Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator Review

7 out of 10
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Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator Review

I received the Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator from Lovehoney, free of charge in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. As you may remember, I recently posted my original Sqweel review, having found it in some very old document files.


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Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator Review

About The Sqweel Sex Toys

The Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator is the third member in the Sqweel family of sex toys, the previous two being the now discontinued Original Sqweel and the very much still active and popular Sqweel 2. The Sqweel was the winner of the 2006 Design a Sex Toy competition hosted by Lovehoney, the winning designer being Trev Murphy. He was announced the winner in February 2007 on the Lovehoney sex toys blog.

So what does a Sqweel do?

The Sqweel device simulates oral sex. The motion of the mini tongue covered wheel, spinning at your chosen speed, is meant to replicate the sensations of oral sex when you apply the moving wheel of 10 tongues to your sexual areas. Specifically, to the clitoris.

I have found that the Sqweel is the Marmite of the sex toy world. People either love it, or they hate it. There’s no in between. I think the motion and the mini tongues will either get you off, or they won’t. If you possibly can, get to a sex shop where they have a Sqweel on display where you can feel one. This will give you a better idea of how the Sqweel feels against skin.

Packaging & In The Box

Now we come to the Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator. Previous incarnations have been battery powered. The Sqweel Go is rechargeable, moving this sex toy up in the ranks of luxury personal pleasure products. You get the small sized Sqweel Go in the transparent package, and a plastic bag containing the USB ended charging cable.

Charging Up

Before the Sqweel Go can be operated, you obviously need to charge it up. The lead is inserted into the bottom of the Sqweel Go. There’s a slightly concave silicone disc on the bottom of the Sqweel Go which I was unsure whether I had to peel it back or stick the lead through it. Reading the little leaflet that came with it (yeah, finally got round to that) it became apparent that you stick the jackpin end of the charging lead through the centre of the silicone disc.

Sure enough, the Sqweel Go didn’t break and I was good to go with charging. Locating a USB port was simple enough, and upon plugging it in, the rest of the silicone disc at the base of the Sqweel Go lit up blue to let me know all was connected A-OK.

The light switches off once the Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator is fully charged. It takes 2 hours for a full charge which gives you 1 hour of playtime, according to the leaflet.

Operation & Settings

To turn on the Sqweel Go, you press the central pink silicone button on the handle. You then use this button to operate and select the function you desire from your Sqweel Go. There are 7 functions you can select with this button:

  • 3 speeds: slow, medium and fast
  • 3 patterns: dot-dot-dash-dash, pulsation and speed escalation with some dashes then repeat
  • Off.

You can press and hold the button on any function to switch off the Sqweel Go too. Useful if you’re ready to turn off the Sqweel Go at any time and don’t want to have to cycle through the options, searching frantically for the ‘off’ mode.


The mini size of the Sqweel Go is remarkably cute. It also makes the device easier to hold in the hand, which is also helped by the rounded base designed for this purpose. It only measures 2.5 inches in total height, the handle being 1.25 inches of that. Upon first seeing the Sqweel Go my first exclamation was, in fact, “oh my god! How cute is that!”

So yes, if you want a cute sex toy, this is gonna be your bag.

How It Feels

Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator special offersDid the Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator work? The family of Sqweel sex toys worked for me, and continue to with this latest addition. it’s easy to write off the Sqweel sex toys as a gimmick or novelty, but there is science behind the sensation. SCIENCE! ~ahem~

Basically, it’s a wheel of mini tongues, mechanically scrolling at a speed you designate, to mimic oral sex. There’s not a lot not to like, unless you don’t like tongues over your clit. Even then, I don’t tend to orgasm through oral sex from a person, all that much, because the movement isn’t consistent enough. The natural actions of oral sex from a person means that they can shift position, or your moaning and noises can cause them to increase or decrease speed, they can lose confidence or just get jaw ache.

The Sqweel doesn’t care. It doesn’t care if you’re screeching or sobbing. It doesn’t care if you need to wrench it away from your highly sensitive clit just for a moment. That’s a good thing, that it doesn’t care. it doesn’t get offended, and it never stops. As long as you have the powered up Sqweel Go in your hands, you have a wheel of tongues ready to service you as you desire and demand.

Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator Review


Yes, I have enjoyed some powerful orgasms with the Sqweel Go. The tongues are latex and phthalates free silicone, which feel velvety soft. They’re compatible with water based sex lubricant and I do not advise that you try to use the Sqweel Go without lubricant. If you use the moving tongues over your clit without lube, don’t come crying to me that it doesn’t feel nice.

Lube it up. Lube yourself up, and lube up the tongues by running them over your lubed fingers first, to prepare everything for the event.

After use, you need to spray the Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator with an anti bacterial sex toy cleaner and wipe down ready for next time. I can’t see how to take the Sqweel Go apart, as you could with the original Sqweel, so I’ll be making use of my special ‘sex toy cleaning toothbrush’ to get into the nooks and crannies.


Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator ReviewOverall, a good sex toy. Not my favourite, but I’m a fussy mare. Suggestions for future incarnations would be:

1. Enable the user to take apart the toy for a thorough clean of the product

2. Make it waterproof (I was sad to learn it’s not waterproof ūüôĀ )

(Update 21 January 2014: I have been informed by the Lovehoney care team that the Lovehoney Sqweel Go Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator is submersible. Hurray! It’s been tested for waterproof capabilities and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes with no negative affect to the toy. Enjoy lapping up that pleasure in the bath, folks.)

3. Ensure that the silicone button on the front of the toy is attached firmly, I can peel up the sides and could rip it off with not that much effort, in my opinion.

4. Provide a storage bag with the Sqweel Go. It would be much more travel friendly if this silicone tongued toy came with a little pouch to store it in.

Buy Yours

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  1. Hey !! I’m Lilou, a French reviewer!! I tested this toy also and for me it is not magic but it is a real innovation
    thank you for your work, I love what you do !!!

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