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The Tremor Sex Machine Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Joanne’s Reviews

I was delighted when the lovely Cara Sutra got in touch asking if I would be interested in reviewing The Tremor Sex Machine. I’ve my had my eyes on The Tremor for a while now, and so naturally I jumped at the chance.

Having spent a couple of weeks getting to know it in the bedroom and even in a dungeon environment, I am ready to put fingertips to keyboard to let you know my thoughts of it.

The Tremor is a ride on sex machine pretty similar in design to the Sybian and the Motorbunny. Both of these machines offer fantastic performance, and so I was keen to see how the Tremor would measure up against these two powerhouses.

The Tremor is available from for just $849, and that is a staggering $349 cheaper than the Sybian. Although you will need to factor in customs charges if you import one into the UK if not buying from a UK retailer. I had to pay £139 to get this one into the country.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

You get a full two-year warranty with the Tremor, and that gives you peace of mind.

The Tremor arrived discreetly packaged by a reputable international courier once I had paid the importation fees (VAT and an admin fee). I was pleasantly surprised at just how light the package is compared to both the Sybian and Motorbunny.

Features and Form

After taking The Tremor Sex Machine out of the box, the first noticeable thing about it that makes it stand out from the crowd are its colours (white body and red cover) together with its profile.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

You get the following included when you purchase The Tremor Sex Machine Package:

  • The Tremor
  • Silicone Comfort Mat
  • Attachment “A” – The Bridge
  • Attachment “B” – The Whammy Bar
  • Stems & Springs
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adaptor

The Tremor has a rounded triangular cross section, and this makes it very comfortable to straddle, especially if you have wide thighs. The Sybian and Motorbunny almost look like a sectioned barrel, and this shape can get a little uncomfortable if ridden for long periods as it puts pressure on the inner thighs.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

This is something that you don’t experience with the Tremor, and I have to admit that this shape is fantastic, both sub’r’, and I love it.

The body of The Tremor Sex Machine has two recessed handholds, one at each end and these make moving it around a straightforward task. It’s very light, weighing in at only 13.5 Pounds / 6.12 Kg which is fantastic as it is much lighter than both the Sybian and the Motorbunny.

The Tremor comes with a 100% silicone red comfort mat that you place over the Tremor after sliding it under the attachment mounting plate. This mat provides some cushioning and is perfect. Being made out of silicone, it is non-porous, hypo-allergenic and so easy to clean.

The Tremor is the only machine with a removable comfort pad. You can quickly remove it and pop it into the dishwasher on a sterilise cycle together with your attachments after use or just wash it in warm soapy water.

The controller for The Tremor Sex Machine is hard-wired to the Tremor, coming out of the front of the unit and it has some lovely curves. It is nice to have an organic looking control box rather than a rectangular box. It features two-guitar style knobs that are labelled “Rock” and “Roll”. Single handed use is easy, and that leaves your other hand free to “tweak” parts of your body.

Firstly, I love those names, it conjures up images of rowdy rock band after show parties with groupies from the ’80s in my mind. The Tremor is the bad boy rock star with slick hair and boyish looks compared to its rivals.

The “Rock” knob controls the speed of vibration, and this control is smooth and very responsive. The Tremor is capable of a leg melting 7,000 RPM, and these vibrations feel absolutely incredible.

The “Roll” knob controls the rotation of the insertable element of the Whammy Bar attachment. It can rotate at up to 160RPM which is a tad faster than the Sybian.

In the set, you get a spring and two plastic rods, these are inserted into the Whammy Bar and allow the Tremor to move the end of it around inside you in a circular motion providing enjoyable G-spot stimulation. The spring gives soft, gentle internal sensations, while the plastic rod provides more robust stimulation.

The external power supply is like one you would use with a laptop, and it is excellent as there is no mains voltage inside The Tremor Sex Machine making it incredibly safe to use.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

It arrives with a power cable with a US plug so you will either need an adaptor or just use a computer power lead. You know, the ones with the D shaped female plug on the end, or I suppose with some tools you could fit a UK plug.


There is a wide range of silicone attachments available for the Tremor, and it is so nice to see a manufacturer embracing silicone instead of TPE. Silicone is the perfect sex toy material, especially if you intend on letting others ride your machine as they can be cleaned and sterilised easily.

All Tremor attachments are compatible with both the Sybian and the Motorbunny so if you own one of these machines then check out the body-safe Tremor attachments as they have some fantastic designs available.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

In The Tremor Sex Machine Package you get two attachments, the Bridge and the Whammy Bar. I was sent an extra two attachments which I will mention in more detail below. Each attachment arrives sealed in a plastic pouch and covered in talc to protect their surface. Just rinse them off before use.

The Bridge Attachment

The Bridge is a classic non-penetrable attachment that can be used through clothing. This makes it the perfect option for showing your friends just how good The Tremor is, parties will never be the same again.

You get incredible vibrations from The Tremor Sex Machine, so the fact that it can be used fully clothed doesn’t detract from your enjoyment of it. The raised bulge makes squirming on it so much fun. We both had no problems reaching some incredible orgasms using the Bridge.

The Whammy Bar Attachment

The second attachment that you get is an insertable attachment, and this one is amazing. It features clitoral stimulating nodules on the front upper face and an insertable shaft with two prominent bulges.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

The shaft takes either a spring on a white plastic rod which enables it to rotate around inside you rubbing against your g-spot in the most delightful way. The spring provides gentle stimulation while the plastic rod makes it feel like you are being fingered by a pro.

The combination of intense clitoral stimulation and the g-spot rubbing always results in both of us squirting. This is the perfect attachment to send out with a machine. The combination of the internal and external stimulation is fantastic.

The Bass

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

The bass comes in black silicone, and it has a nice clitoral mound for you to grind yourself against, and the insertable section has a delightful bulge.

This added girth feels delightful once you bear down upon it and it passes past your labia and on into your vagina. I love the combination of the girth and the shape of it, having no problems in reaching rather wet orgasms with this one either.

The Fretful Rabbit

This attachment is an interesting take on the classic rabbit vibe. It features a delightfully contoured insertable shaft coupled with two classic bunny ears for clitoral stimulation.

This is my favourite attachment by far. The combination of the shaft moving around inside me rubbing against my g-spot and the intense clitoral stimulation from the bunny ears had me screaming as I came. If you are looking for an extra attachment, then get this one. It is also available without the insertable shaft if you prefer just to enjoy some clitoral stimulation.


This is where things get interesting. Performance is everything, and I can attest that The Tremor lives up to its very apt name.

“A tremor is an involuntary, somewhat rhythmic, muscle contraction and relaxation involving oscillations or twitching movements of one or more body parts.” – Wikipedia.

Straddling it and slowly turning up the power you can feel waves of pleasure pulsing through your lower regions. Incredible sensations that emanate from the machine but penetrate right through your body turning your legs to jelly.

I enjoy the combination of g-spot stimulation and deep rumbly vibrations that penetrate so profoundly through your body.

It always amazes me when I close my eyes, and I listen to the noises coming out of me when I ride it. It is a beast, almost primal in its ability to stalk your orgasm before chasing it down and utterly blowing you away.

Riding The Tremor Sex Machine is not just getting off, it is embarking on a journey to “orgasm-ville” on the non-stop express train, travelling first class of course.

The first time I put sub’r’ onto it was in a dungeon environment, and I had The Tremor on the top of a cage with overhead bars. She was positioned on it, blindfolded and gagged before I secured her wrists to the overhead bars.

Watching her ride The Tremor, writhing about on top of it and then convulsing as a massive orgasm ripped through her causing her to squirt all over it was a sight to behold. The Tremor Sex Machine is as comfortable in a dungeon environment as it is in a bedroom.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

One huge drawback with both the Sybian and the Motorbunny is the noise they generate. I was surprised that the Tremor is actually a bit quieter. Don’t get me wrong this is by no means a discreet way to get off, but it is quieter than the other machines, and that is a huge selling point.

You can reduce the noise a little by using it on something soft like a folded duvet or a foam pad.


The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine ReviewsThe Tremor Sex Machine is more comfortable to straddle than its competition. It comes with body-safe attachments and a removable comfort matt. It is also quieter than the competition, and with its incredible performance, I have no problem at all in awarding it a straight 10 out of 10.

I can’t think of anything I would like to change to improve it as it is pretty much perfect for anyone who relishes having orgasms ripped from them by incredibly powerful vibrations.

I love The Tremor, it is nice to see a cheaper alternative that has the same performance as the big boys on the market.

Rating: 10/10

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– Joanne’s Reviews

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Joanne’s Reviews for this review of The Tremor Sex Machine Package.

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews

The Tremor Sex Machine Package was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂 

The Tremor Sex Machine Review | Ride On Sex Machine Reviews


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