YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant Review

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YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant Review

Despite writing much about oil based lubes in the past (and selling plenty besides) I must admit they are not the type of lubricant I would normally buy. Not being a lover of massage oils (bad experiences in the past with baby oil and the like) I wanted to avoid the terrible itching that I found I get with anything remotely oil based. However, as this YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant was in my recent acquisition of the Yes Selection Box of lubes, I decided to give it a try.


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YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant Review

Unique in the lubricants world, I’d heard of YES in the past through receiving samples in a work environment, then all went quiet. It is clear that Yes Lubricants have recently seen quite the overhaul which has clearly benefited the company, as they are now stocked at some pretty major adult retailers.

One important feature which makes YES stand apart from their competition is that their packaging is clearly marked with the ingredients. Nothing to hide. These body safe and natural formulations will cause you no concerns. The water based Yes lubricant is 100% vegan friendly but due to the beeswax in the oil based Yes lube, that one isn’t vegan friendly. It still feels fantastic during use though.

YES organic lubricants are glycerin & paraben free, as well as free from hormones, glycols, preservatives, silicone, petrochemicals, arginine, grapefruit seed extract as well as other known skin irritants. They have an organic certification from the Soil Association and are even endorsed by the Vegetarian Society.

As you’re using these lubes in your most sensitive and intimate regions, Yes has gone that extra step in ensuring the most skin and body kind lubes that will give pleasure no matter your personal preferences, sex style or body type.

The YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant comes in a choice of bottle sizes online, but I have the 25ml bottle from the Selection Box you can buy. You can also purchase this 25ml bottle separately too. It’s a lovely size, a great way to sample Yes for the first time, oil based lube for the first time, or to stash away in the bedside drawer or in an overnight bag.


With a flip top cap and squeeze dispense method, you don’t have to worry about any difficulties getting to the lube either. I can open the bottle and squeeze out some lube with one hand, a very important factor to consider when buying lube. Your other hand may be… busy.

The YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant may be quite hard when you first receive the bottle. Don’t worry; this is quite normal for oil based lubricant. The natural ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter can harden during storage but the lubricant becomes fluid again once warmed up. I find I just have to hold the bottle in my hand for a while, or else squeeze out some of the thickened lube then it warms to a gliding fluid between the friction of skin during sexual activity.

Yes Oil Based lube was great to use for anal sex. During vaginal sex I enjoyed using a thin layer of Yes Water Based lube on top, as suggested by Yes themselves on their website. This not only adds a new dimension of slipperiness, it also avoids any risk of vaginal dryness that can sometimes otherwise occur when using oil based lubes in the vagina regularly.

Despite the unusual look of the YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant, compared to the standard transparent liquids of other lubes, this is a high quality lubricant that feels natural and warm on the skin. For vaginal masturbation it is a particular joy. The thicker consistency while in the bottle means less chance of unfortunate spills, too.

YES oil based lube is washable and non-staining so you have no worries about your sheets. I am also pleased to report no itchiness after use! I was really surprised. Not only that, I didn’t feel an overwhelming clamminess or need to wash it off with soap and water after use, like I do with massage oils or silicone lube. It eventually absorbs into the skin, just like a high quality moisturiser, without any unpleasant grimy or sticky residue.

In summary I would wholeheartedly recommend the YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant and even if you’re still unsure, Yes have made it easy to give it a go with this 25 ml bottle. I will be reviewing the water based lubricant and also the Madagascan Vanilla oil based lubricant from Yes in due course, so watch this space.

Quick Review:

How much in a tube or bottle?

My bottle is 25ml – but it’s also available in 75ml and 125ml bottles, also you can buy a multi pack of 6 x 25ml bottles.

How does it dispense?

Flip top lid and squeeze.

Does it contain glycerin/glycerine?


Does it contain parabens?


Is it vegan friendly?


Is it organic?


Does it stain?


Is it washable?


What are the ingredients?

The YES Organic Oil Based Sex Lubricant ingredients are: Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Bees Wax, Cocoa seed butter, Vitamin E.

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