Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

9 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

By Tangled Lover

There has been plenty of hype about this toy, which has a tendency to raise your expectations!! So I was really excited about trying the Satisfyer Pro 2 and on the whole it did not disappoint!


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The toy comes in a black box with a circular pattern in gloss and matt to signify pulse of the device.  The device and magnetic charger cable are pictured on the box along with Satisfyer Pro 2 in rose gold writing.  It includes the pros in multiply languages with symbols on the side of the box.  The packaging almost has a retro or art deco feel about it.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a rose gold coloured ABS plastic toy with a detachable silicone cup.  The toy is nicely shaped and contoured so that it fits comfortably in your hand.  It doesn’t look like a sex toy.  In fact I left it on my dressing table when my kids were about and they didn’t seem to look twice!  It could be mistaken for any beauty electronic device.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is fully rechargeable .  It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable, that just snaps into place.  This is great for ease of use.

Having not used another toy like this I didn’t know how it would feel.  I have a tango lipstick vibrator  and other clitoral stimulators, which effectively rub against the clitoris at speed. The Satisfyer Pro 2 works by producing a suction effect over the clitoris, similar but not the same as, a person sucking.  It’s a gentle feeling of sucking, not a hard sucking feeling, but it is quick and effective.   The sucking is not continuous but pulses.  When changing the program the pulsing does not have any change in pattern but just increases in speed.

As I’ve found it a fun and new sensation, I’ve tested the toy many, many times!! We played with it for couples play and I’ve played solo.  Every time it has brought on a swift orgasm within seconds.

The first time it was so quick! We had fiddled with the settings, checking the different programs and I must have had it on one of the more intense settings when I finally found the right spot!  WOW! It was almost too quick!

I have since used lower settings, that allow for more build up.  I prefer the build-up sensation before finally orgasming.  I would say for me that there needs to be a lower setting because of my preference for building up to an orgasm.  If I wanted it faster I can always turn it up.  The programs cycle up from the lowest setting to the highest setting then they cycle back down again.  We did notice that you can’t turn it back down without first going through the higher settings or you could turn it off.  It doesn’t have a memory and starts from the lowest setting so you have to find your favourite setting every time you turn it on.  It would be more interesting and give it more dimension if it also had patterns that have different speeds within the same program.

I would say that generally I prefer toys that combines clitoral stimulation and penetration, although I have several clitoral stimulators, this one is by far the quickest!  It isn’t very effective on nipples or other parts of the body, so if you are looking for a toy for foreplay this is not it!  This toy is effective at what it is designed for, clitoral stimulation, and it is quick and effective at that, but it’s not for anything else.  We have played with the Satisfyer Pro 2 with other toys as well.  Where we’ve started by using a dildo and switched to the Satisfyer Pro 2 to push me over the edge.  This ended with a fantastic orgasm that left me breathless!

One of the things we’ve noticed is that it’s not exactly what I’d call quiet.  It’s about the same noise level as an electric toothbrush or a razor when it’s not in contact with your clit.  When in use the noise is less.  It can be heard through a closed door, as I discovered, when I was having a sneaky alone time with the toy and my hubby caught me at it!

It’s great that it’s waterproof, so it can be used underwater and it adds a new dimension to play.  Playing in the bath intensifies the sensation for an even better orgasm.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

It is very easy to clean and the silicone cup is removable for easy washing.  Just a spray, a rub and a rinse under the tap gets it clean.

I would give the Satisfyer Pro 2 a 9/10!  My reasons for this is a really stylish toy and it’s great at giving a quick orgasm.  The cons are the noise, the restriction of the programs to speed, not patterns and not including a lower speed setting.

– Tangled Lover

Thanks to reviewer Tangled Lover for this review of the Satisfyer Pro 2.


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