Warming Sex Toys To Help Heat Up Your Sex Life In Winter

Winter is an excellent time to spend more time in bed. Snuggle up under a blanket with your partner, pop your favourite series on Netflix or just share a hot cup of coffee or tea in front of the fireplace. Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is you’re close together and both of you are warm. I’ve already shared my thoughts on surprising ways the cold season can improve your sex life; today I’m sharing my recommendations for warming sex toys & other pleasure products to heat up your sex life in winter.

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In Winter

Warm Up Your Sex Toys & Lube Before Use

As amorous as I might feel through winter, it’s difficult to actually get started when the room is cold, I’ve got goosebumps and I have to find my erogenous zones beneath 6 layers of clothing. Instead of foregoing sexual pleasure, why not warm up your sex toys and your lube before use?

If the urge strikes and you know you have sex toys and lube available which are toasty warm, you’re much more likely to keep the fires of your libido stoked and enjoy plenty of orgasms whatever the weather.

Warm – Sex Toy Warming System

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterThe Warm Sex Toy Heating System is an ingenious device designed to warm up your vibrators, dildos, butt plugs – even a bottle of lube, if you wish – before use. The leather-look pouch is vegan-friendly, and you simply envelop your chosen product in the internal sleeve, wrap up and fasten the outside and plug it in. Your toy of choice will be safely warmed up in about 15-20 minutes.

Warm has an elegant design which won’t look out of place on any bedside cabinet. It’s fairly costly, but if you simply must have pre-warmed sex toys and products through winter (or all year round) then the Warm system is a great investment.

You can read our product tester’s thoughts in their in-depth review of the Warm Sex Toy Heating System.

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Warming Vibrators

If you’d prefer one favourite vibrator which you reach for time and again, and you love a warm sex toy to take the chill off those winter pleasure sessions, then why not splash out on an effective warming vibe? you might not have even known they exist, but there are plenty of options available when it comes to warming vibrators.

Many warming vibrators work by using a warming liquid inside the toy which heats up to safe levels, then soothes your skin and sexual zones when you use it during masturbation or in a couple’s sex session. If you’ve ever had the luxury of slipping into a pre-heated bed courtesy of an electric blanket, then imagine the same principle applied to slipping an orgasmic vibrator inside which is pre-warmed and simply needs a splash of your favourite lube. Delicious.

SVAKOM Emma Neo 11

A great example of a top quality warming vibrator which represents fantastic value for money is the SVAKOM Emma Neo 11 Wand. There is so much going on with this tech-tastic vibrator – check out some of the main features:

• Award-winning wand vibrator features a rabbit ears attachment for varied pleasure options

• Explore six powerful patterns and five soaring intensities, plus ‘Intelligent Mode’

• Heating core radiates 38°C to dispense sumptuous warmth at a safe temperature

• Enjoy remote intimacy in real time via Bluetooth and FeelConnect 3 app control

• Sync to your favourite 2D adult content for immersive gratification

• Interactive webcam feature drives orgasmic engagement with your subscribers

• 100% waterproof and made with body-safe silicone material

• Register your purchase with SVAKOM for a 1 year warranty

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Warming Sex Machines

A hand-held sex machine takes all the effort out of fucking yourself to the heights of pleasure. Or someone else (using sex toys) come to that. Did you know there are warming sex machines available, which not only do a lot of the work for you but keep you satisfyingly warm throughout? Just when you thought masturbating yourself to blissful orgasm couldn’t get any better!

Love Motion Warming Thrusting Sex Machine

The hand-held and USB rechargeable Love Motion Sex Machine comes with a choice of two attachments to pleasure yourself with; a realistic style dildo and a G-spot dildo. Just select whichever you fancy, attach to the Love Motion, then press the warming button to heat up to a toasty 40°.

The Love Motion even has a travel lock, so you can take it wherever you like without any worry about it accidentally switching on in your car, bag or luggage.

There are loads of speeds and patterns to enjoy experimenting with as your choice of dildo thrusts inside you, and the suction cup means the Love Motion stays firmly in place while you ride to ultimate bliss.

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Warming Butt Plugs

If anal is your favourite way to play, then you might want to consider a warming butt plug to snuggle up with on these cold winter nights. Or any time of day, really. Talk about central heating!

I didn’t know that so many warming anal toys existed until I started my research for this article covering products to heat up your sex life in winter. There are certainly plenty to choose from. My pick of the cosy crop can be found below.

SVAKOM Primo Warming Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterGet ‘snug as a bug in a rug with a warm butt plug’ with the technological wonder that is the SVAKOM Primo Warming Butt Plug. This silicone anal toy is rechargeable, fully waterproof, vibrating and has a core which warms to about 38°C to provide you with gorgeous emanating heat from within for maximum pleasure.

The SVAKOM Primo can be used with or without the included wireless remote control (no fiddling about with buttons awkwardly while the toy is in situ!) and there are so many other brilliant features. You get about 2 hours of play from a 1.5 hour charge, it’s USB rechargeable, and has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.

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Warming Penis Masturbators

What could be better than sliding your cock into a lubricated, snug, stretchy, textured penis masturbator and wanking yourself to orgasm? All of the above, but a pre-warmed version. Yes, you can now buy warming penis masturbators to heat up your sex life, making that initial slide into a cold lubricated sleeve a thing of the past!

If you’re serious about your sexual pleasure, as I believe everyone should be, and you have a penis which loves some regular masturbatory action, then you need to check out the various warming penis masturbators available. They will take your self-pleasure sessions to the next level – especially on a cold winter’s day or night.

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Penis Masturbator

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterBlowmotion is one of Lovehoney’s many sex toy brands, featuring the latest in sex toy technology to deliver masturbation which is breathtakingly spectacular. These mind-blowing penis stimulation toys will suck, stroke, pleasure and satisfy every time, taking your solo orgasmic sessions from mediocre to magnificent.

Amongst the wondrous Blowmotion penis toys, you’ll find the Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Penis Masturbator.

This USB rechargeable toy warms to 40°C for a realistic sex experience. The vibrating options include 6 patterns with 3 speeds, allowing you to choose how gentle or thrilling your journey to orgasm will be.

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Warming Lubes

When shopping for products to heat up your sex life in winter, an easy and great value option is a warming sex lubricant. As the lubricant gently warms when you use it, you can choose to use alongside your sex toys, or simply between fingers and your pleasure zones for solo or shared warm sensual fun during winter – or any time of the year.

You can find warming lubes from well-known brands such as System JO, Durex and Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Glow Warming Lubricant

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterThe Lovehoney Glow Warming Lubricant comes in an attractively designed, easy to use bottle with pump dispenser top to make usage even easier. The 100ml bottle costs less than £10 which is exceptional value while remaining a great size to slip into your bag and take with you on that sexy midwinter break.

This slippery warming lube is water based, so you can use it with any of your sex toys and without worry that it will stain sheets or clothing. With ingredients that produce a gentle warming effect on the skin after application, this lube is sure to leave you and any lucky lover absolutely glowing throughout and after your orgasmic fun.

Buy yours from Lovehoney through the links below:


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Warming Massage Oils

You may have seen my recent article where I discuss intimacy-building massage for couples. Massage is a fun, shared activity which can bring you and your partner closer than before – plus, in winter, it can help keep you both warm. Win-win!

During winter when you’re both likely not going out as much, why not plan for an early night where you can explore each other’s body whether for relaxation or sensual intent? Even better, use one of the many warming massage oils available and neither of you will have to worry about the cooler temperatures this time of year.

Bijoux Indiscrets Strawberry & Honey Warming Massage Oil

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterI’ve been a fan of the luxurious adult products brand, Bijoux Indiscrets, for over a decade. The lubricants, massage oils and sex accessories are not only elegantly sensual, they’re beautifully packaged and presented. With gold highlights, sumptuous bows and that extra touch of class, you get a sense of alluring eroticism the moment you open your new Bijoux Indiscrets product.

Their Wild Strawberry and Honey Warming Massage Oil smells delicious, comes in a gorgeous bottle which will help transform your bedroom into a boudoir, and doesn’t need pre-warming so it’s perfect to heat up your sex life this time of year. Just pour a little on to your fingers or directly on your waiting partner, then treat them to an elegant and erotic massage. The ingredients of this massage oil means that the warming sensation will soon be felt during use, and you can blow lightly on their skin to heighten the heating effect.

Buy your warming Bijoux Indiscrets massage oil – and check out the rest of the sumptuous range – from Bondara through the button below:

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Warm Glow Candles

Candles are a regular feature throughout my house come autumn and winter. The famous Yankee Candles last for ages and have such beautiful scents. The soft glow they emit is also lovely to look at and feels extra warming during this cold and often gloomy time of year. Did you know that as well as house fragrance candles, you can buy candles which melt down and can be used during erotic foreplay and sex with your partner?

Some of these adult product candles simply radiate a pheromone-enhanced fragrance while they burn, to heighten the sensuality during your intimacy-building sessions with a lover. Others are quite kinky – waxplay candles burn at a lower temperature and the melted wax can be dripped over your bound and submissive partner’s fleshy areas to provide a pleasurable-pain experience.

Massage candles heat up your sex life in winter by providing a glorious warm glow which makes you feel warmer just by looking at its prettily dancing flame. They also smell divine, plus they melt into a warm massage oil which you can use to give or receive an intimate or erotic massage.

Lovehoney Apothecary Massage Candles

Lovehoney Apothecary Massage Candles Review - Arouse & Seduce ScentsSome of my favourite erotic massage candles, and ones I’ve used recently, are the Lovehoney Apothecary Massage Candles.

The Lovehoney Apothecary range comprises not only massage candles, but enhanced bubble baths, reed oil diffusers, massage oils and massage kits. The items come in a choice of two scents: Arouse or Seduce.

I particularly love the massage candles because they’re great value, lasting a long time, and they come in easy-pour ceramic containers. Not all massage candles are easy to dispense, and the mini-jug style design of these candles really sets them apart.

Aside from the subtle, soft grey Lovehoney heart on one side of the candle, they’re also discreet enough to leave on your nightstand or any shelf within your home. Turn the candle so the heart isn’t visible, if you prefer!

The Arouse scent has rose, jasmine, amber and cedarwood with a touch of lemon rind, while the Seduce scent offers saffron, patchouli, jasmine, amber, cedar and vanilla elements. An elegant, erotic and effective start to your precious couple’s time together and a thoroughly relaxing or arousing massage, as you decide. Read my Lovehoney Apothecary Massage Candles review, then buy yours through the links below:


Shop: USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia | New Zealand

Kink it up with a hot PVC or latex catsuit:

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterIf you’re the kinky type, or curious about this area of adult fun, why not add some warm but extremely erotic clothing to your sex wardrobe?

Some fetish wear is designed so that most of the body is covered, as this shiny, form-fitted clothing represents a barrier between the wearer’s skin and the one lucky enough to gaze upon or be in the presence of such hotness.

For full body coverage which is both exquisitely erotic and warm by its very nature, you can’t go wrong with a catsuit. These curve-hugging items of clothing either stretch to fit, or fasten with a front or rear zip. They’ll definitely help heat up your sex life in winter. You can find supremely shiny catsuits in a variety of kinky materials, such as leather, PVC, latex or datex. Team with some long gloves and knee or thigh boots and you’ll be wrapped up warm yet ready for all kinds of kinky play through the cold temperatures of autumn and winter time!

Great Value PVC & Latex at Skin Two 

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterHonour Clothing is now Skin Two, famous for good quality & value fetish wear and BDSM accessories.

At Skin Two you can find leather, latex & PVC catsuits in a variety of coverage styles and sizes, plus accessories such as gloves, long boots and sexy high heels.

In fact you can get this PVC catsuit, these PVC gloves and matching PVC thigh-high boots all for less than £170 in total at the time of writing!

Shop: PVC Catsuits | Latex Catsuits

Butter-soft PVC Catsuits at Vawn and Boon

Products To Heat Up Your Sex Life In WinterI was lucky enough to receive a few select items from the Vawn and Boon range some time ago, and instantly fell in love.

Vawn and Boon design, manufacture and sell absolutely top quality PVC catsuits, waspie corsets and other kinky clothing items. As I mentioned above, the full or majority coverage style of much fetishwear lends itself brilliantly to keeping warm while you explore your eroticism through the winter season.

I have a black Vawn and Boon Vortex catsuit as pictured, plus one in red and a matching red Thorax corset. Layer up, then enjoy getting hot and horny!

Enjoy my Vawn and Boon reviews -and shop the outstanding Vawn and Boon collection here: Vawn and Boon

Budget-conscious? Try Temperature Play With Sex Toys You Own

Have you ever tried temperature play with your sex toys? Certain sex toy materials lend themselves to temperature play better than others.

If you have a good quality and body-safe glass, metal, ceramic or stone dildo (yes, they all exist!), then you can warm them gently before use in a bowl of warm water. Never use boiling or hot water as the sex toy will likely be an unsafe temperature to use on or within your body. Check the toy is at a safe and tolerable temperature before using it for intimate pleasure.

The image above show some of my favourite temperature-play-friendly sex toys, from my personal collection. Glass and metal sex toys are easier to find in sex toy stores than ceramic or stone dildos. Glass dildos in particular are available in a wide variety of beautiful and orgasmically-designed styles, which look gorgeous and feel amazing.

Our reviews: glass dildos | metal sex toys

Don’t own a glass or metal sex toy yet? Shop for your next water-warmable dildo from one of the following sex shops:

Shop: Lovehoney USA | Lovehoney UK | Bondara | SheVibe | Loving Joy


With the cooler temperatures through the autumn and winter seasons, there’s a danger that the cold could turn you off from pursuing your sensual passions and continuing to strengthen your intimate bond with your lover. However, with a small adjustment in attitude, and the right products to heat up your sex life in winter, you’ll both soon be fired up and ready for erotic action – whatever the weather outdoors!

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