Bondara Body Lube Review

9 out of 10

Bondara Body Lube Review

By Cara Sutra

The Bondara Body Lube does exactly what it says on the clearly marked and simply designed bottle. The Bondara Body Lube is clear, unscented, unflavoured and water based. This means that this lube is safe to use for any type of sexual activity you like, whether that be masturbation, foreplay, sexual intercourse or play with any type of sex toy regardless of material.

Bondara Body Lube Review

You can also use it with whichever condoms you like, as well as latex, massage wands and rubber toys – and it has been dermatologically tested & is anti allergenic.

The Bondara Body Lube bottle holds 150ml, more than enough to last you a good few weeks at least (!) depending on your use of course!

The lid of the Bondara Body Lube bottle is flip top style, which means easy access. Simply keep by the bed, on the bedside table or in the drawer and when required, flip the cap and squeeze out the amount you require. Easy!

This also means you don’t get too little or too much of the Bondara Body Lube, and no nasty messy spills down the side of the bottle or all over the bed, even in dimly lit conditions. No wastage or mess.

With this Body Lube Bondara have provided a safe, easy to use and fun to play with lube that is slippery, helps you glide into those sexual occasions with confidence and is great value for money too.

During use the lube does get a teensy bit frothy, which I haven’t had with all water lubes, but it doesn’t detract from its purpose.

This lube doesn’t taste really bad (it’s not meant for ingestion but sometimes my tongue just goes there, you know?!) if you happen to get some in your mouth. A kind of, non-taste. Not delicious, not appalling. Just, lube.

You can get your Bondara Body Lube here for just £7.99. There is also a 250ml bottle available for £9.99.

Thanks for another great product, Bondara.


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Update January 2017: The product reviewed above has been discontinued by Bondara. You can find their newest sexual lubricants right here, and find all my Bondara sex product reviews here.


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