Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug Review

7 out of 10

Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug Review

By Cara Sutra

This week I have been testing the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug which I received free of charge from Desire and Pleasure in exchange for an honest review. it’s available direct from tantusinc.com as well as from UberKinky in the UK.


Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug Review

The Desire and Pleasure sex toys site is a little different from the usual sex toy websites. That’s because it’s run by the sexual health charity FPA (Family Planning Association). All profit made from the sex toy site go towards supporting FPA. Buying toys from them is a benevolent act! -Update February 2017: the Desire and Pleasure website is now closed. Links have been removed.

Delivery of the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug was fast and discreet. Everything felt very professional.

First Impressions

Tantus sex toys are made from the highest quality silicone. You are assured of unbeatable (no pun intended) quality with Tantus sex toys, the silicone parts you can boil, microwave, put in the dishwasher. They’re pretty damn unbreakable.

The Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug is a vibrating anal toy, in that it comes with a bullet vibrator that you insert into the space intended for it in the base of the plug. Once inserted you can activate and control the vibrator and functions via the push button on the base.


Let’s talk about packaging. The Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug presented in Tantus’ usual packaging, held securely within the plastic moulding within a transparent Tantus branded outer box.

Opening the bullet vibe, you reveal that the three LR44 watch batteries required to power the vibe come already inside the bullet. Just remove the paper disc and inner paper slip and twist the cap back on which will allow the circuits to connect and power the toy when you click the button.

This is where I came across my first problem with the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug, unfortunately. The bullet powered up even before all the batteries had been reinserted. I have had this problem numerous times with bullet vibrators and I am getting a little tired of it. What especially disappointed me is that the bullet has been branded as Tantus. Admittedly, it is probably made in the same factories as the bog standard (pun intended) £3 bullet vibes with exactly the same problem.

In fact, I even took a couple of little vids to show you what I mean.

Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug Videos

Not ideal, not good and not even funny.

So my choice was to use the plug without the vibrator, or to insert the bullet vibe into the plug while it is vibrating and then after the ‘solo session’ to get cleaned up and remove the still vibrating bullet and remove the batteries and store nicely away.

Well of course I had to do this in order to review efficiently. I was less than impressed, however.

Lacking Power

Sure, when the plug is inside and the vibrations are travelling through the silicone against your internal flesh – they are still quite powerful and the size of the plug (4.5 inches long & 4 inches circumference at widest part) means that you are fully satisfied. But once you have finished there is no easy ‘off’ switch to get rid of the vibrations, you need to immediately remove the toy and clean up in order to store it away.

The plug itself is fantastic, on the other hand. Medical grade silicone, unbreakable, smooth – with circular ridges on the gently contoured shaft that you can feel when sliding the toy in and out of you and when you are using it too. The stem of the plug is narrow so that you can close up around it, finished with a flared base for safety and ease of insertion and removal.

Static or Vibrating?

I personally prefer to use the plug on its own without the naff bullet vibe. As a stand alone silicone butt plug, it’s brilliant, and the flat base means that you can wear it under clothes, out and about if you wish and inject some kink into your pleasure if you make a partner aware and involve them in the fun.

Due to the size of the space for the bullet I was able to find a more reliable bullet vibe to insert, I chose the Tracey Cox Supersex bullet over the RO-80 from Rocks Off simply as the Supersex vibe has a rounded tip rather than pointed which made it ideal. It is also a lot more powerful than the bullet supplied with the toy and is my general go-to bullet vibe.


Being silicone you need to use a waterbased lubricant with the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug, as silicone lube with start to disintegrate your toy over time. It also needs to be stored away from other silicone toys for this same reason.


In summary, the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug is fantastic, solid and reliable as a butt plug – but the bullet vibe and supplied watch batteries could have gone straight into the bin. Back to the drawing board on the vibrator!


I am going to give the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug a 7/10 because I do love the butt plug element so much, which is what majorly makes up the toy. You can also easily find a bullet vibe from your collection to slip into the space if you want.

Such a shame, for a toy from what is a well known, usually reliable brand.

Buy Links

You can get your Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug from Desire and Pleasure here.

Buy the Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug direct from tantusinc.com here. It’s also available in the UK here at UberKinky.


Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug Review


Tantus Zing Vibrating Butt Plug Review

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