Big Guide To Spanking Toys, & Our Spanking Toy Reviews

Enjoy this complete guide to spanking toys: your spanking toys 101 class starts here!

Spanking is an erotic act between consenting kinksters and lovers. Do you prefer yours OTK (over the knee), strapped face-down to a bench, during sex or in some other fashion? Does the mere thought of a raised Dominant hand, or a spanking toy whistling through the air, stir the tendrils of arousal? You might be wondering which spanking tools are best for effective corporal punishment. Welcome to my big guide to spanking toys, in which you’ll also find links to all our spanking toy reviews.

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Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy Reviews

There’s a wide variety of spanking toys in the world of BDSM gear, so I’ve listed the main types below for you. Hopefully this will prove useful when considering which spanking toy to use for delivering the style of erotic tease and/or corporal punishment you desire.

List Of Spanking Tools & Implements


Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsBest for: any time you fancy! Perfectly portable, discreet for travel and as powerful/noisy or gentle/quiet as you choose. 😉

How to use: Great for traditional OTK (over the knee) spanking sessions, or just a bit of ‘slap’ during the ‘slap & tickle’ of corporal punishment.

Make sure you always spank their fleshy areas to keep things safe and tolerable, like buttocks and backs of the upper thighs.


Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsBest for: up close and personal, sharp slappy hits, audible as well as physical enjoyment.

How to use: As an extension of your hand. A spanking paddle gives you that wide surface area for a satisfying slap to their rear. Paddles are also a great warm up before moving on to other, harsher forms of corporal punishment, or just great fun on their own. Stay concentrating on one spot on their arse or move around for a wider, even coverage of paddled red derriere.

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Riding Crops

Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsBest for: when you have some swinging room, those who like stinging stripes & the whistle through the air.

How to use: Concentrate on the buttocks and/or fleshy areas of the backs of the upper thighs, as usual with any type of corporal punishment. A riding crop can be used to deliver more precise, stinging strokes with a strong hit, interspersed with trailing the tip over their cropped flesh to tease if you want to drive them wild. An extensive session of harsh strokes with a riding crop can leave marks from subtle red lines all the way up to deep bruising and welts.

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Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsBest for: when you have plenty of swinging room, those who want a versatile tool for sensual up to more punishing play, dull thuddy hits.

How to use: When using a medium to long flogger, stand well back from your partner or sub’s behind, while they’re either standing facing away from you or on all fours. You’ll need some room to swing during this corporal punishment session. Work up to firmer strokes from light swishes over their upper thighs and buttocks. Strokes are usually on one buttock for a while then the other, or both alternately by using a figure of 8 flogging motion. Floggers can be short, medium or long tailed, and are versatile enough for sensual romantic teasing touches up to inflicting a harsher more painful punishment.

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Best for: when you have enough room, those who like intense impact play, leaving bright red stripes, an audible air whistle.

Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsHow to use: make sure you have enough room to give a good swing. As with the other corporal punishment tools, use a cane only on the fleshiest parts of the body, so the buttocks and backs of the upper thighs. Never use a cane on someone’s upper or lower back, front, or anywhere else other than buttocks or backs of upper thighs, you could do real damage.

A cane can be used quite lightly but is much more effective when used on a very masochistic submissive or play partner. The whistle through the air before a cane strikes will instil a sense of fear and obedience that is addictive to the most submissive kinksters. A regular tool in judicial canings, a cane can deliver the most fearsome strike, leaving anything from red lines across their arse up to bloodied, bruised, deep welts, depending how cruel you like to play it.

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Whips (Single-tails & Bullwhips)

Best for: outdoor use rather than indoor (unless you’re in a large hall with enough space), those who are experienced in wielding a single-tail ONLY, professionals at corporal punishment.

Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsHow to use: Some bullwhips and single tails can be short enough to act simply as a single tailed flogger. However, the majority of bullwhips and single tails are very long, and therefore require a lot of room to use them. Ideally, you’d be outside – or at least in a very large hall without too many people around. Far too many people think that using a single tail or bullwhip is as easy as picking it up and lashing out with it – it’s a huge mistake to think like that.

Using a bullwhip safely takes months if not years of practice. It is very easy to severely hurt not only the person you are trying to consensually whip for enjoyment, but also yourself.

The backlash of a single tail coming back at you can hit your own face, the back of your neck or even catch your eyes. Never use one without the proper training or a suitable amount of space. You can receive training by seasoned professionals at various kink and fetish clubs around the country, or by hooking up with contacts at such events as the London Fetish Fair or the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar.

For beginners, I’d advise using the shorter version of a bullwhip, and starting gently. See the Bettie Page whip below, for a good example.

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Electrosex Spanking Toys

Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsBest for: whether you have lots of room or very little, those who can’t wield a heavier/more difficult implement very well, precise corporal punishment, electro-play fans.

How to use: Electrosex toys provide stimulating tingles by conducting safe levels of electricity to various erotic nerve endings in the body. There are electro-pads you can apply, connected to a main electrosex unit, as well as all kinds of sexual pleasure accessories. As well as internal toys such as dildos and butt plugs, you can find electro-paddles to give an erotic tingle when lightly applied to your submissive’s behind.

You can read more about this unique form of sensual play in this fantastic guide to electrosex & electro-toys – and, of course, in all our electrosex toy reviews.

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Spank Safely

Big Guide To Spanking Toys and Our Spanking Toy ReviewsAs with everything kink and BDSM, you should make sure you always only ‘play’ and use spanking toys with someone you know and trust.

Have a safeword in place and/or set up the use of the traffic lights system. ‘No’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’ in BDSM and corporal punishment sessions, so you need to arrange another word, one you wouldn’t normally say in such a scene, which does mean ‘stop, I don’t want any more/I can’t take any more’.

A safeword should always be respected and will always be respected by honourable members of the BDSM community and anyone who really cares about your mental and physical safety. Ensure that there’s active consent at all times.

If using an item which prevents you from speaking, such as a mouth gag, hood or mask, you should arrange another way to ‘safe out’ of proceedings if you need to. This is usually by using a buzzer button or other finger signals which are looked out for by the Dom or Top in that session.

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  1. I am a 19-year-old girl in college, and my boyfriend has introduced me to BDSM. At his house just off campus, he has a windowless basement bedroom where I go every evening to atone for my sins. I lie nude and face down on the bed, and he ties my wrists tightly to the bed’s headboard with scarves or nylons. Then, I receive 10 minutes of severe punishment to atone for my sins. Usually, the punishment involves whipping my buttocks and the backs of my thighs with the use of his folded leather belt. In 10 minutes, he can deliver between 100 and 300 lashes, and the pain is so severe that I moan or scream with each lash. The whipping leaves bruises, welts, and cuts on my flesh. After my 10-minute whipping is finished, I thank him for helping me to atone, and I reward him by giving him permission to fuck my asshole as hard as he wants in order to maximize his pleasure and satisfaction. Once he has managed to cum inside of my rectum, I may go to sleep.

  2. I realize this guide is aimed to beginners, but the safety section needs some more information…
    Tailbones can be longer than they look, and of different lengths depending on the person. A vicious paddle or cane strike might damage them, crippling the person in the worst case scenario. That may be unlikely, but a bruise on it is more likely and can be… unwelcome.
    Impact on the lower back can reach the kidneys, even if you strike lower than were they are. If they get shaken repeatedly from those impacts, even if weakly, you might find some blood in your pee. Don’t panic, if you go to a doctor he will give you some antibiotics and you won’t have any problems. If you are too shy, or live in a country without free healthcare, and don’t go, you might get a kidney infection and possibly even die before they can fix you, tough.
    If you wear a tight corset and get spanked the impact might travel from the buttocks to the kidneys causing the same problems, even if you only hit the bottom and not the lower back.
    Long floggers or whips and furniture don’t go well together, it’s easier than it seems to hit a lamp or something and trow it against yourself or your playpartner. Also, the whip will go in a weird direction when this happens and it might hit your face or even your partner’s. Whips can also get caught in clothing or bondage accessories, wether they are yours or your partner’s.

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