Edible Underwear: Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

Buyer’s guide sexy edibles & edible underwear spotlight: What are these cheap sexy novelties really like? Are they a great sexy stocking filler for your partner or funny Secret Santa gift for office colleagues?

If you’re looking for cheap sexy gifts for a partner or a friend with a good sense of humour, then you’ll probably come across edible underwear and sexy edibles at some point in your shopping. Edible novelties (& other fun treats like glow in the dark sex toys) are popular cheap gifts – but are they always gag gifts? Or can edible underwear and sexy edibles ever be considered romantic presents?

In this buyer’s guide I present a selection of edible underwear, sexy edibles and glow in the dark sex toys that I bought specifically to see what they’re really like. And report my findings to you, my lovely readers.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

Edible Underwear: Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

Let’s take a look at exactly what I had in my edible underwear / sexy edibles shopping basket…

Suck ‘Em Sweeties

Candy Edible Underwear

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

The candy edibles I bought and tested have all been produced by Spencer and Fleetwood, a UK-based adult novelty manufacturer. The specific ‘candy’ in the bra, g-string, nipple tassels and cock rings is multicoloured, small hard sweets which have been threaded on to thin, transparent elastic. You might recognise these sweets from earlier in your life; I certainly remember buying necklaces, bracelets and watches made in the same way, with the same type of sweets.

Candy Bra

The Candy Bra is a triangular-cup bikini style bra. I wouldn’t really call it a bra at all, not in any functional way. I was surprised when I took it from the packet and the straps were all untied, this is definitely more like a bikini than a bra. Thinking on it, though, the bra would be quite difficult to fit if the straps were all connected, and fitting some sort of fastening would likely up the manufacturing costs (& therefore the end price) considerably.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts
Bundled within a plastic bag inside the glossy card outer box, the Candy Bra at first just looks like an enormous pile of the suck-em-or-crunch-em fruit flavoured sweets. Carefully unravelling it all reveals the shape of the bra; the thin but surprisingly resilient elastic straps threaded with the candy.

As there’s no proper fastening on this Candy Bra, I found it quite difficult to put on and then wear. It’s not meant to be a ‘proper’ supportive bra in any case, and I certainly wouldn’t wear it anywhere but the bedroom – and then not for very long.

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

If I want to surprise my lover with the Candy Bra I have to try and tie the halter neck strap myself, as well as the two ties together in the middle of my back. Pretty difficult, and I thought I was fairly flexible! Once I’d managed a simple knot in each, I then couldn’t undo it very easily but it was simple enough to pull the bra over my head once I was done.

The main problem with the Candy Bra is that the triangular ‘cups’ were too small for my generous DD/E boobs. I think it would be better suited for someone with a C cup at most.

Summary: Definitely not a ‘proper’ bra, even when worn as bedroom attire only. Wear for a giggle – especially when your boobs escape. Discard it pretty soon into a passionate sesh but keep it nearby for a post-sex sugar rush.

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

LovehoneyBondara | Ann Summers

Candy G-String

Like the Candy Bra, the Candy G-String is threaded hard sweets on thin elastic. It’s shaped into a traditional G-String shape. Unlike the bra, though, you don’t have to tie this item of clothing on. It’s all connected up, with a larger patch of sweets at the front and a string topped with a smaller triangle/flat knot of sweets at the back where it connects to the waist band.

Tipping it out of the box, it also comes in a clear bag for hygiene, and is bundled up looking like an innocent pile of sweets at first glance.

I had a problem with the Candy G-String that I didn’t have with the bra: pinching. These little sweets on elastic can really nip at your skin – especially when you’re fitting it to your intimate parts. I found I had to be very careful moving in this Candy G-String; and it’s certainly not something I’d dare to dance in (even if/when I felt confident enough to dance about in a thong made of sweets) and I definitely remove it before sex. I guess I lost my masochist badge.

Summary: Easier to put on than the Candy Bra, but you sacrifice comfort. Looks kinky, cute and sexy; just make sure you move & remove carefully.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

LovehoneyBondara | Ann Summers (self branded)

Candy Nipple Tassels

The Candy Nipple Tassels are a little different to the Candy Bra and G-String, and not just in design. Instead of sweets threaded on to elastic, shaping it by tying together and leaving it like that, the manufacturers seem to have given a bit more thought to these tassels.

The design is quite clever; 3 dangly lengths of threaded sweets on each tassel, connected to a flexible plastic backed ‘cup’ on each which covers your nipple. Included in the pack are instructions for how to attach, along with several double sided sticky patches to apply to the tassel and yourself to keep them in place.

When it came to wearing the tassels, I was afraid they’d be a bit too heavy. All the sweets on the cups and then on the tassels weigh quite a bit, and it’s not like I’ve got extra-small and/or perky boobs to hold them up with. The double-sided sticky tabs work surprisingly well though, they’re incredibly sticky. The instructions say to test one of them out on your inner arm or somewhere else first in case you have a reaction – I was fine, however.

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

The tabs are the main issue with these Candy Nipple Tassels – oh they stick well enough. Once you can peel the paper away from the backing. One side comes away fine but then trying to peel the other side off… nightmare. These could definitely be upgraded in my opinion.

Summary: Cute, fun nipple tassels which hold surprisingly well. As long as you don’t plan on trying to twirl them too vigorously. Included sticky tabs are finicky to use, but the end result is worth the hassle.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

LovehoneyBondara | Ann Summers (self branded)

Candy Love Rings

These are just like the sweety bracelets I got when I was a kid! Well, perhaps a bit smaller. Although these will stretch to go over my hand and on my wrist, it takes more effort than the super-stretchy ones of my childhood did.

That’s what makes the Candy Love Rings cock rings, I guess; the tightness makes them effective as cock rings while the ability to stretch them – even if it does take a bit of effort – means they’ll fit around the majority of penises.

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Unfortunately, when we fit one of the Candy Love Rings round the base of his penis (we couldn’t get it to stretch around his balls as well), it was just too uncomfortable for him to then do anything with it. Same issue as I had with the up-in-your-genitals Candy G-String; any movement seems to make the sweets pinch and it’s quite ouchy. Not very conducive to passion, seduction or sex.

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

Summary: Great idea and it’s good value getting three in the pack. However they’re pretty tight – too tight for his penis and balls together – and moving with one on was simply too uncomfortable.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

Lovehoney | Bondara | Ann Summers

Chewy Sweeties

Gummy Love Rings

On to the gummies! My assumption about these Gummy Love Rings is that they’d be impossible to use.

Gummy sweets tear fairly easily – you’re meant to be able to chew them without losing your teeth – so how could love rings made from this material stretch round a cock and balls? Wouldn’t they just rip to pieces? I really was expecting three sticky red O shaped sweets to fall out of the packet that wouldn’t hold up to even gentle stretching.

The Gummy Love Rings are separately packaged in the box which is excellent as otherwise they’d get all yuk and stick together. They’re not the sticky/tacky type of gummy, but still – in a cardboard box the separate wrapping was required.

Before using during sex I did a few tests outside the ‘heat of the moment’. I wanted to see firstly how good the stretch was, and secondly what they taste like. It was then fun using the others on my partner to see how they hold up during the action.

Stretch: Really surprisingly good. I’m not sure how they’ve managed it, but the Gummy Love Rings are both edible AND stretchy! I’d really have to give it some welly to pull one of these Gummy Love Rings so much that it breaks. The edible material just stretches, and not only that – it comes back to its original shape, meaning it fits snugly round his cock and balls.

Taste: Well, it’s not the finest tasting gummy sweet I ever had, but I don’t care. The Gummy Love Rings are definitely edible in terms of taste, although easier to eat when not on a penis… removing it from him with my tongue was incredibly fun though. The cherry taste makes me salivate more and the messiness can be quite hot.

Tip: Make sure you whack one of the Sheets of San Francisco sheets (UK website) on the bed first.

Summary: Much, much better than the Candy Love Rings, especially during sex use. Surprisingly stretchy, not tacky/fluff magnets, but actually cool-to-use edible love rings which also taste pretty decent too. Very fun.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

LovehoneyBondara | Ann Summers

Jelly Willies

I was looking forward to trying the Jelly Willies out. Mainly as you just have to eat them, not use them for anything! You don’t have to wear them or fuck them (though I guess you could if you really wanted to*), just gobble the lot. Or share with (adult) friends. So are they yummy or yukky?

The Jelly Willies come *snigger* in a little plastic bag within the outer glossy box – again, this is needed for hygiene, to protect you, the sweets and the box. There’s a handful of colours included, and a good amount of sweets meaning you’ve got enough to share.

About an inch in length and in typical cartoon ‘willy’ style, the sweets are semi-translucent just like other gummy sweeties. They’re not coated with any sugar and these are a little more tacky to the touch than the Gummy Love Rings are. It’s to be expected as these aren’t meant to be stretched or used during sex – just eaten!

Summary: These taste really good! Like regular gummy sweets. I can see them being very popular at adult parties and hen/stag dos, as well as a funny addition to a dirty weekend away.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

LovehoneyBondara | Ann Summers

Glowing Goodies

Ok so the following couple of products aren’t edible, but they’re such fun novelties I wanted to try them out and include them anyway. Surely everyone loves a bit of glow in the dark fun? But are glow in the dark sexy goodies really all that, or should manufacturers stick to glowing mainstream (mainscream?) Halloween masks and pirate swords?

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Glow In The Dark Love Rings

There are three cock rings in the Glow In The Dark Love Rings pack. They’re individually wrapped in transparent cellophane which is a nice touch, and to maximise the glow it’s advisable to leave them in natural light for a while before use. Just watch where you leave them if you want to avoid any awkward questions.

The Glow In The Dark Love Rings are pretty small when you first take them from their packets, but they have a lot of stretch in them. Enough to fit over his erect cock and snugly around the base, at least.

These rings are made of rubber which isn’t the best or most luxurious sex toy material, but then using silicone would up the end price I guess. At £4.99 for three in a pack, I see these as pretty disposable cock rings (even though they’re definitely reusable), not a long-term toy box investment.

They definitely do glow in the dark, too. I left them in sunlight for the afternoon first, then in pitch black at night they take a few seconds to respond and… wow. Glowing love rings!

Short Video Showing Glow In The Dark Love Rings In Pitch Black

Summary: Budget-friendly glow in the dark sex fun. These rings stretch to accommodate all penis sizes and even go round his balls as well as the base of his cock. They’re comfortable to wear, easy to fit, effective in providing a firmer erection and glow in the dark efficiently as well. Bargain.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts


Glow In The Dice Lovers’ Dice

Ahh, sex dice. Staple of the traditional sex shop ‘sexy gifts and games’ area. Always good for a budget-friendly giggle. Of course, these aren’t your standard ‘roll, lick and kiss’ dice, they’re glow in the dark. It’s a pleasant addition to a cheap sex novelty, not only because glow in the dark products are pretty cool, but because lovers can play with them in the dark and call it kinky, not timid.

The dice come in moulded plastic packaging on a glossy card back. There’s a bit of info about the dice and the manufacturers on the card, but they’re self-explanatory really. You can see the size of the dice in the photos.

Even without the glow in the dark element, the dice are a bit of cheap foreplay fun for the bedroom. There’s an action die and a body part die. Roll ’em together and voila! Sexy instructions to take turns with until you’re ready for more.

It’s a good job that they’re fun without the glowy element, as the dice I got weren’t particularly great at glowing in the dark. Sad face. I was really looking forward to seeing the glow from them and the action/body part left black, but I couldn’t even see them in the dark. I’d left them in daylight all afternoon too. Such a shame.

Summary: Great idea, but the particular Glow In The Dark Sex Dice I have don’t glow in the dark. Disappointing. However, they’re still a good bit of foreplay fun for the bedroom, even if we do have to keep the bedside lamp on.
Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts
Bondara | Sex Dice at Lovehoney & Ann Summers

In Conclusion

So, are sexy edibles and edible underwear worth the price tag? My overall opinion is that yes, they are – mainly as they’re not too expensive anyway. As for whether you find these novelties seductive or tacky, that’s down to personal taste.

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

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Edible Underwear & Sexy Edibles Recommendations

We found the stretchy Gummy Love Rings a fun addition in the bedroom, and the Sex Dice were a bit of a giggle. The Glow In The Dark Love Rings really worked – both as cock rings and for oooh-inspiring glowy fun.

The candy edible underwear can be quite ouchy and pinchy against your sensitive nether regions. I’d say they’re more for a quick visual effect rather than to wear for hours in the bedroom and during sex. The Candy Bra and Candy Nipple Tassels are my top picks from that range, despite the fastening issues with the bra and the sticky tabs issues with the tassels.

The Jelly Willies are guaranteed to raise a laugh amongst friends with a naughty sense of humour – and Jelly Boobs are also available if those tiny tasty cocks aren’t to their taste.

Edible Underwear - Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts

Shop: LovehoneyBondara | Ann Summers

Next time you want to bring a cheeky smile to someone’s face – whether in the bedroom or even in public, if you dare – give some of these sexy edibles & edible underwear as presents. They might not be the most romantic gifts ever, but they’re certainly good for a risqué giggle or two.

Edible Underwear Are Sexy Edibles Perfect Cheap Romantic Gifts?

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*sugar can have a bad effect on vaginas, peeps. Just sayin’


  1. I have the candy bra, and agree that it’s not so much a bra as a bikini top! It is quite tricky to tie around your neck and back without breaking the candy. The candy is quite hard too, so if you’re worried about chipping your teeth maybe avoid eating/chewing it…
    But it is fun to wear in the bedroom during some pre-sexy play-time!

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