YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box Review

10 out of 10

YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box Review

My thoughts on the YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box

YES Organic Lubricants are unique in the lubricants world. I have heard of them in the past but they have recently seen quite the overhaul within the brand to their obvious benefit.

Unlike many other sex lubricants, YES  organic lubes are not only clearly marked with their ingredients, but they have completely body safe and natural formulations. The YES water based lubricant is 100% vegan friendly. Although the YES oil based lube isn’t at this time vegan friendly due to the beeswax within it, it still offers a skin kind mix that feels amazing.


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YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box Review

All YES organic lubricants are glycerin and paraben free, as well as free from hormones, glycols, preservatives, silicone, petrochemicals, arginine, grapefruit seed extract and other known skin irritants. They have an organic certification from the Soil Association and are endorsed by the Vegetarian Society too.

As you’re using these lubes in your most sensitive and intimate regions, YES has gone that extra step in ensuring the most skin and body kind lubes that will give pleasure no matter your personal preferences, sex style or body type.

The YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box is a brilliant idea, a way to sample a few treats from the Yes range before deciding upon full size purchases. It also makes for a thoughtful gift for a partner or a way to spoil yourself. If you’re heading away on travels, this would be the perfect sized travel pack to make sure your lubricant needs are covered throughout your trip.

Within the high quality, clearly marked and attractively designed box you receive:

  • A 25ml bottle of water based YES lubricant
  • A 7ml sachet of water based YES Lubricant
  • Two 5ml applicator tubes of water based YES lubricant
  • A 25ml bottle of oil based YES lubricant
  • A 7ml sachet of oil based YES lubricant

These are all contained within a shimmering, matching blue-green voile bag, with ribbon drawstring top. Upon first retrieval of this bag from the outer box, you will note that there is a plastic tag through the ribbon so it is immediately evident if it’s been tampered with in any way. Very reassuring and professional.

I will review the water based lubricant and the oil based lubricant from the YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box separately too, as they deserve their own reviews. Yes kindly also sent the oil based Madagascan Vanilla scented/flavoured lube which I will review in due course.

The small bottles of YES lube (25ml) are endearing in their miniature size. I was pleased to note that the dispensing method is a flip top cap then squeeze, instead of a twist off cap which would require two hands. A small point to note is that there’s a small plastic ‘point’ by the opening where the lube is dispensed. It’s merely where the manufacture of the caps has been finished and in all likelihood will be more prominent on some caps than others. It really makes no difference unless you decide to pour the lube directly on to your lover’s skin, in which case I would advise caution as it is a little sharp.

I can’t fault the quality of the lubricants in the YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box at all. Whether from the bottles, the sachets or the applicators. You can tell this is a quality lubricant and capital has been invested wisely into extremely safe lubes that I challenge anyone to have a problem with.

The applicator styles for the water based lube are something that I have heard much about but not personally used. Applicators for lube can be used either during your sex session with your partner, or discreetly dispensed within the vagina before sex, the applicator then disposed of, to give the appearance of high arousal or to avoid embarrassment from a dry vagina.

The applicators are also fantastic before anal sex or using anal sex toys, as of course this area does not create its own natural lubricant.


When you first view the oil based lubricant, whether from the bottle or the sachet, you may wonder why it is quite crystallised. This is a feature of oil based lubricant and nothing to worry about. It has not gone off, it is still perfectly fine and safe to use. The ingredients of the oil lube, in particular the Shea butter which melts at a different temperature to the other ingredients, means that the oil based lubricant can harden within the bottle or sachet between uses. Once you warm up the lube, either in your hands or during use, it becomes a clear liquid coating the skin.

It’s worth pointing out that the oil based YES lube is not compatible with latex condoms, so stick to the water based one if you need to use them during sex.

YES recommend using a layer of both the lubes together for best effect. The oil based lubricant feels amazing during use but can cause the vagina to be overly dry afterwards. If you use a layer of oil based lube then a layer of water based lubricant you get the benefits of both… plus it’s REALLY slippery.

I don’t use condoms during sex so I like to use the oil based Yes lube for anal sex, a mixture of both lubes for vaginal sex and the water based Yes lube I use with all my sex toys. You could use the oil based lube with metal, glass or other non-porous and rigid sex toys, but to be honest it works best between the heat of two bodies, the friction enabling the ingredients to become truly fluid.

In summary, the YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box is a fantastic little set, a wonderful introduction to the body safe and skin friendly world of YES organic lubricants. It’s also at a pocket friendly price!

Quick Review:

How much in a tube or bottle?

25ml in a small bottle, 7ml in a sachet, 5 ml in an applicator tube.

How does it dispense?

Squeeze the bottle. Flip top cap.

Does it contain glycerin/glycerine?


Does it contain parabens?


Is it vegan friendly?

The water based one yes, the oil based one, no.

Is it organic?

Yes, all Yes lubes are organic.

Does it stain?

All Yes lubes are non-staining.

Is it washable?

Yes these lubes are washable.

What are the ingredients of the products in the YES Organic Sexual Lubricants Selection Box?

Oil based: Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Bees Wax, Cocoa seed butter, Vitamin E.

Water based: Water, Aloe Vera, Guar gum, Locust Bean Gum, Flax Extract, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Phenoxethanol.

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