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Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage – Pleasure Panel Review

By Giles English: I’m sitting here typing this with a surgical nylon Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage locked around my man-parts. It’s been there continuously for 10 days. I’ve worn it more or less every night for months. I haven’t had an orgasm for 4 weeks and have no prospect of one for at least another 2 weeks. And it feels… great.

SpareParts HardWear Bella Strap On Harness Review

Nylon, Spandex
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this strap on. It’s not made of straps for a start, so can hardly be called a traditional harness. It is closer in style to the jockey brief style of the RodeoH and Liberator Valkyrie...