System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review

8 out of 10
System JO

System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review (60ml)

By kikka_jennie

I have reviewed a few lubricants for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel and will always be happy to review more. This review is for the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube. I have always been wary of flavoured lubes due to the taste not generally being great or greasy.


I received the lovely 60ml bottle of System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube and it instantly made me think of sweets, the wrapper is covered in sweets and a mixture of colours, it does not shout lubricant or have much of a sex appeal in my opinion, although it does entice me and makes me feel excited to try it.

The label is a butterscotch colour, a lovely caramel tone is carried through the labelling which does make me salivate and think of all the sweet things that are on the bottle. On the label it has that its zero calories and that its not made with sweets, I can not find an ingredients list on the bottle but online it does state what the ingredients are that it is made with plant based glycerine.

System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review

On the back of the bottle the label states directions to use the lubricant of using a small amount to start with and that it is safe with condoms, there is a lot of information on the bottle which was hard to read due to the size of the print. I expected the bottle to mention more on how to enjoy the sweet lube considering it came with a leaflet mentioning how to use it with making ice cream floats and milkshakes. I do not like the idea of using lube in food as this leaflet stated but it certainly shows the strength of flavour they believe it has, that you can use it as a sauce.

The sweet smell of butterscotch hits me as I open the lid to remove the protective foil, it is rather tantalising and really smells like home made warm butterscotch, so creamy and delicious, I can not wait to lick and taste it.

The System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube is a lovely consistency which does not go stringy and easily shuts off with the closing of the lid, it pools nicely on the fingers and will not run down the hand quickly. Tasting it, its a very sweet artificial butterscotch flavour like that you would use on ice cream. I was really surprised at the flavour, not what I expected from a lube, it shocked me how delicious it tasted and that I could easily go back for more.

The lid to the lube is a simple push to open and press to close, which can easily be done with a thumb or finger, even the top of the lube reminds me of the foil of some sweets. I have tilted it and used it while travelling, there have been no leaks, although the bottle is quite squidgy which could cause the top to come off.

System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube Review

Using the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube is brilliant, the excitement of sweet flavours and a small amount goes a long way, I hardly reapplied for vaginal use, using with a penis and toys I did need to reapply. I did find the lube left a sticky residue and left greasy marks on some of wipe clean surfaces.

I enjoyed the lube and think it would be a fun teasing delicious addition to any kit weather your along or with a partner. I really think its not a bad price for £9.99 as lube, maybe a bit expensive to add with ice cream.

I give this a 8/10 for its stickiness and the squidgy bottle. But I am impressed in the flavour.

– kikka_jennie


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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer kikka_jennie for this review of the System JO Candy Shop H2O Butterscotch Lube .


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