And They Call It Bunny Love

Bunny Love

Oh I guess they’ll never know,
How a good rabbit really feels…

Once the calendar rolled round to March, I was going to write about Easter sex toys. A hop, bound and shake of a bob-tail into Spring, with a round-up of my favourite rabbit vibrators, top rabbit vibe fails, that kinda thing.

Long story short, I love the LELO Ina Wave, Swan Whooper and the Infinit Multiway. Fails: Romant Amy, Loving Joy Jessica and Ammovibes Mika. Not totally sold on Nexus Cadence & Bisous personally but they do come in beautiful boxes.

Love Eggs? Yeah, there’s an Easter sex toys tie-in there too, but I much prefer the chocolate version. To *eat*, I add hastily. Mind you, there were those times with the After Eights and Chocolate Orange. I could also have written about ‘nailing people’ on a cross I suppose, or shoving all your eggs in one vagina basket (vaginal stretching, anyone?).

Bunny Love CS

I hated rabbit vibrators for a long time. Split ear clit stims giving me tiny slices where it’s most painful, toxic, stinking, phthalate leaking materials, disintegrating shaft beads, out of proportion shapes which caused more pain than pleasure and battery hungry lead weights which gave me aches in all the wrong places, in all the wrong kind of ways.

But then time went by as it has a tendency to do, and the quality of rabbit vibrators got better. Much better. I expect it had to, to keep in line with the increasing awareness of those using them and the competition from safer, sleeker, more technologically advanced, non-torturous sex toys. I gave rabbit vibrators another chance.

I’m so glad I did.

The first rabbit vibrator to win me back to the warren was the Swan Whooper. Elegant, seamless, silicone, fully waterproof, rechargeable, curved, rounded rigid clit stim, quiet… and yes, ok bright pink -but nothing’s perfect I guess. How did I manage to become seduced by rabbit vibrators?

An afternoon of bunny love

I remember the afternoon I finally gave rabbit vibrators another chance, determining one last shot at bunny love before I gave up dual stims for good. The sun glinted through the gap in the hastily shut curtains, catching my eye and turning my corrupt mind to window-peeking voyeurs. I lay down on the bed.  I was naked and warm, and the flickers of sunlight danced over my spreading legs. I was ready.

Lubricant was squeezed out on to my fingertips, and I reached down to coat my freshly smooth folds, already warm and opening in arousal. Slickness gathered between my lips awaiting the welcome invasion. My fingers slid easily over my emerging clit, delving between my spreading lips, making sure I was coated in slippery lubricant before the blissfully silky ride.

A dot of waterbased lube on the tip of the fuck-shaft and I spread it down over the curved silicone.

Whooper Swan luxury rabbit vibratorI felt the gently pointed tip, cool against my hot wet skin, opening me up to penetrate my cunt. Taking care to enter it slowly, as I wanted to savour every millimetre of that initial fuck. My body surrendered to the need and I luxuriated in the sinful feeling of a lazy self-fuck, my pussy slowly swallowing every part of the gently widening rabbit shaft. My labia, slick with cunt drool and lube, snug to the sides of this invader and the feel of them, submitted to allow entry. A set of shivers came over me as I slowly slid the rabbit home.

The rabbit was buried deep within my very own rabbit hole, warm and wet and filling me up beautifully. The curved inner shaft rubbed against my G, the external arm nuzzling my clitoris demanding to add to the fun. Smooth but rigid, the clit stim felt firm against my erect clit and I made sure it was nestled just to the side to avoid direct stimulation. I know it feels best just… there. Next to it, right on the edge of the hood, against the side of my exposed, erect, hungry and demanding clit.

Thinking of you, between my legs, leaning down to lick the flat of your tongue over my clit. Coating it in a lube of hot saliva and polishing with a teasing light blow of breath afterwards.

But, for now, you’re not here with me. I have to make do with reaching down between my legs, feeling for my opening already stuffed full of rabbit shaft and dipping my fingers into the wet pool of cunt juice. I spread my fingers over and around my clit, moving the clit stim further to the side just for a moment, revelling in the sensation of my juice soaked fingertips roaming over my clitoris. Back and forth, lubricating it ready for the rabbit clit stim assault of pleasure.

Feeling for the buttons on the handle, I turned the rabbit vibe to the first setting. The shaft buried in my cunt comes to life, making my pussy walls clench and respond and turning my shivers into a more wanton motion through my body. My hips twisted infinitesimally this way and that, my head pushed back harder into the pillow and my eyes were squeezed closed as I imagined that it was you inside me thrilling me with expert movements.

Another button pressed. The shorter arm, which had been nuzzling the side of my clit stim like a momentarily forgotten lover, buzzed into action. The vibrations through the rounded, silicone, comfortable clit stim fed my clitoris with pleasure. Deep vibrations which I had never thought would come from a rabbit vibe turns my slight hip twists into grinding my arse into the bed beneath me motions, and spreading my legs wider to fuck myself even deeper with this toy.

Both buttons pressed. The vibrations ramped up a gear, and I’m biting on my lip so I don’t alert anyone’s attention in the house. The smallest moan escaped my lips and I’m swallowing against the desire to whimper at what it’s doing to me. Swallowing to moisten my mouth which has become dry as wetness rushed to my cunt to lubricate the rabbit’s journey.

LELO Ina 2 rabbit vibrator reviewFinally, I couldn’t take the tease anymore and I pushed both buttons up to max. The clit stim whirred against my clit hood, and I struggled to keep it in the right position as the sensations overwhelmed me. The internal shaft still deep inside me, my legs no longer spread but knees clenched together as if I wanted to fight the pleasure onslaught. As if I wanted it to stop any moment – but that would have been the worst thing to happen, at the same time. So intense, almost too much.

Both inside my pussy and by my erect, exposed, slick with lube and cunt-juice clit the rabbit worked hard. Buzzing frenetically, persistently, promising not to stop until I was absolutely satisfied. Finally…

I came. Flowing over that almost painful edge into the rushing stream of happy pleasure. Nerve endings popping and a crackle of intensity flooding my brain and taking away my vision.

Sight finally returned, and when it did I’d just about managed to fumble and switch the rabbit buttons to ‘off’. The curved silicone was still deep inside my throbbing, used cunt and my clit and labia a mess of lube and cunt-juice. Sunlight still flickered through the curtains, as if it were teasing me about my afternoon play.

Soon, I had to get up, clean myself and the toy, get dressed again. Gather my thoughts about what had just happened. For the moment though, I lay in the voyeuristic sparkles of sunlight, enjoying my body being relaxed and keeping my mind empty except for the post-orgasmic ripples of bunny love bliss.

I don’t always choose to orgasm with a rabbit vibrator, but when I do I tend to choose my LELO INA Wave or the Swan Whooper. It’s the clit stim that gets me. That’s why, quite aside from a good quality rabbit vibrator, I also adore the Doxy Massager and the L’Amourose ROSA Vibrator.




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