Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage – Pleasure Panel Review

Materials: Nylon

By Giles English:
I’m sitting here typing this with a surgical nylon Custom Chastity Ghost Chastity Cage locked around my man-parts. It’s been there continuously for 10 days. I’ve worn it more or less every night for months. I haven’t had an orgasm for 4 weeks and have no prospect of one for at least another 2 weeks.
And it feels… great.

Review: SpareParts Hardwear Bella Lingerie Style Strap On Sex Harness

Materials: Nylon, Spandex

The SpareParts Hardwear Bella Lingerie Style Strap On Sex Harness doesn’t simply give you a pair of pants with a hole in the front though. Far from it. Firstly there’s the presentation. Bella comes in a black lidded box, which can be used as a storage box for this or other accessories, secured with a small and easily disposed of cardboard sleeve. Removing the sleeve and opening the box I found the elegance of black tissue paper discreetly obscuring and protecting the contents. Within this final flourish I found the main event, the Bella panty, as well as a netted laundry bag, 4 attachable suspender clasps and the cutest storage bag for a strap on panty ever. It feels like microfiber and looks like an evening clutch. I would have no qualms about using it as an evening bag either. The idea of taking my strap on panty out in its own storage bag which doubled as an evening bag really tickled me. Got everything? Phone – check. Keys – check. Strap on panty – check.