System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube Review

10 out of 10
System JO

System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube Review (60ml)

By TheHusband

While The Wife and I have used flavored lubricants before, this was our first System JO product. Previous flavored lubricants we’d tried included Wet and Pure Romance brands, neither of which we were impressed with.  In our experience, the flavors are always pretty awesome, but the lubricant aspect of the products is pretty poor. So while we didn’t have high expectations, we were hopeful that the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube would be better.


First, the taste test. To be purely scientific, I started by dabbing a drop onto my finger and tasting it. The cotton candy flavor is spot on. It tastes just like cotton candy and isn’t overbearingly sweet. For a flavorful oral sex experience this would be perfect. In fact, it is yummy enough that I’d like to try the bubble gum and butterscotch flavors.

Now onto the more difficult part to achieve, being an actually decent lubricant and not a sticky mess. Having tried it first just between my fingers and then more intimately, I can confidently say that this product succeeds where its competitors fail; it’s a good water-based lubricant and after use is not sticky at all. In fact, I’d say it’s on par with any other decent water-based lubricant I’ve ever tried, which is no easy task for a flavored product.

Like any water-based lubricants, the lasting power isn’t made for marathon sex sessions. Given that the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube is a flavored product, however, I doubt you intend to use it that way. We enjoyed starting with the flavored lubricant and then moving on to our favorite unflavored lubricant when we moved on from the tasty part of the session.

System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube Review

We did not try this lube with any toys, but I’m confident, given our experience with it, that it would hold up just as well as any other decent water-based lube.

If you’re looking for a flavored, water-based lubricant for some fun oral play and think any of the three flavors of the JO product sound yummy, I encourage you to grab one (or three).

I give the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube 10/10 for both tasting great and working well as an actual lubricant. It’s the best flavored lubricant the wife and I have ever tried.

– TheHusband


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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer TheHusband for this review of the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube.


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