System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Review

9 out of 10

System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Review

by sum sub

The System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube is a thing of wonder, for so many reasons.

Firstly, I wonder what the instructions and warning say on the side of the bottle; the font is so incredibly tiny I am completely unable to read it, and am now waiting for an appointment with my optometrist.  The front of the bottle holds no such problems though, it clearly states this is a hybrid Water & Coconut Oil lube which is paraben free, silicone free and glycerine free.


System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Review

What this led to was my second moment of wonder; there’s oil in the name, so is this an oil based lube, being unable to read the label, I took to the internet to find out, and to quote the System JO blurb, “This lubricant is not an oil-based lubricant as the percentage of oil and quality that is being used makes it a unique style of lubrication”.  So, yes, just like you, I wonder what exactly this means.  It’s a water based lube containing oil but such high quality and such minute amount that it doesn’t matter?  That’s what I decided it means.

Helpfully, they also point out that the System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube is safe to use vaginally, on the penis and is safe with all materials except for latex.  One also assumes as such it is safe for anal use.

System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Review

In the interest of science, I wondered what the benefits of coconut oil were, another brief internet search revealed coconut oil to be an effective skin softener and moisturiser even for those with conditions such as eczema.

Research complete, I was ready to use the System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube.

The smell is like a very mild version of a well-known sun-cream available in the UK market, and not terribly dissimilar to a well-known alcoholic liquor.  As you might expect with something coconutty, it is white in colour and pearlescent in appearance.  The bottle I have contains a miserly 30ml, and is a tad awkward to squeeze out of the bottle.

I wondered if this lube really did have skin softening prowess, and to this end I have used the lube as a moisturiser on my left hand for a week, whilst my right hand I have moisturised with my regular hemp-based cream from a well-known body care shop.  And by golly, I only think my left hand feels softer!   What wondrous stuff!

System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube Review

The wonder doesn’t stop there either; this really is a superior lube.  A small amount lasts, and lasts and lasts, and lasts some more.  Of all the non-oil lubes I’ve used (which is a great many), this lasts as long if not longer than any other I’ve tried.  It seems evaporation isn’t particularly a problem, and whilst the skin does absorb it, it’s such an effective moisturiser that it just lubricates forever!  And, what’s even better is there is genuinely very little stickiness.

So, the System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube is a lubricant of wonder; firstly you’re left wondering about its identity, but then you’re dumbstruck by the wonder of it in use.

– sum sub

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer sum sub for this review of the System JO Coconut Oil Hybrid Lube.


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