UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug Review

10 out of 10

UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug Review

The UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug is nothing short of beautiful. I know, what a strange way to describe something you put down a penis. It really is though.

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Check out their Penis Plugs area through the button above, it’s really something to behold! It isn’t very often you see a store with so much choice and especially in such a niche but FUN area for men and their partners.

In gleaming, contoured steel with a blue and white bead threaded upon the seamless end hoop, the UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug is ready to penetrate your private place, giving pleasure, stimulation and adorning you as jewellery too.

UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug Review

This steel penis plug was sent to me free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review on the blog, by UberKinky. Packaging was discreet and prompt; uber professional, shall we say.

The UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug itself is presented simply in a clear, pinch-close top small bag, which was wrapped in bubble wrap and inside another bag. You can see that this is a new product even though it wasn’t strictly hygienically sealed. Being made of steel, if this did give you cause for concern, you could sterilise it, or stick it through the dishwasher if you wished.

There are also sterile wipes available on the market that you can use, which I advise purchasing, for wiping this plug down before each use just as a last safety measure. When you think about where the plug is going (down the man’s urethra) it makes sense to want it as hygienically clean as possible before you start. Make a feature of it and wear vinyl or latex gloves too for that medical fetish feel to your playtime!

Anyway, back to him, the UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug and I. His exclamation upon seeing it was that it’s “quite big”, cue worried face, but I didn’t let that bother me (!) Hey, get him hard enough, use some lube, it would be fine. After all, it’s a lot shorter than those urethral sounds from the other week…

I chose this steel penis plug to review as it looked the slimmest, but with the undulating style (wider in the middle and a wider end or ‘head’ area) it should still give intense sensations and hopefully positive stimulation once inside the penis – and being moved deeper and upon retrieval.

UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug Review

Once we had that special moment at bedtime and he was, well… ready, I grabbed the lube (you could use silicone or water based – both would be safe to use with regards to the flesh and this steel product) and made sure the plug was coated enough so that there would be no friction between the smooth metal and his internal skin of the urethra.

I must say that it did take a while to be able to carefully stretch his hole enough to insert the end of the plug, it may look small but when it comes to a urethra (or male penis ‘pee-hole’) it’s not only quite small but you have to factor in your worry that you might hurt the person.

Eventually the UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug slid in and from his reaction the feeling was very intense.. even more so when stretching around the central wider part too. It was a completely positive experience though and highly erotic – being able to penetrate your man in this way and also the trust that is required, bonds you closer and also really highly charges the atmosphere ready for more…

In summary this is a fantastic penis plug. I love the design and the standard of manufacture is very high. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to those who have tried penis plugs before or even newbies… just make sure you have lots of lube to hand (as it were) and the man needs to have an erection before you start. Just handling should do the trick, of course ~winks~

I just can’t find anything I dislike or that concerns or upsets me about this UberKinky Undulating Penis Plug! I love it.

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