Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle Review

10 out of 10

Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle Review

By Lorah13

Many thanks to Cara Sutra for sending me this silicone paddle to review. The Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle is the second paddle of this material I now have the pleasure of owning; the first being the Tantus Plunge paddle.

Both paddles may be made of the same material but are as alike as chalk and cheese. The main difference is that the Loving Joy paddle is rigid which I wasn’t expecting whereas the Tantus Plunge is fully flexible. There is also quite a weight to the Loving Joy paddle and upon first look I knew this was a paddle not to be reckoned with.

The Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle comes very plainly packaged in a plastic wrap with just a simple tag attached to the hoop on the end of the paddle. I feel the packaging matches the price tag, it’s not high end therefore I wouldn’t expect it to come beautifully presented in a box so if you’re planning on gifting it a little zhuzhing up may be required!

The Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle measures in total 37.5cm (not including the little hanging loop which adds another 3cm to the total length) with a handle length of 16cm and a spanking surface length of 21.5cm. The spanking surface width is 6cm and handle width is around 3.5cm at widest point and just over 2.5cm at the thinnest point (the handle is curved which makes it more comfortable to hold). The paddle is 5mm thick.

Both the handle and spanking surface are silicone and on the end of the handle is a handy dandy loop to allow hanging it up to store. One side is completely plain and smooth aside from the really neat stitching around the edge and the other side is made up of raised diamond shapes. This raised pattern is on both the spanking surface and the handle surface on that one side.

I like the design of the Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle. It’s a good size and is comfortable to hold. The silicone feels nice and smooth and the raised diamond bumps on the one side add a little extra something to the beauty and design. The only problem with it being silicone is that it attracts every piece of lint (or to my annoyance cat hair!). Thankfully though being silicone makes it very easy to clean and sanitise as it’s a material that is not going to be ruined by water.

Whilst the entire exterior of the Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle is silky smooth silicone there is definitely something inside, I think it definitely feels like metal, which gives this paddle it’s rigidity. Being rigid means that all of the impact is felt as there is little to no bounce back. The paddle is only slightly flexible. Each spank is deep and thuddy and can be felt right into the muscle whilst the silicone provides a satisfying slapping sound and sting on the surface…and that’s just a light stroke!

This Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle is not for the fainthearted and most definitely not for beginners. On one occasion I almost safe worded and I don’t think I’ve ever had to use my safe word before or have ever come close to using it, and it wasn’t even an overly vigorous spanking.

Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle Review

After having used the paddle really lightly on a couple occasions (which still stings and leaves you red by the way!) my husband and I had a chat about it and I expressed that I would be up for trying it a little harder for a little longer if he was comfortable with that, so we did. He was by no means putting a lot of force behind his swings but it hurt a lot and he could obviously tell my limits had been pushed enough because just as I was thinking I’m going to have to say it he stopped. Either he’s good with body language or a mind reader but for the first time ever I was glad a spanking was finally over; then ironically, as the heat started to wear off I instantly craved more but I guess that’s masochism for you!

I’ve always been open about the fact that my pain threshold is not nearly as good as I’d want it to be and I’m way more masochistic in my fantasies than I am in reality so my ‘hard’ spankings are probably no more than a light tapping to some but the wonderful thing about impact play is that everyone has their own limits and everyones limits will be different. I personally love marks being left on the skin, even if the mark is just an all over redness it satisfies me greatly and this paddle does not disappoint in that department. The lightest of stroke will instantly turn the skin red and although I’ve never tried it hard enough to find out I imagine it definitely has the potential to bruise. So if that’s your thing this paddle is a must.

In use the two different sides of the Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle feel exactly the same to me, I cannot tell at all when he’s using the smooth side versus the bumpy one except when he’s running it over the skin. As I’ve already said this paddle leaves a red glow with little to no effort and the bumpy side leaves a rather lovely patterned impression on the skin. I wanted to take a photo to show this so I tried whacking myself on the thigh with it but I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to inflicting pain on myself so it’s not as defined as it could be but it gives an idea none the less of what is achievable with this paddle.

This also isn’t a quiet paddle, so if you need to keep the volume levels to a minimum I’d maybe not go for this. It’s loud for two reasons: one being that the silicone sounds like a really loud slap when it hits off the skin and the weight of the paddle seems to add extra volume to that sound. The slapping noise created is glorious and is another big turn on for me. The second reason it’s a noisy paddle is quite simply because the spankee will not be silent. I don’t consider myself a loud spankee but I couldn’t help but react verbally to some of the strokes.

All in all I love this Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle, I really do. I also really hate it. It’s a brutal tool but I love it’s brutality, I love that it took me to the edge of my limits and pushed my pain threshold but I hate that it did it so easily and that I couldn’t withstand more. It’s a beautiful thing, fantastic quality and a really excellent addition to my ever growing collection of hitty things. It’s a must in my opinion for those more seasoned in impact play, if you’re a beginner though stay away for now and try a few other tamer tools first, then come back and get this.


– Lorah13

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Many thanks to Lorah13 for this review of the Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle.

Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle Review

The Loving Joy Bound To Please Silicone Paddle was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team. Contains affiliate links.

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