How The Winter Season Can Boost Your Sex Life

Good news! You can officially stop feeling blue about winter – it’s the perfect season to grab some quality time and a hotter sex life with your partner. It may not seem like it, with frosty weather and early dark skies each day, but there are plenty of ways in which the winter season can boost your sex life. The coldest period of the year is the ideal time to cuddle up together. Summer used to be my favourite season, but in recent years I’ve come to prefer the cooler autumn and winter seasons. Read on to discover five ways in which the cold winter season can have a surprisingly positive effect on your sex life and relationship.

How The Winter Season Can Boost Your Sex Life

1. Winter Is The Perfect Time To Spend Quality Time Together

After the excesses of Christmas and the holidays, many people’s New Year’s resolutions feature some form of improved health. Gyms see a marked increase in subscriptions and people sign up for a variety of diet plans.

Go for a walk together this winter - relationship advice In my opinion, there’s no need to spend your hard earned cash on these services if you want to get a bit fitter. Plus, there’s no need to go it alone! Heading into the holidays in autumn, why not set time aside for regular brisk walks together? This can continue after Christmas and become a regular activity you enjoy as a couple.

Increasing your fitness together, whether via shared walks, going for a run with your partner, signing up to a gym together, or making recipe plans, shopping for ingredients then cooking healthy meals together, will strengthen your bond as a couple. As well as spending this quality time together through winter, this focus on health and fitness will lead to a marked improvement in the bedroom, with increased stamina and flexibility.

2. When It’s Cold Outside You’ll Naturally Want To Snuggle Up Together

Winter is a great time to snuggle up with your partner. When it’s cold outside, you’re probably going to want to spend more time inside than you would in the summer. That means that you’re more likely to be snuggling on the couch or in bed together instead of spending time outside in the cold. Take advantage of the cold weather and enjoy the heat generated by embracing your partner – whether for intimate, romantic snuggles, or a sizzling sex session.

have a hot shower together in winter - sex tipsAlthough we’ve all got busy lives, it’s important to schedule quality time with your partner to keep your relationship strong and healthy. I mentioned going for regular walks together in the first section, which will improve your circulation and heart health, as well as bringing many other health benefits.  You’ll likely be cold after spending time outdoors if you just had a gentle stroll, so cuddling up once you get back inside, into the warm, is a natural progression of your ‘winter date’.

If you got hot and sweaty by going for a run together, or to the gym, swap out the warming cuddles for a sensual shared shower instead, where you can enjoy getting ‘filthy’ as you soap each other down.

3. Early Sunsets Mean Early Nights

The winter season brings the shortest daylight hours of the year, the pinnacle of which is the winter solstice – the annual day with the least sunlight and the longest night. Rather than viewing this as a negative event, why not see how you could use these darker days to your (sexual) advantage?

try bondage and new sex toys in winter - erotic sex adviceThe earlier the sunset, the more natural it will feel to be in bed at an earlier hour than usual. An early night will mean you’ll both have energy for an extended intimate session of cuddles and sex, if you’re both in the mood. Use these early nights to shut the curtains against the cold, dark outdoors and make some shared erotic memories which will have you both smiling well into the new year.

Burning off your excess energy by going to bed together early throughout winter brings other passionate opportunities, too. This is the perfect time to try something new, things you either haven’t had the energy for through the rest of the year, or the time to properly discuss and plan with your partner.

Here are a few ideas to try during your newly discovered spare saucy time together:

4. Colder Weather Means You’re Less Likely To Overheat During Sex

How The Winter Season Can Boost Your Sex LifeI’ve written previously about the perils of having frenzied sex during the intense heat of summer. Obviously in winter, this is much less of a problem! The colder temperature means you’re less likely to overheat during sex, which is fantastic news. I’d much rather be having sex and enjoying the warmth generated, than feeling saturated and sticky from the get-go, and uncomfortable throughout.

When you’re cold, you’re likely to be far more enthusiastic about hopping into bed together or embracing tightly for a snuggle-with-benefits whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whether you make the most of plenty of skin-on-skin contact to generate heat and horniness, or enjoy the taboo-style frisson that clothed frottage and filthiness brings, the cooler temperature both indoors and out is a major plus for your sex life.

5. The Cold Darkness Of Winter Presents Less Distraction Than Summer

Summer is always so busy in our house. As well as the kids’ summer holidays, travel plans and the hot sunny weather beckoning, we have birthdays, anniversaries… the list of activities which are sadly not sex seems endless. Summer tends to mean being easily side-tracked from shared sensuality with my partner, doing other, admittedly still enjoyable things instead. The long sunny days mean late nights where we’re both exhausted from summer fun, family time and the intense heat. Sex often ends up being the last thing on our minds when we finally roll into bed together.

In contrast, the cold, dark, short days of winter provide the perfect opportunity to focus on your relationship and your sex life. This is especially true once January arrives and Christmas/the holidays are done and dusted for another year. It’s much easier to focus on improving your sex life, including more romance in your relationship and trying new things in the bedroom when you’re not distracted by the kids being home, packing for summer holidays, or that concert or festival you’ve been looking forward to for months.

Talk about an overlooked benefit of the winter season!


Winter is often cold, dark and free of all the excitement that Christmas or summer holidays bring. However, with a slight adjustment in attitude, you’ll soon see for yourself how the winter season can boost your sex life with your partner.

plan shared activities with your partner in winterWhen you next get the opportunity to have a private chat with your partner, why not discuss ways in which you can use winter to your shared advantage? Open your new diary and plan when you’ll head out for a walk or other exercise together. Promise yourselves an earlier night at least once a week, and talk candidly about whatever new things you’d love to try out. Cuddle up together on the sofa as much as possible, which will save on your heating bills as well as helping to keep your relationship strong.

With the coldest time of the year upon us, it is important to remember that there are many benefits to having sex in winter. It may be cold outside, but when you’re wrapped up in blankets and cuddled up with your loved one, there’s nothing better than warming yourself up with some hot lovemaking action.

Happy winter, everyone!


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