Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

9 out of 10

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

We absolutely love Christmas Crackers in this house. In recent years, though, they’ve become a bit… samey. I’m reluctant to say boring, because I still love the fun sparkly designs that add a bit of festive pop to the Christmas dinner table. But I’ve had my fill of psychic fish, plastic moustaches and mini sewing kits… you know? I was therefore very excited to discover that not only can you buy sexy Christmas crackers to liven up your intimate pre- or post-Christmas dinner time, but adult retail giant Lovehoney have created their own. Introducing the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers. A bit of a mouthful, but I like that sort of thing.

So… are these sexy Christmas Crackers worth the hype? How much are they? What do you get? Should you grab a pack before they sell out? Read on to find out.

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Packaging

The packaging of the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers echoes the Lovehoney sex toy advent calendar. A silky touch card box in Lovehoney purple with a small heart pattern all over. You can’t see the crackers, through a transparent front window area or somesuch, but I found this added to the mystique.

While the front of the box simply states what you’ll find inside – Lovehoney All Nighter Kinky Crackers – the back of the box gives you a little more information. There’s some marketing spiel about the two couples’ crackers and a little introduction to Lovehoney themselves.

The bottom of the box tells us that the toys contained inside are made from TPE and plastic.

As always, the outer postal packaging of this Lovehoney delivery was reassuringly discreet.

First Impressions of the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers

As a Christmas Cracker lover I was extremely happy to see two worlds that I have a passion for collide in this way. The box carries on the 2018 Lovehoney Christmas theme with the purple, heart-adorned box, and when I removed the crackers I found they were the same size as regular Christmas crackers. I’d thought, before they arrived, that maybe they’d be smaller –but no, placing them next to my standard (vanilla & unsexy; I’ve checked!) Christmas crackers revealed them to be the same length.

The Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers follow the Lovehoney Christmas theme once again, presented in lighter and darker purple tones with the Lovehoney heart in the centre of each cracker. Gold ties complete the festive look and I was excited to ‘get pulling’ with my partner…

What You Get in the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers

Surprisingly, there was no ‘snap’ inside the crackers so no mini explosions at that stage of the game. Pulling the crackers apart (my partner and I crossing arms, obviously –it’s tradition), we noticed they came apart easily and the sound of the snap wasn’t missed too much as the carboard ‘pops’ apart in any case.

Snap issues were totally forgotten about as sex toys and fun rained down from between our hands. Inside each of the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers is one half of the traditional ‘sexy dice’ set; one black, one purple and with the Lovehoney heart adorning one of the faces.

The vibrating sex toys you receive, one in each cracker, are the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Mega Ring and the Lovehoney BASICS Finger Ring Vibrator. These sex toys are classics from Lovehoney’s enormous catalogue of adult products, and each toy has received well over 200 customer reviews on the website.

As well as the vibrating toys and the sex dice, you get a slip of glossy purple paper inside each of the sexy Christmas crackers. No, it’s no joke – one side tells you how to use the relevant enclosed sex toy, while the other side provides a hot sex tip and a sex position to try out.

Here’s a bit more information about each of the sex toys you receive in the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers.

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Mega Ring 

The Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Mega Ring is contained in a tear open packet with a clear front so you can see the attractive translucent blue sex toy straight away. Although it looks fairly small, don’t be fooled – the TPE material means it will stretch to fit most penis sizes while providing that snug fit to keep you harder for longer, and more receptive to stimulation.

Meanwhile, the top area of the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Mega Ring houses a non-removable, non-replaceable vibrating motor, which delivers up to 25 minutes of buzzy vibrating pleasure that he and his partner can enjoy during sex (these types of cock rings usually intended to be used during PiV sex).

There are additional ticklers on the upper part of the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Mega Ring, on top of the vibrating motor, to give thrilling erotic stimulation to her clitoral area while both partners enjoy the various pleasurable sensations.

If you don’t want or need to use all 25 minutes of vibrating fun at once, there’s a slide switch on the side of the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Mega Ring to turn it on & off. Handy. This type of TPE sex toy is much more comfortable to use when you add a splash of water-based lubricant.

Lovehoney BASICS Finger Ring Vibrator 

Like the cock ring, the Lovehoney BASICS Finger Ring Vibrator comes in a tear-top, transparent-front packet which is easy to open & dispose of. In a pretty lilac colour, the TPE Lovehoney BASICS Finger Ring Vibrator fits on a finger to provide pleasurably erotic thrills wherever you want them most.

There are various nubs (in a pretty rose design) on the outer of the Lovehoney BASICS Finger Ring Vibrator, while the non-removable, non-replaceable vibrating motor inside gives up to 30 minutes of buzztastic pleasure.

Again, it’s best used with a dot or two of water-based lubricant to encourage a blissful glide, and you can turn the Lovehoney BASICS Finger Ring Vibrator off at any time if you don’t want or need to use all 30 minutes of vibration in one session.


For a tenner, the Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers are the sexy Christmas crackers you’ve been waiting for and the sexy Christmas crackers you deserve. They’re well-presented, well-made –and contain novelties which are far more fun than a plastic fish, moustache or sewing kit. The hot sex tips and sex positions are no joke, while the sex dice will fire up your imagination and play sessions with ease.

There’s something satisfyingly kinky about having a secret set of sexy Christmas crackers… Even if I hadn’t been sent these to review, I’d consider buying a pack because I adore this merging of sex toy and Christmas worlds. And no matter how large or small your personal sex toy collection, the sex toys contained in these sexy Christmas crackers hold appeal for everyone. Even the fact they’re TPE isn’t an issue because these are ultimately disposable sex toys, not permanent additions to your sex toy collection.

Yes, these vibrating toys are for Christmas, not for life.

Buy Your Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Today

If you’re still umming and ahhing over whether you should buy a box – do it! I feel sure you won’t regret it. Just make sure you don’t mix them up with your regular Christmas crackers this Christmas, or you’ll be blushing to match the cranberry sauce at the Christmas dinner table.

The Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers are fantastic fun, fantastic value, Christmas themed –what more could you want? Buy yours today before they sell out!

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

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Lovehoney All Nighter Couples Sexy Christmas Crackers Review

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