System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube Review

10 out of 10
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System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube Review (60ml)

By Louise Lace

I absolutely adore the sights, sounds and smells of the fairground -the rides not so much, I’m very much a ‘eat the food, hold the bags’ visitor to the fair.¬† Speaking of eating the food, cotton candy or candy floss is something I always grab a stick of as I walk past all of the bright and colourful sweet stalls.¬† When I saw the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube in the Pleasure Panel round I didn’t think twice about volunteering.


The System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube comes in a tube with a press-cap lid, the tube is wrapped in a bright pink label which a whole host of information from directions and warnings to ingredient lists in a wide variety of languages.

The ingredient list for the Cotton Candy lube includes: aqua, glycerin, potassium sorbate and Citric Acid along with other flavourings and preservatives.

The press-cap was wrapped in a perforated seal to prevent spillage in transit and provide hygiene reassurance.  The cap opens with a firm press on the depressed circle.  The lube dispenses with a light squeeze on the plastic tube.

System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube Review

The System JO Cotton Candy Lube is water-based, it is perfectly clear and is not runny, it stays where it is placed and feels silky to the touch.

Disappointingly the lube doesn’t smell like cotton candy, in fact, it barely has a scent at all.

Moving swiftly on to the taste testing.¬† The Cotton Candy lube is certainly sweet, the sweetness tingle over the tongue.¬† Flavour-wise, the tastes of the fairground do spring to mind when lapping at the lube drizzled over my partner.¬† Personally I thought the lube had more of a sugar dummy flavour to it, my hubby on the other hand said he thought it was doughnut flavoured.¬† There was nothing left to do but do a blind taste test with the young adults in the house.¬† Only one of the three guessed the flavour correctly the others suggested toffee and donuts.¬† I guess what I’m trying to say is that the JO Candy Shop Lube captures the tastes of ALL of the classic fairground treats.

Before the young adults drizzled the whole 60ml tube on bowls of icecream without my OH and I even trying it in the bedroom, we whisked it away and wrapped a tie around our bedroom door handle ;).

When used during oral sex the System JO Cotton Candy Lube offers a sweet accompaniment to the natural tastes, though can get a little sickly after a while.

When used with toys, fingers or a penis the lube provides a slick coating of moisture to prevent friction and enhance the sensations.

We only had to add an extra couple of drops when we changed toys but other than that a generous dollop was all we needed during our bedroom antics.

All in all I loved the taste of the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube and found it performed perfectly well as a water-based lubricant.¬† It’s a 10 out of 10 from me.

Thank you to Cara and System JO for sending me the lube to test as part of the Pleasure Panel.

Louise x 


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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Louise Lace for this review of the System JO Candy Shop H2O Cotton Candy Lube.


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