MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker Review

2 out of 10
Plastic, Silicone

MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker Review

By DivaFoof

When I saw the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker from MEO on the list for reviewing from Cara I was immediately drawn and was very excited to try yet something new. What I hadn’t cottoned on was that perhaps this wasn’t for women -but then I thought, why wouldn’t it be?

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First Impressions

Arriving swiftly through the post from the desk of Cara Sutra for the Pleasure Panel, I had the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker sat on my very own desk in a clear packaging and a small slip inside with very few details.  The Raptor is black silicone with a silver embellished ring around it’s ‘neck’.

The MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker has a slight curve to it and I mused myself that it looks a dark version of the most recent Satisfyer white range as you could quite easily mistake for the fact that it should be for a clit and not for a nipple and that when turning it on, it starts a suction feeling much like the Satisfyer… However! It is not a Satisfyer by any stretch of the imagination and I needed to get this out of my head.


This MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker is 6.5 inches long, 6 inches girth at thickest, the head has a width of 1 inch width and just under 1 inch width to fit your nipple into and the depth of the head is 0.5 inches before hitting the 8 silicone prongs.  I remarked that for females this would be okay as they tend to have larger nipples but for men, they may struggle to touch the prongs.


The MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker has two buttons. The top one marked with an ‘F’ and the other with a wave symbol drawn into the black silicone.  The ‘F’ was to turn on the ‘sucking’ like motion and the wave to turn on the vibrations. The whole body of the Raptor vibrates but more on that shortly.

During Use

The ‘sucking’ motion on pressing and holding the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker frightened the life out of me.  It’  It was like someone had started a lawn mower outside my window!  Only placing it against the skin it’s a little quieter but not a great deal to be honest. I thought to myself that it’s going to eat me alive! (sadly not, hurrrr).

Another feature is that inside the head of the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker is 8 soft silicone prongs. That do absolutely nothing even when the sucking and the vibrating is going on they stay static but they look as if they are meant to rotate or at least do something, the silicone is stiff so it’s not like they move even gently.  I’ve yet to work out what they actually do?


[Mini video clip showing sound and operation of the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker]

On Him

This toy had me absolutely perplexed that when my fellow reviewer Jason came over to stay for the night I asked him to try it for me.  He sat there on my sofa and I watched him use it. If you could have seen his face, you’d have loved it. He was so confused… like, is it meant to do something? He cycled through the different strengths and patterns and vibrations whilst placed on his nipple but in the end, we were both extremely disappointed.


Our disappointment turned to shock when we had a look on the website at the product.  It’s supposedly meant to have Swarovski crystals. but we can’t find any! Moreover, the pictures don’t really sell the product as the guy pictured has pierced nipples. Whilst the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker is supposed to give you permanent harder nipples, so does a piercing.

The picture in which there is no piercing doesn’t look as though it’s real but we even queried why anyone would want nipples like that but if that’s your kink then so be it! Whatever makes you happy but I can’t help but think that this device won’t help you achieve your desired outcome because it’s all bark and no teeth.

I moved onto the idea that it was fully silicone and queried whether it would be suitable to insert as a prostate massage or the like but unfortunately the vibrations are so poor, it wouldn’t do anything for any of us but in any case, it was quite chunky for a prostate.


Overall, I’m afraid despite trying it on both male and female, the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker whilst has a great concept, it doesn’t do what I thought it would.  I give it a 2/10.  Small numbers as it’s pretty and body safe materials have been used.

– DivaFoof

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Thanks to our reviewer DivaFoof for this review of the MEO RAPTOR Auto Nipple Sucker.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. This review contains affiliate links.

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