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Valentine’s Day Romantic Gifts

Looking for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts? How about something sexy to really spice up your Valentine’s Night? Treat yourself to a pleasurable fancy (you deserve it!) or spoil a partner with that sex toy they’ve been dreaming of, or a raunchy lingerie set. You can save money on your Valentine’s Day gifts by taking advantage of the sexy shopping offers above.

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Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas:

I’m in the market for self-loving, whether hooked up or a free agent. You can see this from my many sex toys reviews. I say Valentine’s Day can and should be as much fun for sexy singles as it (apparently) is for cuddled-up couples.

Let’s face it: your happiness and your sexuality should rely upon no-one else in the satisfaction stakes, no matter your relationship status. Let’s take back some control and put things into perspective here…

Kinky Valentine’s Day Ideas: The Alternative Romance Of BDSM:

Have you ever enjoyed a fantasy of them tying you to the bed during foreplay and sex?

How about all those spankings you’ve heard about, perhaps courtesy of the Fifty Shades of Grey global tidal wave over the last year or so? Maybe these are just distant mutterings to you. Things other people talk about that you’re not even sure you’d like. ‘Bondage’ and ‘kinky sex’ all sounds quite spicy and exciting but you’re not sure how to get going with it. Never mind how to talk to your partner about it or if they’d be up for it.

If you’re honest, you’re not even sure you’re going to like it when it does get going. You could end up wondering what the point is. Well read on…

Find Subspace Together This Valentine’s Day:

Subspace or ‘sub space’ as it is also referred to, is a very personal experience which takes place between a submissive and Dom. It is a chemical reaction to the emotional and physical reaction to stimulation of the body and mind. The combined experience of pleasure and pain causes the body to release a rush of adrenaline and endorphins into the body. This acts as a natural pain killer in which a feeling of euphoria is achieved.

Each subspace experience is completely different and there is no definitive way for couples to find subspace together. During a scene, it is easy to get carried away in the pursuit of this natural high but it isn’t a state of mind that is achieved every time. Instead, concentrate on relaxing and having fun together this Valentine’s Day and who knows what could happen.

Have A Truly Alternative Valentine’s Day: Go Vanilla!:

With so much emphasis on being kinky and increasing expectation for adults across the world to be tied up and spanked this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel just a little bit under pressure to perform. This should be the most romantic day of the year, traditionally, and pressure isn’t sexy. There’s really no need to feel guilty if you’re not a kinky type. The world may be Grey-obsessed but as long as your attention is on the one or ones you love that’s all that really matters. After all, Valentine’s Day is simply one day where we celebrate being able to publicly show what we should be feeling throughout the year.

If you don’t feel like getting kinky, tied up and spanked, or fantasising about a jiggle ball wielding billionaire, why not have a really alternative Valentine’s Day and go vanilla?