Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set Review

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Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set Review

I had such a great time reviewing products for Wet For Her last year, that I was delighted when the WFH team invited me to review another product for their fabulous sex toy shop. I previously reviewed the Wet For Her Fusion Strap-On Dildo and the Wet For Her Union Vibrating Double Dildo, but this time was looking for something a little different to my usual sex toy reviews. In the end I chose the Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set, which is a set of 5 silicone dildos (OK, dilators) graduating in size from small to large.

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Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set Review

What Are Vaginal Dilators & Who Uses Them?

Dilators are smooth, cylindrical items for the purpose of getting the vagina (or anus) used to probing or penetration. Some people may suffer physical as well as psychological discomfort at the point of vaginal penetration whether for sexual or medical examination purposes.


Vaginismus is a syndrome where the affected person’s vagina tightens involuntarily whenever there is an attempt to penetrate it with something. This could be a sex toy like a dildo, a penis, fingers or menstrual accessories like tampons and cups.

Let’s talk about aiding vaginal penetration – and anal penetration – for the purposes of sexual exploration and pleasure. A set of dilators can help a person get used to the sensation in a way which feels less pressured, calmer and more private than attempting to overcome these physical and psychological issues in the presence of a partner or lover.

A set of dilators is most commonly associated with easing penetration of the vagina; for anal sexual exploration, graduated size training butt plug sets abound. That’s not to say you can’t use dilators for the purpose of preparing your anal area to accept penetration by toys or a lover, as long as the dilators are ‘anal safe’ (have a flared base) and you take the necessary hygiene precautions (don’t switch dilators or toys from the anus to the vagina).

The Sinclair Select Dilators Set

As I mentioned at the outset, the Sinclair Set is a set of 5 vaginal dilators (or anal, if preferred) which are made from silicone, are used like dildos and graduate in size from small to large.

The Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set arrived in Wet For Her’s usual discreet outer packaging for the post. My x5 dilators set was carefully wrapped in tissue paper inside the box, keeping it safe through transit and delivery. I retrieved the box of dilation dildos and was impressed with the professional look of this 5-piece set, in a glossy, colourful and modern-design outer box.

First Impressions

My box of dilators was reassuringly sealed with a sticky tab, which I had to cut across in order to open the box. Upon opening, I discovered an A4 size leaflet with information, care tips and instructions for use, beneath which I found the 5 graduating size dilators safely housed in a firm insert.

Popping the dilators out from the insert was an easy task and I gathered up the 5 silicone cylindrical insertables in front of me. They are extremely smooth, each with a lipped base and flat bottom (enabling it to be stood or used on a flat surface, but without any suction element) and a slightly pointed yet still comfortably rounded tip to ease insertion further.

How Big Are The Dilators?

Let’s take a look at the specific measurements of this set of 5 dilators. The Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set provides the vaginal dilators in different colours, which makes it easy to identify which one you’re currently using/your favourite.

From small to large the colours are as follows: yellow, coral, lilac, pale blue, purple. The yellow one (smallest) is about the size of my pinky finger.

The actual sizes, by my measurements, are:

Yellow: 2.75 inches overall length, 2.5 inches insertable length, 1.75 inches maximum circumference

Coral: 3.25 inches overall length, 3 inches insertable length, 2.5 inches maximum circumference

Lilac: 3.9 inches overall length, 3.5 inches insertable length, 2.9 inches maximum circumference

Pale Blue: 4.5 inches overall length, 4 inches insertable length, 3.25 inches maximum circumference

Purple: 5.5 inches overall length, 5 inches insertable length, 4.25 inches maximum circumference

During Use

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly wash any sex toys before you use them, even though they’re straight out of the box or packet. It can be tempting to assume that their newness makes them safe to use immediately, but there may be some manufacturing residue or simply dust on the surface of the sex toy which you wouldn’t want to introduce to your intimate regions.

I washed the 5 insertables from my Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set with soap and tepid water, dried them off and I was ready for action.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you that –and full disclosure here- I’m lucky enough to not have a problem with vaginal or anal insertion. Therefore my intentions behind reviewing this dilators set was to provide information about it to my readers who may have a genuine need for it.

That said, I have had some extremely fun sessions using a combination of a smaller dilator anally while I use the largest (purple) dildo / dilator vaginally. Once both are in position, pressing a bullet vibrator to the base of both means that the powerful vibrations are transmitted through the silicone material and provide intense pleasure.


In my opinion, the Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set is a fantastic buy for those who struggle with vaginal or anal penetration for whatever reason; vaginismus, a naturally petite vagina, anal play newness or shyness or other.

set of vaginal dilators review - vaginismus dildos and beginner butt plugsThe smallest in this dilators set is around the same size as my pinky finger, as I mentioned earlier. I’ve also provided size comparisons to the well-known and popular RO-80 bullet vibrator in some of my photos above, to further help you get a real sense of the size.

This small dilator is extremely inoffensive in terms of girth, length (which you can obviously control by keeping hold of the end) and is made from a body-safe, non-porous and non-toxic material (silicone).

With the addition of a great quality lubricant, I believe this set will be invaluable to someone who is looking for a safe, comfortable start to vaginal or anal exploration and pleasure.

Buy Yours

The genuinely brilliant Sinclair Select Deluxe Silicone Dilators Set is available from the Wet For Her website. Click through the button below to buy yours, and please take a moment to check out the rest of their enticing sex toy collection, too.

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