Sploshing: In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

Sploshing: In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

By Cara Sutra

Sploshing. Say sploshing to most people on the street and they won’t know what you’re on about (they’ll also give you a wide berth for randomly talking in their face). Sploshing in puddles? Get your wellies on and go for a run through the muddy woods after a good downpour? Erm, nope. Sploshing is definitely onomatopoeic (is what it sounds like) but it’s infinitely more delicious than jumping up and down in puddles of an afternoon.

Although most sploshing fetishists (sploshers) would picture the ideal sploshing scene as heavily laden with oozing edibles and other large amount of gunge or slime covering naked or almost naked bodies (think mud or jelly wrestling), I don’t think this always needs to be the case. Have you ever tried food sex? I don’t mean having sex with a cucumber or an ice-lolly (ahh nostalgic memories), I mean introducing sex-friendly foods into the bedroom either with your partner or without. Admittedly it’s more enjoyable with a partner, because trying to sensually lick yoghurt off yourself is quite a challenge. Both to lick the yoghurt off yourself and to find it highly arousing in the process.

Sploshing In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

Foods which are touted as being sensationally sexy for more adventurous sexplorers (sorry, been reading far too much marketing material) are mainly dairy based. They’re semi-solid and would appear perfect for erotically drizzling over a lover’s body and licking up without making too much of a mess on the sheets (tell me it’s not just me who worries about the state of the sheets – anything chocolate based is a nightmare to get out). Whipped cream, squirty cream, yoghurt, custard, ice cream… these sweet treats feature in the fantasies of the food-sex uninitiated. Jelly is another favourite, especially if it’s to be submerged in rather than just during foreplay on the bed. There’s even whole fetishes devoted to sitting on cakes (and even of girls sitting on cakes and farting on them). Once you’ve tried dairy food sex, had the hot shower and smelled like a dairy farm for a month afterwards you tend to reevaluate your food-sex choices.

That’s not to say you can’t use dairy products during foreplay and sex. You just have to be a bit more careful than smear, lick, leave to soak into flesh for a few hours (or overnight, no no no) and then cook into the skin with a searing shower or bath. If you’re intent on using dairy, be quick, tidy and for high heaven’s sake wash with the coldest water you can tolerate. A tepid shower at most. Straight away, not after you’ve been laying in a puddle of curdling cream mixed with ejaculate all night and most of the morning.

Other safety tips include not getting products in the eyes… and it’s probably best to leave your high heels well out of the way.

Fruit feels cold on the skin but doesn’t leave a stench afterwards so it’s worth the goosebumps. Some fruits are acidic though so be careful where you drizzle/insert. Bananas are also probably not the best choice, unless you’re going for the peel, quick-dip, suck-off and eat method. Not the mash up in a cup and use as a body mask method. Small, fresh berries such as strawberries, grapes, raspberries and blueberries can be sliced or used whole to insert (vaginally or orally) then tongue-scooped out by your partner. Or they can be eaten from a lover’s body by a blindfolded, handcuffed partner seeking them out with tongue alone. Or the one wearing the fruit can be bound and blindfolded. Or neither in bondage and blindfolds; but hey if the option is there, why not, right?

There are specialist mixtures which are used either in the bath or in a paddling pool (or swimming pool depending on the amount you get) which are added to water and turns it quite gelatinous. Although this removes the edible element it does provide the chance for those slippery, gooey sensations which sploshers love.

Examples of these are Squishy Baff (video below) aka Gelli Baff, Gelicity Spa Bath and G Spa Bath Gel.  Some state they’re just ‘fun for kids’ which I am sure they are – but kinksters have other uses for these squishy bath gel mixtures. 😉

There’s even instructions on making your own squishy bath gel mixture here.

Specialist fetish sex shop Uber Kinky have more accessories for sploshers than most sex toy websites, offering Mr Nori Nuru Magic Gel, PVC bedsheets and even a large kinky inflatable wrestling ring if you want to take sploshing to the next level than simply a bit of dib-dab in the bedroom.

Other non-edibles often used are shaving foam and thick lubricants, such as the powdered X Lube which you can make to your desired consistency.

Of course paddling pool larks are height of summer antics, especially here in the UK where high summer equates to about two days in August when no-one knew they were coming and so made no special plans. You plan a BBQ for the weekend after, invite 50 people and it pours down. Perhaps the bathtub mixtures are the way forwards. There’s also less chance of offending the neighbours – although if you really put your back into it you’re still in with a chance.

There are smaller wet-play sets sold by mainstream sex toy shops such as the Touché Slip n Slide Play Mat – but I am not sure how big they are and how much ‘filth’ they’d contain. I haven’t seen the mat from the set opened out. There’s also the matter of just where you’d put it; most people don’t have the luxury of a non-overlooked outdoor space, never mind the ideally warm weather required. Even then, a lot of people have kids or live with adults who they probably don’t want to be a part of such an intimate scene. Bedrooms are taken up with… well, bed, mostly.

Sploshing In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

So just what’s so great about getting wet and messy (sploshing/WAM are terms used interchangeably) instead of just having ‘normal sex’ (whatever that is) anyway? It’s difficult to explain if you don’t have the fetish yourself. Imagine that sensation of sliding your cock into a tight pussy, but very lubricated, either with lube or because you’ve been rubbing the head against her increasingly wet labia and your uncovered tip is covered with pre-cum. Your balls are full and tight and ready to explode. Your cock is feeling harder than it’s ever been and her pussy (or his ass, if that’s your thing) is lubricated and warm and ready to welcome you in with a tight squelch.

Now widen that feeling out to cover more than just your cock or pussy. Imagine being immersed in a similar squelchy feeling in a whole  body hug. The sensation of skin against skin can be anything from comforting to erotic, especially if you’re in the mood anyway and you’re rubbing up against someone nakedly or mostly nakedly. In other words, frottage. Yeah, frottage can be clothed but let’s face it, it’s more fun the more skin is exposed. Hugging, cuddling, humping, rubbing. Let’s not turn this heat to chafing. Let’s add some lubrication. Let’s add a load of lubrication, and slip slide to paradise. Hey, let’s splosh.

Sploshing In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

It’s not even just the feeling of slipping over someone’s body with the aid of a lot of gunky food or gunge. Sploshing also covers being aroused by the sight of this happening too, call it voyeurism, pervery or 50 sploshy slips of kinky fuckery.  Exhibitionists get to show off their bodies and the added facet of the mess oozing down cleavages, down crevices, between labia, over the face… and the onlookers get to view all of this in glorious technicolour, a rainbow of corrupted foods and ruined clothes and one big messy pile of squelchy squirty perverts. The participants get a taste of just about everything.

There’s an extra kink component here too. In Dominant/submissive roleplay, particularly in Femdom but also seen in other D/s, squishing soft gooey objects under barefoot is incredibly popular to watch. Maybe this partly comes from the supposed decadence of barefoot trampling of grapes to make wine, or for others it could just be an offshoot from a trampling or foot fetish. Whatever the case may be, there are kinky folk out there who just love to see ripe fruit, cake or gunge trodden under barefoot and the remnants slowly oozing up between wiggling toes.

That’s sploshing! Is it something you’d ever try? Would you ‘stick’ with licking a squirt of something off your partner before sex, perhaps nibbling a slice of strawberry from off their tummy, or would you go all the way with a vat of custard, string bikinis and a bouncy castle? Leave your comment below – and enjoy International Fetish Day 2015.

Sploshing In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

Sploshing In Celebration Of The Wet And Messy Fetish

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  1. I’m wondering why you would suggest using cold water to wash off any substance including dairy based ones? Most things dissolve better in hot water and no dairy product is instantly going to spoil when it comes into contact with hot water. Hot water will also help prevent drain clogs if you are using something thick like custard. And keeping a container of draino handy is a must for anyone who wants to use a lot of food or just does it often.

    • Because having used cream and custard for sex play before then having a hot shower afterwards, I smelled like off cheese for a week.
      It’s not an experience I would recommend. Hot water cooked the scent into my skin. Simple as that.

      • Yeah that would be unpleasant. I use dairy products often but never had that issue. Maybe things in the US are just more processed and don’t have the same smell issue.

        • Possibly! I definitely wouldn’t want to wash in warm or hot water after a rub down with ripe Camembert – or a slice of Stinking Bishop! 😀

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