Silicone Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide

Recently, I wrote about the various types of sex lubes in my recent big guide to sexual lubricants. Today, I’d like to delve a little deeper into one of those types in particular, silicone lubricants. Why would you choose a lube which is silicone based? What can you use them for – and what are the pros and cons? Welcome to my silicone lubes 101: your complete guide!


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Silicone Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide To Silicone Sex Lubricants

Main Features

Silicone lubes are sexual lubricants with a formulation made in part, or often entirely, with liquid silicone. As well as a descriptor of the main/only ingredient, the label ‘silicone lubricant’ helps to quickly and easily differentiate this type of lube from the various other types: water-based, oil-based, hybrid etc.

The types of liquid silicone used in these personal lubricants are usually listed on the label, in the ingredients area, with their various chemical names. These can include cyclioentasiloxane, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol and dimethicone. If your lubricant has one or more of these, it’s a silicone lube. Or it could be a hybrid lubricant, depending on the other ingredients present, of course. I’ll be writing a guide to hybrid lubes in due course.

Best For… 

Lengthy and/or watery play times. Because these lubes are made with silicone, which doesn’t evaporate with heat or over time like water-based lubes do, they’re great for marathon sex sessions and masturbation sessions where you don’t want the worry/hassle of reapplying lube mid-way.

Silicone Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide To Silicone Sex LubricantsWhat do I mean by ‘watery play times’? If you’re a fan of shower sex (or a wank in the shower), or shared/self-pleasure in the bathtub, silicone lube won’t wash away like water-based will. Be aware though, that it’s extremely slippery (well, duh I guess) and that it does wash off with soapy warm water… I find it fab for a quick shower session before getting lathered up in the traditional way. I have to be careful with it as if any gets on the floor things can become dangerously slippy!

As silicone lubes don’t evaporate with either friction or heat, they can be fab for sexy anal-based adventures too. There are specialised anal lubes which I’ll cover in another guide, but if it’s a choice between water and silicone lube, silicone lubricant will provide lasting glide for anal sex. Or, when you’re using anal sex toys.

Don’t forget that silicone lube absolutely IS compatible with latex condoms – just make sure you apply it after the condom is already in place so that it doesn’t cause it to slip off mid-session.

Not Great For…

People who don’t like the feel of silicone lube. Some just don’t like the feel during use, or the lingering slick afterwards, of silicone lube on their skin. Silicone lubricants don’t wash off as quickly and easily as water-based lubes either – it takes thorough washing with warm water and soap to remove it properly.

There’s also the worry about silicone lubes staining sheets and clothing, although if you use protection beneath you during sex or masturbation this is less of an issue. I love the Cumpanion sex towels, myself.

Can You Use Silicone Lube With Silicone Sex Toys?

The short answer is, YES! I’ll quote from my main sexual lubricants 101 feature, where I answer this question in a lot more depth:

Silicone Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide To Silicone Sex Lubricants“If you use pure silicone lubricant with a genuinely 100% silicone sex toy, there will be no negative effect. Same as if you store 100% silicone sex toys directly next to each other. The material won’t deteriorate, it won’t melt, you won’t be left with a puddle of goo in the bedside drawer.
After all, people the world over stack silicone bakeware atop each other in the kitchen cabinets thinking nothing of it and with no ill consequence.

…in recent years I’ve regularly used great quality silicone lubricant with my silicone sex toys that I know are genuinely 100% silicone in recent years, with no ill effect to either the toy or myself.”

As I explain in my main guide to sex lubes, if you’re not sure about the compatibility of a particular sex toy and lube, you can do a patch test first on a less prominent part of the toy.

Top Tips

Buy the right amount 

How much lube do you really need? A huge bottle might seem economically sound, but if it’s heavy to pick up during sex or masturbation you risk spilling it everywhere, not to mention the discomfort & hassle every time. Even if it’s a pump dispenser style container, are you really going to get through the whole lot before the expiry date? If you buy a large quantity of silicone lube at once, is you sure it’s a great quality/pure lubricant – or is it budget both in price and nature?

Note how it’s dispensed

What sort of bottle/dispensing style is best for your style of sexual pleasure playtimes? Lube comes in all sorts of different container types: sachets/pillow packs, twist-off cap bottles, flip-top caps, pump dispenser top bottles…

I describe the main pros and cons of each of these in my recent guide to water-based lubes. My favourite type of dispenser for a personal lubricant is a pump dispenser top, as the bottle of lube can remain on the side and I can reach over and dispense a small amount one-handed. No great interruption to the sexy session and no risk of spilling lube everywhere.

Alternative uses

Top quality silicone lubes are fantastic for both masturbation and sex, but they can also be helpful for other things, too:

Erotic massage: Because of the lasting glide silicone lubricants provide, they’re fantastic for a superbly slippery erotic or simply relaxing massage.

Silicone Lubes 101: Your Complete Guide To Silicone Sex LubricantsShine up latex: A dot of silicone lube goes a long way when it comes to replenishing the shine on your latex clothing. Silicone lubes are compatible with latex – yes, even latex condoms – therefore you can use a small amount on your great-quality latex clothing without any worry.

Hair serum: Instead of splashing out on expensive anti-frizz hair serums, try a little silicone lube instead. Work a very small amount over your fingers and palms, then run through your hair to tame wild tresses.

Remove tight rings: The superb slipperiness of silicone lubricants mean they should be your go-to product if you get a ring stuck on a finger or have similar problems with other accessories. A little silicone lube goes a long way and you’ll be able to remove the offending item with ease.

My Favourites

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