Womanizer Liberty Review

9 out of 10
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Womanizer Liberty Review

By Joanne’s Reviews

I was so excited when Cara announced that she had a Womanizer Liberty that needed reviewing for her sex blog. I naturally jumped at the chance having reviewed a load of other clitoral air pulse sex toys. This was going to be the first actual Womanizer sex toy that I had reviewed, and I was really excited when Cara sent it to me to evaluate.

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You see, Womanizer invented the Pleasure Air Technology that is used in this style of sex toy with other companies jumping on the bandwagon after their success.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this style of sex toy does it uses pulses of air to stimulate the clitoris without actually touching it. The toy has a soft silicone opening, and this is placed around the clitoris. The air pulses acting on your clitoris give a sensation similar to a gentle tapping sensation that leads to some incredibly intense and quick orgasms. Indeed my fastest orgasm with the Womanizer Liberty was 23 seconds from cold, and that took my breath away I can assure you.

So that is the background out of the way. The Womanizer Liberty is a sex toy designed with performance and portability in mind. It is an ideal holiday companion or just a toy to slip into your handbag for a cheeky orgasm when you need one.

This toy comes displayed in a nicely designed box with a slide out tray. The Womanizer Liberty is held securely inside the tray together with a magnetic charging lead, instructions and a second stimulation head in a bigger size.

I always like to receive a storage bag with my sex toys, especially for the more expensive ones and the one included with the Womanizer Liberty is lovely. It will help to keep it discreet if travelling with it, plus it keeps dust off the silicone stimulation head.

I love the fact that you get a second larger stimulation head. These heads are made out of body-safe hypoallergenic silicone, and so they are latex and phthalates-free. As we are all built differently and no two clits are the same, it is good to see Womanizer acknowledging this by providing two sizes of stimulation head.

These heads allow you to place the Womanizer Liberty over your clitoris so that it nestles in the opening. The silicone ring then provides an airtight seal around the clitoris allowing the air pulse technology to go to work on you. I recommend using a good water-based lube on the stimulation head to get a good comfortable seal.

The Womanizer Liberty is waterproof and the sensations, if used underwater, are magnified and are genuinely incredible. So I highly recommend it for some very private ‘me time’ in the bath.

The small form of the Womanizer Liberty makes it an ideal travel companion, and it features a cover that is held in place magnetically. This cover is designed to both protect the stimulation head and also keep it clean in between uses. One of the only gripes I have about the Womanizer Liberty is the magnets that hold the cover in place are really not up to the job. The slightest knock and it comes away, it is a small point, but it detracts from an otherwise superb sex toy. I actually use an elastic band around mine to keep the cover in place. Maybe the one I am reviewing is a one-off, but the may not be the case.

The whole case is made from a pale blue ABS plastic, which is slightly textured in places. The wide shape of the body makes it very easy to hold in place. However, it can be a little fiddly if you want to move it around at all. The shape is relatively flat and awkward to grip with lube on your hands as it is so smooth on most of the back with a slight texture only on the bottom half (at the charger end).

The magnetic charging cable makes it so easy to charge while still having the lid in place. The magnets are strong, and so holds the cable’s connector nicely in place.

The magnetic charging cable attaches to two metal studs on the back of the Liberty. When charging and when switched on there is a light on the inside of the head (when you look inside the stimulation head).  While this is helpful when charging so that you can see that it is indeed charging, I am not sure why it is needed when in use. A full charge provides about two hours of play time depending on how high you have the settings.

It is not quite whisper quiet on the higher settings, but it is very quiet on the lower ones.  With 6 power settings to play with, it has a setting for all. I never need to go over the third setting as the higher ones are just too much for me.

The lowest setting is light and pleasant, getting slightly more intense each press of the + button.  The third setting has my toes curling and me gripping onto the bedding tightly to keep me anchored. The higher settings are just mind-blowing.

The first time you use it you will be surprised at just how quickly you can get off with the Womanizer Liberty. This isn’t a sex toy for long slow sessions of edging yourself. This is the toy if you want an orgasm and you want it now!

I can cum in under 30 seconds regularly with the Liberty, and if I use the lowest setting I can drag this out a little, but the temptation when you use it is just to keep upping the power until “Bang” an orgasm rips through you leaving you gasping and thinking “Bloody Hell, that was one hell of a quick ride”.

I love the fact that not only is the head cover removable for easy cleaning but it also comes with a spare replacement. This silicone cover is reasonably stiff, but still soft enough to be comfortable in use. Cleaning is simple, just clean the silicone head with warm soapy water followed by an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

The buttons make changing the settings in use very easy as there is a size difference between the two.  But as they are on the underside of the toy when using it, you have to feel for them. Switch it on and off by holding down the plus button for a few seconds and listen to it purr like a little kitten stood in front of a bowl of milk.

This is an excellent sex toy, and I can recommend it for travel or just to have in your bedside drawer for a quickie when the mood strikes. The sensations that it delivers are incredible, and if you have never experienced pulsed air tech sex toys, you are in for a real treat with the Womanizer Liberty.

Rating: 9/10

– Joanne’s Reviews

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Thanks to our reviewer Joanne’s Reviews for this review of the Womanizer Liberty in Blue.

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