TENGA Egg Misty Review

8 out of 10

TENGA Egg Misty Review

By XtraCurricular

We’re so happy to be reviewing the TENGA Egg Misty, one of the many variations of the TENGA one-use egg masturbators available. In total TENGA have 13 different types of this penis masturbator, each egg featuring its own unique internal texture -Misty’s texture being a vast array of tiny bumps and teasing triangles. This isn’t the first time Mr. A has been lucky enough to test one of these egg-shaped TENGA penis masturbators, just last month we reviewed the TENGA Egg Thunder.

TENGA Egg Misty Review | Tenga Misty Easy Beat Egg Penis Masturbator


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About The Egg

The TENGA egg Misty is made from a super stretchy latex free material called Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), it may look quite small when you see it in the packaging but it can actually stretch comfortably to fit over a 500ml plastic bottle. The elasticity of the TENGA egg really does mean one size fits all, and guys of every shape and size shouldn’t find an issue with using this masturbator. TENGA state that each egg will stretch up to 12 inches in length and 6 inches in girth.

What You Get

Each egg comes with a sachet of lube (containing: Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben) which you place around the lip of the masturbator and on the inside to help ensure it slides onto the shaft of the penis without any discomfort.

TENGA Egg Misty Review | Tenga Misty Easy Beat Egg Penis Masturbator

To use the egg you simply take off the wrapper and open the casing to reveal to soft squishy masturbator. Lube the egg as mentioned above and then you’re ready to go. It’s recommended to treat the egg like a condom when placing it over your erect penis. Pinching the top of the egg before placing it over will prevent damage.

Once over your penis it’s down to you (or your partner) to pull the sleeve up and down the length of your penis and enjoy the eggs internal texture. Twisting the egg over the shaft will add extra pleasure to the experience and intensify the feeling the bumps and nodules have on your penis. ¬†

PLEASE NOTE: TENGA recommend their TENGA eggs for one-time use only. So it’s at your discretion whether or not you clean the product afterwards for reuse.

What He Says

TENGA Egg Misty Review | Tenga Misty Easy Beat Egg Penis Masturbator

Having used a number of Tenga one-use products before I knew what to expect from this product. TENGA are a very clever company that create brilliant well-designed products which not only look desirable, but feel amazing when used. As mentioned in our Thunder Egg¬†review the overall “egg” concept TENGA have created is egg-cellent (I can’t believe I just did that), I love how it really is an adult version of the Kinder Egg. You start by ripping off the packaging and then cracking open the eggs outer shell to reveal the treat that awaits you inside. The design of this product is very much focused on the overall experience and build up to using this masturbator.

When the TENGA egg Misty first arrived I was amazed at how small it was, in my head I was expecting something a lot bigger. But once I’d opened it up and saw how stretchy the product actually was, I understand why TENGA boast how it can fit almost all sizes.

The Japanese are well known for utilising space and this product really shows that off. In the egg you will find the masturbator sleeve itself along with a set of instructions, a sachet of lube (5ml) and a plastic support which is designed to keep the toy in shape during transit.

TENGA Egg Misty Review | Tenga Misty Easy Beat Egg Penis Masturbator

The last time we used a TENGA egg I let Miss K take the reins, this resulted in her getting carried away and breaking the masturbator mid-use! So to stop this from happening this time I thought I’d have a solo session while Miss K was at work.

What I love about the TENGA egg range (in fact all the one-use TENGA products) is that they’re ready to use straight away. There are no batteries to charge, no digging out the lube and no setup required. Crack it open, use the lube provide, put over penis, have an egg-splosive (sorry!) climax…done. It’s a great product for those impulse solo sessions, or of course when your partner wants to treat you.

As this was the second time I’d tried a TENGA egg I wanted to egg-speriment (I’ll stop soon I promise!) and see rather than just stroking and twisting it down the shaft of my penis what else would deliver the great intense climax. What I found was using the masturbator and focusing on the head of my penis was equally if not more pleasurable. With the head of the penis being the most sensitive area it makes sense. The bumps and nodules on the inside of the egg were incredible when twisted around on the head of my penis. Although to do this I needed to use both hands to twist and rotate the egg around so it was a bit harder to control, but if it was your partner who was doing it for you then it would certainly be an knee quivering egg-sperience (ok I’m done!).

To compare both the Misty and the Thunder with each other I’d say there’s not much in it really. I preferred the Misty because it’s texture contains more mini bumps in contrast to the Thunders more pronounced texture that was nice but not my preference.

The negative to this product is the fact it’s made of quite a fine material (this became clear the first Egg we tested). The main reason for this is because TENGA recommend these products as single use, once you’re finished it’s intended to be binned (mainly for hygiene reasons). There is nothing stopping you from cleaning it up and using it again at a different time, but still you’d be lucky if it lasts 2-3 uses.

TENGA Egg Misty Review | Tenga Misty Easy Beat Egg Penis Masturbator

For this reason, and as the price of an egg is ¬£9.99 I’d recommend the TENGA eggs as a mini gift for your loved one, whether it’s a mini birthday extra or stocking filler at Christmas these eggs are perfect.

If you are looking for a penis masturbator that’s reusable but still has pleasurable we’d recommend Tenga Flip Air Melty or a Fleshlight

What She Says

Since I missed out on the first use of this toy I insisted we save it for a second use (actually Mr A insisted, oh and apologies for all his bad jokes!!). The last time we used a TENGA egg I was very impressed with the effect it seemed to have during Mr A’s treat. As I broke the first one we tested I was a little more gentle with this one! With that noted, and Mr A’s new technique to try, I lubed up the toy and gave it a go. The one thing I noticed with this TENGA egg is that it gave an immediate response! Just using it on the end of the penis with minimal effort seems to give good pleasure, so I started off slowly and built up to using both hands, rolling the TENGA egg in-between my hands so it rotated quickly on the penis.

I was conscious of breaking the end like last time I have to say, so I kept adjusting the egg so the end wasn’t too stretched. I also think I got a bit carried away with the lube and applied a too much, spilling onto the outside and making the whole thing extremely slippy. When the lube dried a little it was easier to handle. Although I have to say I don’t think Mr A realised these few complications as he was having far too much fun! I really love to pleasure my man and I have to say this is one of the best reactions from a toy I’ve seen! We also realised that the egg seemed to desensitise the penis, making him last longer. So needless to say this and his face turned me on, and one thing lead to another… So I got pleasure from this toy too! Very impressed TENGA.

Top Tips

  • Get your moneys worth – If you clean the toy out properly you could get more than one use out of it (although this isn’t recommended by TENGA)
  • It’s good to share – Using it as a couple is a really fun experience, and really turns your partner on
  • It’s all in the wrist – Don’t forget to twist the toy with your wrist for added pleasure
  • Head Massage – Try using the egg to just stimulate the head of your penis. You may be surprise by how intense the sensation is.

Our Score

Overall the TENGA egg Misty is an ideal toy for any guy not wanting to purchase a full blown penis masturbator. The TENGA eggs are perfect for storing and ready to use whenever you require. They’re the ideal gift for your loved one and really do deliver a unique sensation.

Mr. A’s Rating : 8/10
Miss K’s Rating: 8/10

– XtraCurricular (xtracurricular.co.uk)

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