Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle Review

8 out of 10

Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle Review

Thanks to, I’m reviewing an extremely cute couple’s set this month which is the perfect Valentine’s gift for you both. Not just for Valentine’s night either – this 3-piece bundle is the perfect romantic treat any time of the year. Introducing the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle! Let’s have a closer look at exactly what’s included in this set – and how these adult toys really feel during use.

Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple's Bundle Review

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Packaging / Unboxing

The romantic bundle arrives in Bondara’s usual discreet outer box for the postal service, while the items within are securely packed to keep them safe during transit. Instead of being presented in one box altogether, the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle has the three sex toys each in their own Bondara-themed box.

In The Box

Each Bondara-themed box houses one of the sex toys in the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle. These toys all arrive in their own sealed bag inside the Bondara-themed boxes, which are also sealed at the top – for complete hygiene reassurance from manufacture to your bedroom drawer.

The toys included in this set are:

  • A bullet vibrator
  • A vibrating love ring
  • A vibrating penis masturbator

These sex toys are USB/magnetic connector rechargeable with the included leads. They’re made with body-safe silicone, and presented in gloriously romantic red. I love how the toys themselves spell “I ā¤ U” when laid out in a line.

Charging Up

Charging up is simple thanks to the included leads. They are compatible with any USB port or adaptor plug on one end, while the other end has a dual magnetic connector where it attaches to the relevant part of the toy. I like to use the USB ports on my laptop, or the multi-USB to mains plug at the side of my bed. These are extremely useful and I strongly recommend everyone has at least one. You can buy them cheaply from and

While charging, an LED behind the operation button on each toy blinks. Once the toys are fully charged, this changes to emit a steady glow.

Because these leads look very similar to other charging leads you may have in your bedside drawer or adult toy box, Iā€™d advise labelling them in some way before they get mixed in with other cables. This means you can easily identify the right charging leads for the toys in your Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle, no matter how many other wires you store them with.

Sex Toy Cables Labels Identifiers Charging Leads OrganisationI use my trusty DYMO labeller which is available from or for all my sex toy charging leads ā€“ and plenty of other things around the house, too.

As far as I can tell, each of the charging leads included is the same, and it doesn’t matter which one you use with any of the sex toys.

A Closer Look At The Toys

Let’s have a closer look at the vibrating toys included in the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle:

Bullet VibratorĀ 

This red, silicone-coated, rechargeable bullet vibrator provides much sexual pleasure potential. I love the versatility of bullet vibrators; they can be used during solo masturbation sessions, to heat up foreplay using over erogenous zones with your partner, or to slip between you for added orgasmic thrills during sex. I use bullet vibrators for clitoral stimulation, either by myself or with my partner.

The bullet vibe included in the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle measures 3.75 inches in length, and has a circumference of 2.6 inches. To turn it on, you need to press and hold the silver + button until it buzzes once, then you can press to discover the vibrating settings. There are 3 constant vibration speeds and 7 patterns to explore. To turn it off, just press and hold the power button again.

Vibrating Love Ring

This silicone, vibrating couple’s love ring is in a sweet heart-shape to add a touch of romance. It’s made of stretchy silicone so one size fits all penises, and it can be worn at the base of the penis, or around both cock and balls using both stretchy areas, during PiV (penis in vagina) sex to provide pleasure to both partners.

One side of the love ring has the flat charging nodes and the power/operation button; the other has a noduled area to provide maximum clitoral stimulation during sex. The unstretched size of the love ring is approximately 3 inches by 3 inches.

To switch it on, press and hold the power button and it will buzz into life, beginning at the lowest constant vibration speed. There are 3 constant vibration speeds and 7 patterns to discover. Switch off the love ring by pressing and holding the power button again.

Penis Masturbator

The penis masturbator included in the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle is a different design to most I’ve seen previously. Rather than a cylindrical/tube design, this penis stroker is an open, U-shaped design. This is fitting due to the name of the bundle of course, with the toys spelling out “I ā¤ U” – but it has an additional benefit. The penis masturbator can be opened to enclose any size penis, and easily adjusted during use should the double motor vibrating stimulation suddenly be overwhelming and you want to prolong the pleasure session. The toy can be opened up to envelop the testicles from underneath as well, providing you with a new way to play and a new sensation to enjoy – whether alone, or with your partner.

This isn’t a large toy – I’d say about palm-sized – and seems to be a penis head stimulator rather than meant for the entire shaft. It will stimulate the penis tip and mid-way down the shaft, rather than right down to the balls. The size of the toy means it’s easy to hold and use, delivering vibrating stimulation to the penis head and sensitive frenulum area.

It measures about 4 inches in overall length, and you can insert up to about 3 inches. There are stimulating nodules inside, at the end of the insertable area, for added thrills during use. To switch the masturbator on, press and hold the power button on the side. The toy buzzes to life, on the first setting (lowest constant vibration). Like the other two sex toys in the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle, this vibrating penis stroker has 3 constant vibration speeds and 7 patterns to enjoy.


I have put together a short video below displaying the toys in the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle, how to charge them up, how to switch on and a few of the vibrating settings:

During Use

What an adorable, romantic bundle of sex toys Bondara have assembled here. The bullet vibrator is a personal favourite ā€“ I love them so much. It was orgasmically effective during my solo playtimes as well as spicing up sex with my husband. The penis head stroker was also a big hit with my husband and itā€™s incredibly effectiveā€¦ I donā€™t think I need to say much more!

My main takeaway from using & enjoying the Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple’s Bundle is just how versatile it is. I also appreciate the fact that the toys are rechargeable and made with body-safe silicone rather than a cheaper, but potentially toxic, material. Plus, I love that they are in ā€˜Valentineā€™s Day redā€™ rather than the typical pink or purple that I get a bit tired of seeing in the adult toy industry.

I will say, though, that they can be a bit noisy during use, so if discretion is important to you, keep that in mind. Additionally, the charging leads could have a stronger magnetic connection, therefore it’s best to charge them on a flat surface where they won’t be easily knocked.

An improvement to this bundle would be if the items could be packaged and presented together in one lovely outer box rather than in separate and standard Bondara boxes. I feel that the plastic packaging inside the boxes could be removed to minimise plastic waste, as like many people I am trying to reduce my plastic use in this critical time for our planet. Some details about the toys contained in the bundle would be welcome too, such as the exact materials used and whether they are waterproof, as well as the charging times. This would save people having to look up this information on their website. If the toy motors could be quieter it would be fab. I also feel that the price is a little high for the items, considering the above improvements that could be made.

Overall, though, this bundle makes a sweet and romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion for couples throughout the year. It’s a great deal and a fun way to spice things up.


Bondara I Heart U 3 Piece Couple's Bundle Review

While there are a few areas for improvement, this bundle offers a lot of sexy fun for you and your partner in the bedroom.

I really appreciate that the toys included are body-safe and truly effective. The fact that they are rechargeable instead of requiring batteries is also a fantastic feature.

If you’re looking for a wicked Valentine’s Day gift this year, I recommend considering this bundle from Bondara. It will be an exciting surprise for your partner and a delightful treat for both of you to enjoy. It’s sure to create a hot and memorable Valentine’s night!

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