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Überlube Silicone Lubricant Review

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überlube silicone sex lubricant review

I’d heard quite a bit about Überlube before receiving either free samples or the 50ml bottle which I am about to review here. With an obvious investment in marketing and PR, I was interested in the product behind the web furore and wanted to know if it lived up to the hype. I don’t usually do this, but I approached Überlube to see if I could review a full size bottle of their product. Happily, they said yes – and here we are!

One 50ml bottle of Überlube silicone lubricant and quite a few uses later, I am ready to unleash my feedback upon the world.

Unfortunately, the Überlube didn’t arrive very discreetly. Obviously this had no impact on whether the product itself was good or bad. I’m not sure if all their products are sent out the same way but the package I received quite clearly stated Überlube along the side and in case the postman was in any doubt, followed up with a very readable, “Uberlube luxury lubricant” underneath. I find this amusing when it happens but I know a lot of people require discretion with their sex purchases by post.

Inside the package, the Überlube bottle was well wrapped inside some bubble wrap, a good thing as the bottle itself is made from glass. Borosilicate glass, the same type used for glass dildos, so shatter resistant, but I was still grateful that it came wrapped securely in bubble wrap. The top of the bottle was hygienically sealed with shrink wrapped plastic, so it was clear that no-one had tampered with the contents between manufacture and my doorstep.

I have the 50ml bottle of Überlube but it is also available in a 100ml bottle. I do have a few sachets of it too, which will be added to a future giveaway or sent for guest reviews. Überlube had a lovely stand at the opening of new sex shop La Boudoir Boutique a few weeks back, where it really captured my attention with the stylish bottle and presentation.

The bottle is transparent glass and the lubricant inside is crystal clear too. it dispenses with a pump action top and you can see the pump tube within the bottle. You just press the top down to dispense which retrieves an amount spreading from a 5p to about a 10p piece size on your palm.

Although Überlube looks like it may be water based at first glance, it’s clear that it’s silicone firstly from the ingredients on the back of the bottle and also how the lubricant is worked on your flesh, between your skin and throughout use. It’s not a thick silicone lube and not opaque in the slightest. Überlube is best suited for couples sex, feminine masturbation or use with glass, metal or other non-porous toys. Remember not to use it with anything silicone!

I wouldn’t advice using it for anal sex. Although you *can* use it for anal sex there are much thicker, opaque style anal lubricants out there which are less likely to spread quite as fast and you can see where you’re applying those.

Überlube remains slippery throughout use and will remain so until you wash it off afterwards with soap and water. Even then it takes a while for your skin to return to a non-lubricated state! As it is a silicone lube, the amount lost to evaporation during the heat of sex or masturbation is negligible.

As the bottle is clear, with a crystal clear liquid inside, this bottle would be discreet enough to keep on the bedside table or on the bathroom shelf. It’s great for sexual antics in the bath or shower, alone or together, as it remains slippery under water. With the pump dispenser and inner pump tube, at first glance the bottle looks like another cosmetics or perfume bottle in your collection. A very minimal, sleek and stylish design.

Of course, silicone lube has other, non-sexual uses (such as anti hair frizz gel) so it’s even easier to explain why you have a bottle of it on your dressing table. If you feel the need to explain at all, of course.

I would feel happier taking the sample sachets away on holiday with me than the 50ml or 100ml bottles though. Although the glass is shatter resistant borosilicate glass, it is still glass, so perhaps not the best lube bottles to take away on travels or to be stored in the bottom of a bag. I guess Überlube felt the same way, as they also offer ‘on the go’ sets, where small vials of Uberlube lubricant are contained within travel friendly plastic cases. Perfect!

Überlube doesn’t have any taste, smell or scent to it, although it’s not designed for oral sex or to be lickable or edible in any way. It’s best for skin to skin contact, couples sex and feels amazing during female masturbation too.

The 50ml bottle of Überlube will set you back £11.99 and the 100ml bottle costs £18.99 both very reasonable prices for uich a high quality, silicone lubricant.

You can read one of my forum members’ experience with Überlube here in this guest review.

Quick Review:

Product Name

Überlube Silicone Sex Lubricant

How much in a tube or bottle? 

50ml bottle, also available in sachets, vials or a larger 100ml bottle

How does it dispense?

Pump dispenser top

Does it contain glycerin/glycerine?


Is it washable?


What are the ingredients?

Überlube Silicone Sex Lubricant Ingredients:
Dimethicone, Dimethiconal, Cyclomethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

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