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6 out of 10

Bondara Red Collar and Leash Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Anna

I have been given the opportunity to review the Bondara Red Collar and Leash Set for Bondara courtesy of the Pleasure Panel. I enjoy using collar and leashes immensely both in play sessions and as powerful D/s lifestyle symbol, I am always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my ever growing collection of favourites, below you can find my thoughts on this set.


The Bondara Red Collar and Leash set came simply packaged in a thin plastic packet, suitably sealed with a piece of tape to secure the one end. That is all there was to it.  Personally, I would have preferred a little more effort to have gone into packing this item, if like me you enjoy the process of picking, ordering and then taking delivery of your new toys, this basic packaging is a let-down.

I was also fairly concerned at the lack of information or safety instructions included with this product as there was literally nothing apart from the actual items inside. A collar and leash is fairly self-explanatory however a warning or guidance on how to use this item safely may be helpful for those new to the idea of wearing or using this method of control on a partner.

Look and ‘Feel’ of the Bondara Red Collar and Leash

The Bondara Red Collar and Leash set looks reasonably appealing for a product at the lower end of the market. The collar is finished in a vibrant red leatherette with black trim, a silver D ring and Velcro fastening at the back, the leash is a basic black woven cord, finished with a sliver clasp. The collar has a foam like backing making it feel very soft and accommodating, the leash is sturdy but a little thinner than I would have liked.

The Velcro fastening on the collar is substantial enough to ensure the collar stays in place whilst being worn but quite frankly looks ugly, it is quite literally a strip of Velcro that wraps from one end of the collar across the gap at the back, to the other side where it secures and acts as a fastening. The collar is surprisingly light considering the diameter of the material that makes it. The silver D ring on the collar and silver clasp on the leash are nice touches, they seem well made and secure offering a good connection between the two items.

The Bondara Red Collar and Leash Set in Use

One of the great things about this Bondara Red Collar and Leash set is the ease of use. The collar simply slips around your neck and is secured at the back, the Velcro fastening means this collar can literally be taken on and off with one hand whilst in a compromising position if needs be, making this item perfect for those with an aversion to restraint or those who wish to experiment with an easy to use collar to start with.

The foam lining of the collar makes it comfortable to wear, and the soft edges prevent any marks being left around your neck from extended wear, this is a nice touch that has clearly been thought out by the manufacturer. The lightweight material adds to the comfort whilst wearing and ensures a full range of neck movement can be achieved.

One thing that I really despised about trying out this collar was the combination of the Velcro fastening and my long hair! To say this is annoying would be an understatement and this alone really put me off trying out again, every time I moved my hair would catch in the one side of the Velcro. If you have short hair or would be happy to wear your hair up and away from the fastening this wouldn’t be a problem.

The leash was basic, but easy and simple to operate in use, a lined or thicker handle would have been nice, but this didn’t detract from the use in any way.


Would I recommend this product? Yes, however only as a ‘first collar and leash’. It is a very reasonable price however this shows in the making of the product. The Bondara Red Collar and Leash is ideal to try out this style of play before taking the plunge and buying a better crafted version, or for those who would only use occasionally and cannot justify a larger outlay. Does the job, but not much more.


– Miss Anna

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Anna for this review of the Bondara Red Collar and Leash.

Bondara Red Collar and Leash Review

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara. Thank you! 🙂

Bondara Red Collar and Leash Review

Bondara Red Collar and Leash Review

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