Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas

By Cara Sutra

I must admit that when I look at vibrator features, size doesn’t really register. I’m one of those women who assumes that vaginal vibrators are made in, well, vagina size. If they’re tiddly then they might be more of a clit stim for me. Recently however I’ve been asked by various people for slender vibe recommendations. What are the best slim vibrators for small vaginas?

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite Women

Vibrator shown is the Intimate Melody Mage (read the review)

Although I don’t have the super-small vagina problem, I absolutely love bullet vibrators. Quality choices are powerful enough to make me orgasm, they’re discreet in terms of noise & ease of use and they’re not bank-balance-bustingly expensive. I tend to use bullet vibes for clitoral stimulation but there’s no reason not to enjoy them for vaginal penetration.

So which of these slim vibrators – bullet vibes – do it for me?

Lovehoney Bullet Vibrators

There’s a range of brand names and designs attached to the bullet vibrators at Lovehoney. With enough time and comparison you’ll come to realise which ones are pretty much the same bullet vibe with a different design or name. Happily, even though they may have different titles and looks, these bullet vibrators do actually bring me to orgasm – clitorally – which gives you an idea of the power these beauties can emit.

Same Vibe (-ish), Different Branding

If you’re a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, you might like to try the We Aim To Please bullet vibrator. Prefer something squeal-inducingly Kawaii? The dazzling array of Tokidoki bullet vibrators might appeal. Rock ‘n roll  chick? There’s the Motorhead bullet vibrators, or the new Motley Crue sex toys range.

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite WomenPrefer a plain style? There are both metallic and velvet-cote plastic bullet vibrator options with the simple Lovehoney branding.

Tracey Cox Vibrators

In a similar vein but with a slightly different design – a rounded rather than pointed tip – are the Tracey Cox bullet vibrators. Tracey Cox’s slim vibrators offer not just vibrating power which can bring my picky clit to orgasm, but smooth, slender bodies which may appeal to those who require slim vibrators for small vaginas.

My personal favourite is the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator – and there’s even a rechargeable option.

Rocks Off RO-80 & Variants

Another trustworthy brand which manufactures reliable sex toys (including slim vibrators) is Rocks Off. Bullet vibrators and classic, slim vibrators are the foundation of Rocks Off Sex Toys‘ fast increasing empire. The RO-80 is the classic vibrator from their collection, which is now available in plenty of other designs including different colours, rainbow, floral, shimmering gold & rechargeable.

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite Women

There are also different shapes & styles to explore with the Rocks Off Bamboo bullet vibrator & the Be My Knight 7 function bullet vibe with gunmetal finish (UK only at present).

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite WomenOther Slim Vibrators

As well as the classic RO-80 bullet vibes, Rocks Off offer plenty of other slim vibrators for you to enjoy too. If you’re worried that smaller bullet type vibrators will be too short to satisfy, how about the Rocks Off RO-150? As easy to use as the RO-80 with push button operation, the RO-150 is 5.5 inches in length rather than 3.25 inches, giving you more finger-grip room.

The We Vibe Tango is one of the most popular bullet vibrators in the world right now, and for good reason. It’s waterproof and rechargeable and gives the most delicious rumbly vibes. Buy here in the US or here in the UK.

Using Anal Vibrators In Your Vagina

…WITHOUT USING THEM IN YOUR BUTT FIRST. I have to add that part for hygiene and safety – if you do want to use a sex toy in your bum then in your vagina then please make sure it’s a) a non-porous sex toy, with a flared base, and b) cleaned to epic, sterile, surgeon-cleanliness levels after bum-use. You do not want to transfer any anal bacteria to your vaginal area. That said, let’s get on with the show.

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite WomenCheck Your Materials

Anal vibrators are deliberately made to a more slender design than vaginal ones, which could make them perfect for people looking for slim vibrators for small vaginas. The challenge here is finding an anal vibrator to use in the vagina which is made from a body-safe, non-toxic and hopefully non-porous material. There are lots of options out there made with porous materials such as TPE and TPR, or worse, the toxic horror which is jelly.

An example of an anal vibrator which you might like the look (and size) of is this Butt Tingler, which is made with silicone (non-porous, non-toxic and body safe). The bullet vibrator which provides the vibrations can be removed for further versatility.

Vaginal Dilators

Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite WomenTo help ease you into penetrative pleasures and using vaginal sex toys, vaginal dilators exist. This vaginal dilators set (available here in the UK) could be a great option pre- slim vibrators use to give you a gentle, non-vibrating start to internal play.

The five probes have a finger loop on the end of each, meaning that as well as using them to practice vaginal penetration they could also assist with anal play problems. Here’s the measurements:

#1: 3 inch insertable length, 1.5 inch circumference

#2: 3.75 inch insertable length, 2.5 inch circumference

#3: 4.75 inch insertable length, 2.9 inch circumference

#4: 5.5 inch insertable length, 3.5 inch circumference

#5: 6.5 inch insertable length, 4.25 inch circumference

As you can see the sizes increase fairly gradually, so you can move up to bigger girths of dildo in comfort and at your own pace.

In Conclusion

It pays to look around at different styles of sex toys when shopping for slim vibrators. A great vibe for small vaginas might not be part of the selection found in the classic vibrators categories of sex toy shops. Although many of the slim vibrators I’ve discussed here today are aimed at external/clitoral stimulation, there’s no reason to steer clear of them for vaginal pleasure. Unlike the anal area, the vagina has the cervix neck which stops sex toys travelling deeper inside the body. So, as long as you’re comfortable using a shorter length sex toy there, and can remove without too much difficulty, there’s no worry.

Hopefully you’ve found some slim vibrators in my recommendations which look like they’d suit your needs. Or perhaps you have some other recommendations I’ve not covered? Feel free to put their names (no links or shop spam, please) in the comments below.


Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite Women


Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite Women

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Best Slim Vibrators For Small Vaginas Small Sex Toys For Petite Women


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