Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment Review

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Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment Review

Enjoy my review of this Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment 

Nexus are a brand I have a great deal of time and respect for. They invest a lot of research into their luxurious and effective prostate stim toys, and are regular recipients of various adult industry awards. No area of anal pleasure is overlooked, as can be seen in this review, which is for the Nexus Douche (available here).

Packaging & First Impressions

The Nexus Douche is contained within a recognisable Nexus box, made of glossy card and providing you with the relevant information about and images of the product.

Inside the box you find the douche parts contained within a sealed transparent bag. This reassured me that the item was brand-new and unused; a welcome assurance of professionalism and hygiene from Nexus.

I must admit at this juncture that I’m not a regular anal doucher, so I don’t have any douches right now to compare this product against. But, removing the parts from the bag, this one seemed to me to be well-made and up to the job. It has a rubber bulb and a plastic nozzle, and the bulb has a flat area on the base which seems handy if you need to set it aside mid-use without the worry of it toppling over.

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Why Use An Anal Douche?

Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment Review

Anal douching is a great idea if you want to explore and enjoy the pleasures of anal sex, anal sex toys, or both. Because the area is also the waste exit from the body, there may be remnants which cause embarrassment, discomfort or unnecessary extra mess during your shared or solo anal play times.

Anal douches are usually a bulb which is filled with tepid or warm water (never too cold or too hot, your insides are sensitive), and a nozzle which is inserted into your anal entrance. The water is then squeezed into the anal area to hopefully dislodge any mess as well as cleanse it thoroughly before you begin play. Expel water and waste into the loo in the usual manner, and repeat as many times as you feel is required.


To prepare the Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment for use, you’ll need to firstly fill the bulb with tepid or warm water. Then, pop the plastic nozzle part into the rubber bulb, where you can see there’s a hole made for it. The tapered nozzle has a raised lip which keeps it from slipping into the bulb, and helps keep it in place and secure during use.

Some lubricant of your choice may be a good idea around the anal entrance, to help the nozzle glide inside with ease and without any chafing or discomfort. Once the nozzle is inside, the water can be delivered to the anal area by gently squeezing the bulb. Follow the steps in the last section until you feel confident you’ve had a thorough internal cleanse.

During Use

Using the Nexus Douche was everything I’d expected and more. I filled the bulb with more than enough warm water, so that it wouldn’t be too difficult to eject some inside myself. Then I inserted the nozzle into the hole at the top of the bulb, lubed myself up and started the internal cleanse. I stayed near the loo so that I could repeat as necessary until I felt entirely clean.

A surprising bonus effect of using the douche was that it got me into an anal play mindset… the sensation of filling myself with warm water was just the gentle stimulation I needed to ignite the embers. After my thorough anal cleanse I re-lubed, grabbed my toys and had an extremely powerful orgasm thanks to this butt plug, my dildo and a favourite bullet vibe.

The anal stimulation felt particularly erotic, and I’m sure it was down to the pre-play douche. My orgasm started not in my clitoris, as it usually does, but in my anal area… which seemed to have a domino effect in my clit and vagina. The greedy combination of everything toppled me over into a dizzying climax.

Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment Review

The Nexus Douche Anal Sex Cleansing Equipment is easy to take apart and empty after use, and can be cleaned thoroughly in cool to tepid soapy water and left to dry.

I’m really pleased I discovered this douche, and I’ll be using it before anal play from now on – whether that’s a solo ride with my anal toys or erotic explorations with my partner.

Where To Buy Your Nexus Douche

You can buy your Nexus Douche here in the UK where it’s currently priced at just £9.90, and find more anal douches here in the USA. Or click through the big green buttons below!

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