Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Cara Sutra

If you don’t have a partner, the ‘hearts and chocolate brigade’ can really grate on you every February. Get loved up! It’s Valentine’s Day! Are there any sexy single Valentine’s Day ideas to help you enjoy a spectacular solo day?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Valentine’s Day is all about couples. The fact that the commercial & sex industry gear Valentine’s Day solely towards those with partners is annoying and old-fashioned.

sexy single Valentine's Day ideas

I’m in the market for self-loving, whether hooked up or a free agent. You can see this from my many sex toys reviews. I say Valentine’s Day can and should be as much fun for sexy singles as it (apparently) is for cuddled-up couples.

Let’s face it: your happiness and your sexuality should rely upon no-one else in the satisfaction stakes, no matter your relationship status. Let’s take back some control and put things into perspective here.

Singles are no longer going to sit back and take this kind of global knock-back year after year. Well, are you? I wouldn’t. Ok, so I happen to be in a relationship. I make no apologies for that. ‘It’s easy for you to say,’ is the common cry. I’ve been single, I’ve been in a poly relationship, I’ve been in mono traditional relationships… and Valentine’s Day puts pressure on you no matter who you are or what your life choices may be at any particular time.

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

There are various ways you can sex up your Valentine’s Day – and night. Doesn’t matter whether you want to spend it out and about, at home, alone or with others. Yes, really. Stop moping, step away from the Haagen Dazs and take note of these sexy single Valentine’s Day ideas:

Marvellous Me Time

sexy single Valentine's Day ideas

Make Valentine’s Day about you. Book the day off from the world, as a day of annual me-time importance. Lock the door, switch off electronics and the phone and break open that bath spa set you’ve been saving for something special since Christmas. Or, grab one of your favourite sex toys and enjoy some erotic, personal indulgence time.

Raunchy Reading

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

You don’t need a partner as an excuse to get yourself in a sexy mood. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to sink into some erotic books – perhaps getting in the right frame of mind with some new sexy lingerie.

Forum Fun

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

Do you find it difficult to meet other singles with similar, sexy interests? Join one of the many online forums which are about fun and chat. They’re not always solely focussed on dating and finding a relationship. Sex toy shops are wonderful for this kind of forum. Also, check the main menu at the top of this website to find my own forums.

Night on the Tiles

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

Arrange a night out on the town with your friends – the ones who aren’t doing that ‘happy and hooked up’ thing for Valentine’s Day, of course.  Put on your glad rags, the outfit that makes you feel happy and confident, stride out with your friends and enjoy a night of sexy sparkle.

Have a Party

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

Book yourself a sex toys party. I don’t mean just for you! Invite your single friends along and make an evening of it. It doesn’t have to be an Ann Summers party, although those are the best known ones. Voluptasse arranges fun sex toys parties where there are fun games, sexy prizes to be won by all and the sex toys, lingerie & gifts are all at the lowest prices you’ll have seen. Bluebella arrange lingerie parties, if they’re more you.

Play Darts

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas

Print out a picture of Cupid from the internet and use it as a darts board for the night!

Most importantly, stop bemoaning your Bridget Jones’ status – make the most of being alone this Valentine’s Day. Treat it as a second shot at Christmas and pamper yourself thoroughly. You work hard all year, you deserve it! Romance yourself.

In Conclusion

Don’t let yourself feel pressured by the ‘happy couples’ vibe surrounding Valentine’s Day. You might meet someone you wish to spend Valentine’s Day (or night) with. In that event, ensure you’ve taken precautions and that you’ll be having safe sex. That’s as well as sex that happens because you really want it to, not just for a confidence boost or due to one too many Chardonnays.

Loving yourself is the first step towards a happy and fulfilled life – a life which can be freely unattached or spent with a partner, as you choose.

So, singles: here’s hoping you have a satisfying and romantic time with these sexy single Valentine’s Day ideas and make the most of that free, uninhibited time to do whatever it is you want to do.

Sexy Single Valentine’s Day Ideas


sexy single valentine's day ideas

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