Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 Review

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Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 Review

By Louise Lace

Most commonly, bullet vibrators are battery powered – but let’s be honest, who has time to hunt for batteries moments before a play session? So, when Cara mentioned she had a Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 (a rechargeable and wireless bullet vibrator) looking for a new home I happily volunteered.

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Packaged in a standard black card box with viewing windows displaying the Aqua green Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 vibrator, wireless remote and additional attachment.

The packaging whilst black does have a bit of a feminine touch with gold flowers and swirls surrounding the viewing windows drawing the eyes towards the prize.

Cloud 9 have included the key selling points of the Power Touch Plus II on all of the available space on the packaging.

Material & Features

Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 Review

The Power Touch Plus II is manufactured from premium grade silicone, making it body safe and phthalates free.  The bullet vibrator is fully rechargeable using the provided USB cable, however despite the packaging advising this product is… “fully rechargeable, no need for batteries”… the wireless remote does require a disk shaped battery which is supplied in the box.

This Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 has 10 vibrating functions and includes a ‘flutter tip’ attachment for added pleasure.  This bullet vibrator is designed to be waterproof and is fully submersible due to its silicone charging point.

Charging Up

Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 Review

Charging the Power Touch Plus II was simply a case of inserting the pointed tip of the USB charging cable into the small but easy to see silicone charge point at the base of the Plus II bullet vibrator and plugging it into a USB port.

Once plugged in, a white ring of light begins to flash and once fully charged, the light remains solid. The first charge took around 3 hours and subsequent charges have taken around 45 minutes to an hour to top up the battery ready for the next use.

The wireless remote battery was already fitted but can be changed when the battery is depleted.  Must remember to pick up some disk style batteries next time I’m in a store.

During Use

Once both the bullet vibrator and the wireless charger were good to go, I slipped away from my husband who was engrossed with the TV and retired to the bedroom to get settled in for some wireless fun.

The silicone of the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 is incredibly soft to the touch, the matte aqua green is a very pretty colour and makes a nice change to the usual colour palette of pinks and purples that bullet vibrators are commonly supplied in.

The bullet itself is quite flexible and bends in the middle which I was surprised by, my other bullet style vibrators are very ridged with little flex to them.  I hoped this flexibility would enhance the use of the bullet vibrator.


Turning on the Power Touch Plus II is simply a case of pressing and holding the button on the base for a few seconds. The bullet vibrator springs to life – with an almighty roar – pass the earplugs please.  Oh goodness, the Power Touch Plus II is loud and rumbly.

Even under the covers with the bedroom door closed the noise could be clearly heard from outside my bedroom door.  Something to bear in mind if you do not live alone or need to be discreet when using toys.

Once over the shock of the noise, I then had to pair the wireless remote to the bullet vibe.  This is done by turning on the bullet then pressing the single button on the wireless remote.  The light on the remote turns red and this shows that the wireless remote has control of the vibrator.

The push button on the remote control is flat to the surface and despite being textured, is a little tricky to find and quite hard to push when you factor a little lube into the mix.

Remote Control

Personally I will probably only use the remote whilst playing with the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 as part of a session with my husband and just use the power button on the base of the bullet when partaking in solo play. It just feels a bit gimmicky to use a remote for solo play when the power button on the actual vibrator is easily accessible.

With a small dollop of water-based lube, I got to work ensuring both myself and the Power Touch Plus II had a light coating of lubricant before settling into place and turning on the first of 20 vibrating settings.

I jumped, firstly at the noise and then at the sudden shock of the deep and rumbling vibrations as they danced across my clitoris.  This is a powerful little bullet. I barely lasted a minute on the first steady vibration setting before my first orgasm hit.  Ok Power Plus II, I can now see you mean business.

Bracing myself for another tooth filling rattling session, I ensured I was ‘warmed up’ with little finger play before once again placing the bullet against my vulva, this time hitting the power button a couple of times on the wireless remote to skip past the steady vibrations and try out the patterns instead.

Well… it’s difficult to find the words to describe the jumpy patterns other than to say I actually jumped off the bed with each pulse. They are super strong!


Once I had stopped giggling and had just about stopped myself from shouting of my husband to come and tie me to the bed to stop my butt jumping off the mattress with each pulse, I gently positioned the bullet against my skin and braced myself for the powerful sensations.  My orgasm was wrenched from me again in a matter of seconds.  The Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 may be loud but F**k Me, it’s good!

After my first alone play session I tiptoed downstairs to get refreshments and my husband took one look at my very flushed cheeks and wild hair (caused by thrashing around the bed) and burst out laughing.  “Cara has obviously worked her Dildo Fairy magic again” he chuckled.  He did say that he knew I was up to something in bed as he could hear the noise of the vibrations even though he was downstairs. Ooh and another sign that alerted my husband of my sneaky bedroom session was that fact that the lounge ceiling spotlight dropped down from its holder! My husband described it as a scene from Air Crash Investigation when the oxygen masks on a plane drop down during an emergency.  Whoops!

Fluttery Tip

For my next session with the Power Touch Plus II, I informed my husband of my plans so he wouldn’t fear an earthquake was occurring, and retired to my room where I slipped the flutter tip attachment on to the bullet – designed to mimic oral sex.  The attachment fits over the end of the bullet vibe and is then securely in place.  This flutter tip makes the bullet vibe look like it has a knights hat on which made me laugh.

The first thing I noticed when turning on the vibrations was that the super quick movement of flutter tip caused a wonderful draft. The Power Touch Plus II with this attachment will make a great hand-held fan for the summer. Must remember this when I’m melting in the heat in July.

I applied a generous coating of lube and readied myself for the impact of the flutter tip.  Sadly the flutter tip did not work for my body. The quick movements of the silicone tip turned the rumbly vibrations into buzzy vibrations and it almost felt like my clitoris was being hounded by a swarm of angry wasps, the intensity was just too much for my poor clit and it packed its bags and buggered off.  After trying all of the 20 available settings I was unable to reach an orgasm when the attachment was in place.

Attachment-Free Play

Not to worry, the bullet without the attachment was hugely effective and will most definitely get used again and again. Especially as I wont need shares in Duracell to keep it going.

To ensure the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 was thoroughly tested I handed the wireless controller and the bullet over to my husband.  With a twinkle in my eye I dared him to do his worst.  Big mistake!  Over the course of the next few hours my husband used every setting to drag me to the brink of orgasm then whip the device away at the critical moment, effectively edging me over and over again.  He used the attachment to taunt my clitoris, inserted the bullet into my vagina to allow me to feel the rumbles deep inside and held me down while my orgasm finally was allowed to surface. #happysigh


Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 Review

We both very much enjoyed the Cloud 9 Power Touch Plus II bullet vibrator.  The steady settings will always be my go to settings but the powerful motors of the Plus II mean that there will always be a place for the pattern settings during my sessions.

The downside of the Power Touch Plus II is the volume, it really is loud and will certainly be an issue for those that require silent toys.

The attachment was not my favourite and to be honest, that will probably remain in the box now that the testing phase is over but I am confident that there will be clitoris out in the world that will love the sensations the Plus II attachment offers.


Retailing at £69.99 the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Series Power Touch Plus 2 is on par with other rechargeable bullet vibrators.  It may be a little pricey for those who would usually purchase battery operated bullet vibes but in my opinion the savings on batteries and the ease of charging far out way the additional cost of the bullet.

If you don’t mind a lot of noise, and have an electrician on hand to fix the light fittings in the rooms below your bedroom, head on over to Cloud 9 Novelties now to pick up one of your own.

Thank you to Cara and Cloud 9 for sending me the Cloud 9 Novelties Power Touch Plus II bullet vibrator to guest review.  It’s a solid 8 put of 10 from me, losing a point or two for the noise levels.

– Louise Lace

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