep a little left over, so bottles are always preferred. However saying that there was quite a bit of lube that me and my partner got out of these, so we were able to use each sachet more than once.

During Use

Starting with the Strawberry Kiss, opening up the packet you can really smell the fruitiness of the strawberries, I was slightly hesitant to try as it’s not my favourite taste lube wise and it unfortunately wasn’t when it came to System JO H2O’s version either. It left a nasty tang in my mouth after using it and was a little too sweet for my liking but despite this the texture was silky smooth on skin, very thin and not thick and gloopy to apply at all.

System JO H2O Flavoured Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review-2

Eager to try another a few days later I went with the Cool Mint flavour and instantly fell in love, sadly there isn’t a lot of smell to the mint which left me a little disappointed but the taste is amazing and gives you that hunger for more as it gets your taste buds going. Again there was a slight after taste but nothing as tangy as the strawberry version.

Finally Vanilla Cream, I had kind of been looking forward to this one but a little worried it might be as sweet and overpowering as the strawberry flavour, a little nervous to try at first but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. The vanilla sadly isn’t as strong as id like perhaps, but it has a slight scent to it and it’s just as sweet as it should be. This was also one of the first lubes to not leave an after taste too and much like the mint it got my taste buds wanting more.

What impressed me even more so was the lack of stickiness, somehow the System JO H2O lubricants managed to leave our skins soft, there was a slight bit of stick on hands but it didn’t make me want to run to the shower immediately like some flavoured lubes leave you.


System JO H2O Flavoured Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review-1

I was so impressed with the quality of the System JO H2O Flavoured Lube. I’ve been put off by flavoured lubricants so many times but these were just a tiny breath of fresh air to use. Admittedly the Strawberry Kiss was a huge miss with me but the H20 Vanilla Cream and Cool Mint were both exciting and different as I didn’t think I’d ever get on with either of them especially the mint.

The lack of sticky after feeling but smooth slick texture had me just as happy, making the System JO H2O Flavoured Lube almost easier to use without the fear of getting stuck together in an icky mess.

Although there was a downside for me, and that was the ingredients. Although there are no artificial sweeteners used in the System JO H2O Flavoured Lube, I am a little hesitant to go and put it on my lady bits as one of the ingredients that is used is glycerine. I would rather be safe than sorry so unfortunately this is one thing that is used for his privilege only (lucky him) but if you do decide to use it during sex, you’ll be happy to know that the lubricants are 100% latex safe.

Despite not getting on with Strawberry Kiss, I have to say I’m really eager to try a few more flavours as the System JO H2O Flavoured Lube is something I regret not trying sooner.


– Salacious Doll

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Salacious Doll for this review of the System JO H2O Flavoured Lube.


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