Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug Review

10 out of 10

Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug Review

By Candysnatch

Some reviews basically write themselves. The Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug will be one such review. Tail plugs are one of my favourite types of butt plug. They’re pretty and decorative, flirty fun. So, when Cara offered me the chance to review this gorgeous butt plug there was no way I was passing up the opportunity.

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Crystal Delights are a well-known US based brand specialising in the most beautiful tail plugs I’ve ever seen. As well as their famous tails Crystal Delights make stunning princess plugs with jewels of all assorted colours. They’re the kind of sex toy you don’t want to hide.

Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug Review

I’ve been lucky enough to review a few Crystal Delights pieces so I’m familiar with the way they arrive. The Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug is securely and snugly wrapped by a foam sleeve, ensuring no damage occurs during transit. The tail is covered by a hair net to keep it neat and tangle free. Pro-tip this is a great way to store your tail plugs. I invested in some to keep mine all looking pristine.

Crystal Delight plugs are made of glass. This can make some people nervous, but it shouldn’t. It’s not run of the mill glass but hardened borosilicate glass. This means it’s impossible to break the plugs in normal use. This plug isn’t going to shatter in your butt. However, if you drop it from height onto a solid surface it may still damage or chip the plug. So be careful in your handling of the Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug.

I love glass as a material for butt plugs. Its totally body safe, non-porous and super easy to clean. I also love the way you can alter the temperature of the plug for additional stimulation. There is something so sexy about anal temperature play. You can do this by using hot or cold water to heat the plug. Never be tempted to put your plug in the fridge or microwave as this is dangerous and will damage the plug.

The total length of the Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug is 4 inches from tip to base. The bulb of the plug is short and rounded, tapering off to a slim long neck measuring just over an inch in length. At its widest point the plug measures 4.5 inches around which doesn’t sound much but glass has no yield. It will feel bigger in your butt than in your hand. The plug is clear and smooth in texture. The glass is flawless and feels nice and solid in my hand.

The tail of this butt plug measures approximately 16 inches in length. It consists of the most beautiful bright colours I’ve ever seen in a tail plug. Sifting through the lengths I can see orange, green, two shades of blue, lilac and yellow. The colours pop against each other, each one vibrant and delicious.

The lengths are soft and silky. They swish and curl beautifully in the air and I can’t wait to see how they look against my skin. There is a curl to the tail of the anal toy. Just enough to allow the colours to curl around each other invitingly.

Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug Review

When I posted pictures of the Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug on Twitter I got lots of comments about cleaning the tail. The tail is fully removeable for cleaning which makes it a lot easier. Simply unscrew the tail gently and it separates from the plug. Washing the plug is easy because its glass. You simply wash it in hot soapy water.

To wash the tail, you simply place it into cool water and use a gentle shampoo. Wig shampoo is best, but I used baby shampoo. Rinse it in cool water with the water flowing down the lengths and allow the tail to dry before styling or brushing. You won’t need to brush your tail all the time, use a wig brush when you style and detangle. Be gentle with your tail. It’s worth pointing out I’ve owned a Crystal Delights tail plug for nearly a year and I’ve only washed it once and that was just to freshen it up. People seem to think tail play must be super messy but it’s not.

So, what is it like to wear the Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug? I used lube to insert the plug, this is always advisable with anal toys. Insertion was easy, and the plug offered a nice little stretch as it went in.

Thanks to the long neck, wearing this tail plug is very comfortable. This is something I’ve noticed about Crystal Delights plugs. They have nice long necks, and this affords you more movement whilst wearing the plug. It makes the experience much more comfortable especially for prolonged wear.

Crystal Delights Primary 5 Color Detachable Faux Pony Tail Plug Review

Once in place the bulb of the Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug holds it well. There is a lot of weight to the tail and I did worry the pull would make the tail slip out. But it does very well as I put it through it’s paces. I noticed twice I had to push it back inside me due to a little slippage, but this could be because I’d usually wear a larger plug.

Feeling the soft lengths against the back of my thighs is so sexy, there is something about wearing a tail that just brings out my playful side. I love to swish it and revel in sticking my ass out and making the tail swing. My play mate is somewhat bemused by how much I love it, but I feel like I was born to have a rainbow coloured tail.

Not only does this Crystal Delights Pony Tail Plug look amazing but it feels great too. And during sex, when he lifted the tail up and slid into me from behind it added something to the experience for both of us. Making me feel fuller and making it tighter for him.

He also really enjoyed putting the tail in for me. Having played with changing the temperature of the plug this was really thrilling. Up on my hands and knees, it felt very submissive waiting to see whether the plug would be warm or cool.

I’ve said for years that Crystal Delights are like the Rolls Royce of butt plugs and I stand by this comment. I’ve yet to come across a plug of theirs which isn’t well made, high quality, beautiful and comfortable. They will always be my favourites.

I can’t stop playing with my Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug whether I’m wearing it or not, it’s too pretty to put down.

– Candysnatch

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Thanks to our reviewer Candysnatch for this review of the Crystal Delights 5 Color Faux Pony Tail Butt Plug.

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