Sexiest Halloween Costumes Guide

Welcome to my Sexiest Halloween Costumes Guide! If you’re struggling to decide between witchy, vampy or seductively feline dressing-up outfits for this spooky time of year, my saucy Halloween outfits 101 is here to help. Below you’ll discover a showcase of some breathtakingly sexy Halloween costume ideas, at great prices & with discreet delivery from your favourite online adult retailers.


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Your Guide To Sexy Halloween Costumes & Lingerie

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Choose Your Halloween Outfit

You have various options when it comes to choosing your sexy Halloween outfit this year.

Wet Look & Fetishwear

While looking around here at the Cara Sutra sex blog, you’ll soon notice that I’m enormously kinky. With one leather-booted foot in the FemDom world at all times, I have a diverse range of BDSM interests. As the veil thins between other worlds at Halloween, so too perhaps with power exchange play and vanilla sexual interests. It’s a time of year where those with adult interests don’t have to feel left out of any fun – get your kink on, be bold, brave and daring.

Vawn & Boon make truly sumptuous, high quality PVC garments which feel as sensational to wear as they look to your lucky audience. I had the skin-tight delight of being sent a few items from their PVC collection for me to review and to strut around in whenever I have the opportunity: the black PVC Vortex Catsuit, red PVC Vortex Catsuit and red PVC Thorax Corset.

Wearing fetish clothing doesn’t just help me look the part, it also evokes higher levels of self-confidence and fires up my libido. These dramatic styles of fetish wear could help do the same for you…
So, what’s your fetish flavour?

Shop fetishwear at Skin Two & Vawn & Boon

Lovehoney Fierce Clothing

Your Guide To Sexy Halloween Costumes & Lingerie

Fierce Clothing by Lovehoney is an ongoing favourite of mine, ever since they launched the range in 2019. This well-made, affordable, wet-look sexy clothing collection now includes various new styles, so I hope you’ll take a look. Fierce by Lovehoney is sure to provide dark allure -whether you accessorise the garments for evening events or save them for your lover’s eyes only.

I have a few items from the Fierce wet-look clothing range, and they’re so easy and fun to wear.

The Fierce clothing range has several new and exciting additions this year; check them out through the links below:


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Sexy Halloween Costumes

Look a fright at the party! Not the usual advice when it comes to outfit planning for celebratory events, but these sexy Halloween costumes will have jaws dropping at your adults-only ‘do for all the right reasons.

Here’s my choices for budget-friendly, stunning Halloween party outfit ideas that can also be accessorised further if you wish. Transparent lace? Add some sparkly nipple pasties. Outfit too short? Team with some wet-look leggings & boots, or a flared rah-rah skirt.

Sexy Costumes at Bondara & Skin Two

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New Lingerie

If your Halloween party is strictly bedroom-based this year, why not opt for some scorching new lingerie to raise temperatures between the sheets?

There are so many new and sensational items of lingerie to tempt you (& your partner) this autumn; treat yourself to a new stunning set through the links below.

Sexy lingerie at Bondara

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Lovehoney Hourglass Collection

Your Guide To Sexy Halloween Costumes & Lingerie

The Lovehoney Hourglass Lingerie collection is a beautiful new range which is designed to flatter and accentuate your natural curves. A celebration of body positivity, Hourglass offers a variety of bedroom dresses and body pieces to enhance your silhouette and heighten inner confidence and sex appeal.


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Accessories To Change Your Appearance

There are various ways you can accessorise your sexy Halloween costumes and those hot Halloween lingerie choices. For example, you can purchase an assortment of pretty nipple pasties which preserve your modesty with lace and sheer styles. Self-adhesive diamante facial decorations add instant bling and something of a gothic carnival look -similarly with headpieces.

Hosiery shouldn’t be forgotten either –tights and stockings can be found with various Halloween themed patterns,or opt for matte or wet-look leggings for full coverage (& warmth).

Here are some of the most popular outfit accessories to change up your look and offer a dangerous liaisons feel to your love affair.


Wigs are an easy way to instantly transform your look –and therefore, how you feel. Adopting a new persona can also work wonders for your confidence, and spending Halloween with your partner on a rendezvous-with-a-stranger style date is sure to be enticing and alluring for you both.

Wigs at Bondara & Skin Two

Shop Lovehoney: USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia | New Zealand


Whether you opt for the full coverage of a hood with eye holes, or a decorative masquerade-style eye mask, wearing something on your face is another easy and fast way to change up your look. As well as forming an attractive accessory to the rest of your outfit, completely or partially concealing your face can give you the seductive benefits that come from looking and feeling like a completely new person.

Masks at Bondara & Skin Two

Shop Lovehoney: USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia | New Zealand


Gloves are another low-priced and fun way to spice up your sexy outfit. There are short styles, just to the wrist, and long, elegant opera-style gloves up to the elbow. Depending on the look you’re going for you might choose lace, satin, velvet, PVC or leather. Just having that thin fabric barrier between the skin of your hand and your partner’s skin can really ramp up the eroticism of a sexy night in -not to mention during foreplay and other forms of intimacy.

Gloves at Bondara & Skin Two

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Sensory Toys For Maximum Stimulation

Heighten the sensuality and eroticism to new, previously unexplored levels with some sensory play accessories. Enjoy giving up or taking control, and maybe experiment with other new elements such as bondage or orgasm control for genuinely thrilling psychological stimulation -as well as physical.

Sensory play toys provide delicious nuances of pleasure and pain. These erotic sensations can include prickles, sharp scratches, tickles of a teasing feather, stings, and heat or cold.

Feather Ticklers

Feather ticklers are a seductive accessory because they promise plenty of raunchy, teasing fun. When senses are already heightened during seduction, the addition of a feather tickler provides an instant element of saucy kink. Using a feather tickler over exposed skin (either your own or a partner’s) will lead to quick arousal, with the light, delicate, teasing touch maximising anticipation for more.

Feather ticklers at Bondara & Skin Two

Shop Lovehoney: USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia | New Zealand


Pinwheels are also known as Wartenberg Wheels, named for Robert Wartenberg who originally designed them to test nerve reactions and sensitivity as it rolled across the skin.

Single pinwheels look like little pizza cutters, in that there’s a spiked wheel which you roll across skin in order to provide a light or heavier prickling sensation. Other pinwheels are more like a roller with several strips of small spikes. The aim isn’t to pierce or cut the skin, don’t worry! You can use them very lightly, to provide a prickling, teasing, pleasure/pain sensation.

Pinwheels at Bondara & Skin Two

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Wax Play Candles

Wax play candles have been specially formulated to be melted and dripped safely onto fleshy areas of the body. Wax play candles melt at a lower temperature than regular, household candles, meaning that the wax can be dripped from a height on to the body (an area such as the backs of the thighs, buttocks or back) without burns or damage. Don’t be tempted to use regular candles, as they aren’t safe to use on the skin.

Dripping the wax from wax play candles on to your partner, either with or without the addition of bondage accessories, provides a delicious sting as well as an erotic, kinky experience for both of you.

Wax play candles at Bondara & Skin Two

More Treats

Don’t forget to check out the many accessories for your sexy Halloween costumes too, such as these saucy pumpkin nipple pasties, and of course, a witch’s hat!

For more ideas for sexy Halloween costumes & toys, check out all our Halloween-themed reviews here on the blog. Keep your energy levels high with some sexy edible gifts, too.

Once Halloween season is over, why not continue the seductive lingerie fun through to the end of the year? Treat yourself (or them) to the new lingerie advent calendar


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