A Beginner’s Guide to Electrosex & Electro Sex Toys


Electric and genitalia. Two words that most people hope never occupy the same sentence; words that most people instantly associate with pain, never with pleasure. Electrosex is pleasurable though, and many people around the world enjoy electrifying their sex life whether alone or together with the assistance of electrosex toys. How is this possible? Can electric and sex ever really unite to deliver pleasure, not pain? Are there any risks – and how on earth (sorry-not-sorry) do you do it?

What is electrosex?

Electrosex or erotic electro stimulation is when you use electric pulses, delivered through special equipment, to stimulate the nerve endings on either yourself or a partner. As the human body contains a lot of water, it’s an excellent conductor of these electric pulses and the sensations felt range from mild and teasing to breathtakingly thrilling.

What does it feel like?

Using the electric pulses delivered through electrosex pads and other electrosex toys is barely felt on the very lowest levels, moving up to a tingle so mild that it’s a tickle over the skin. Some have compared it to when a feather is brushed lightly over the body, which as you can imagine is a very sensual and erotic feeling. This sensual feeling is a delicious component of couples’ foreplay and can be enjoyed during sex, too.

On higher levels the light tickle becomes a definite tingle, as the pulses interact with the muscle below the skin. The strongest settings are usually worked up to over time, and are particularly favoured by those using electrosex equipment as part of Dominant and submissive roleplay or other BDSM session.

If you have used a TENs machine in the past, the feeling is very similar.

Who can use electrosex toys?

If you’re generally fit and healthy, you can enjoy electrosex. The only exceptions are those who have heart problems or conditions, people who have epilepsy and women who are pregnant.

Are there any risks?

If you heed a few simple and sensible dos and don’ts, there is very minimal risk associated with using electrosex toys.


  • Use a conductive gel for external equipment (note: electrosex pads include this gel along the back).
  • Use a water based lubricant with internal electrosex toys.
  • Apply electro pads or insert electrosex toys only with the power off.
  • Start at the very lowest current setting and work your way up slowly.
  • Clean your electrosex toys after each session using an anti bacterial sex toy cleaner. Only use them again once they are completely dry.
  • Make sure that your partner is completely at ease before you begin using electrosex equipment with them; setting a safeword before you begin (especially for BDSM style roleplay) will give you both added reassurance.


  • Use electrosex toys if you have any heart conditions or problems.
  • Use electrosex toys if you’re pregnant or have epilepsy.
  • Use electrosex toys or form a connection above waist level (the current may pass through the heart).
  • Insert or apply electrosex pads or toys with the power switched on.
  • Use electrosex equipment in or near water.
  • Use electrosex equipment on broken or inflamed skin.

What do I need to get started?

electrastim electrosex toys beginner's guide

You will need a main unit (known as the stimulator) to deliver the electric current. These are usually the basis of a starter kit, such as the ElectraStim Flick EM60-E Electro Stimulation Pack. This stimulator offers 24 intensity settings so you can increase the power in line with your desires. There is also the option to receive or deliver to a partner rhythmic stimulation in line with the movement of your hand. The ElectraStim Flick costs just £99 and comes with full instructions and electro pads so that you can get started right away.

The ElectraStim SensaVox EM140 High Spec Stimulator (£299) is for those looking for a more advanced kit and experience. Not only are there an amazing 99 intensity levels, there’s also 9 pre-programmed patterns to enjoy. You can use SensaVox to create sophisticated stimulation patterns using either the included microphone or by feeding audio directly into the stimulator. The soundwaves are translated into a stimulation beat that rises and falls in sympathy with the audio, teasing and tantalising you with sensations that can be modified to match your desires.

The SensaVox kit comes with all the cables you need, as well as a microphone, audio effects CD and a sturdy carry case to keep it all in.

Are there any other electrosex toys I can buy?

In time, you may wish to move on from using only electro pads to deliver the electric pulses to either yourself or a partner. There are many types of penetrative sex toys which are specially made to safely and pleasurably transmit electro pulses inside the body. Think of it like using a vibrator or a vibrating butt plug, with the buzz of the vibrations at a pleasure level like nothing you’ve experienced before.

electrastim scrotal ring 2 (2)

Men can select from three types of electrosex cock ring: metal, conductive rubber or fabric style woven with electro conductive fibres. There are also prostate massagers, such as the sleek and popular Sirius from the Silicone Noir collection. Interested in urethral sounding? Turn up the pleasure with an ElectraStim urethral sound in various sizes.

For both genders there are plenty of electro butt plugs and anal probes for those who love rear end fun. Women can choose from vaginal electro probes and dildos as well as this electro clitoral massager which will soon see your rabbit vibrators gathering dust under the bed.


There’s even a luxurious leather strap on sex harness into which compatible ElectraStim dildos and probes can be fitted for couples’ strap on sex fun and pegging.

If you’re new to electrosex and electro sex toys, I hope that this guide has dispelled doubts and vanquished any myths or taboo surrounding electric and sex. When used in the right way, using quality electrosex equipment, electrosex really can electrify your sex life to new, previously undiscovered heights of pleasure. Whether you use electro pads and electro sex toys to enhance your own pleasure during masturbation, or you combine the equipment with couples’ foreplay and sex, I know that you will be truly exhilarated with each new electric erotic encounter.

Cara Sutra

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