Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy Review

8 out of 10

Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy Review

After being part of the promotion for the Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy (including embarrassing photo in the Daily Mirror Sunday supplement), I finally tracked down my very, very old review for this now internationally recognisable sex toy. My reviews have changed a bit since then, but I wanted to put this live here at the Cara Sutra sex blog for both reference purposes and maybe some entertainment!

Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy ReviewI’m looking forward to soon trying out and reviewing new items from the growing Sqweel family, but in the meantime, here’s that old original Sqweel review, from 2010. I’ve placed the review as it was back then, so apologies to Lovehoney for the capital H – as it was, back in the day.

I can’t find the original one for sale anywhere any more, but you can buy other incarnations of the Sqweel sex toys from Lovehoney through the following buttons:

Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy Review Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy Review

Watch this space for some ‘sqweely’ exciting updates soon. Sorry.

My Original Sqweel Review

Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy ReviewWhere to start with the amazing Sqweel, what to say that hasn’t been said?

When I heard about the Sqweel, I must admit I was cynical. Not that it was a good product, as being a long time customer and fan of LoveHoney I know that they are dedicated to providing high standard toys and lingerie. No, I was cynical because I’m not a huge fan of oral sex when performed on me. When I was young I rather stupidly got hooked on the ‘rabbit’ style vibes and this evolved to a need for the strongest vibrations I could find held against my clit in order to orgasm. Not through penetration or oral alone.

Still, I had to give such a world famous toy a go. You can see the furore this new toy has caused from the other reviews and the magazine articles, every girl with sense wants one! No smoke without fire, right?

The Sqweel is in a lovely LoveHoney presentation box which would be perfect if giving this as a gift to your partner or even a friend. The Sqweel is secure in the plastic moulding case inside, kept clean and snug. Behind this I found a little Sqweel guide leaflet which contains helpful directions on how to insert the batteries, how to prepare your Sqweel with lube [I used waterbased so it would not damage the tongues] and how to clean your Sqweel afterwards. Very thoughtful!

I inserted the three AAA batteries which came in the box with my Sqweel and took off the Sqweel lid revealing the soft tongues… Tracey Cox is right, they do feel eerily realistic! Turning the Sqweel on to the lowest setting I followed the instructions and coated the tongues in lube by running the tongues over my lube-prepared fingers. So far so good!

At this point I was still cynical as to whether this would actually do anything or ever feel climactic for me!

Well Oh My God.

The Sqweel certainly IS a revolution in orgasms. If you do not usually orgasm through oral sex you are about to pop your oral cherry with this fantastic device! If you love oral sex being performed on you this is an upgrade you seriously cannot be without!

LoveHoney offer their customers a guarantee on the Sqweel: If you do not orgasm using this product, you can get a refund. I learned two things today, I do not require a refund… and men seriously better start evolving faster tongues!

The tongues are soft and realistic, the speeds go from slow and sensual licking to highly arousing fast lapping. I climaxed from the fast lapping after some very nice foreplay on the lower ‘lazy lick’ setting. It was the best orgasm I’ve achieved using a sex toy.

Due to the design of the Sqweel you can move it backwards and forwards, side to side. This means you have room for toys vaginally or anally too, for the complete ‘get your rocks off’ sex experience! I love the flexibility of this toy and its compact design, very portable and sleek. It fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to apply to wherever you want to be licked. Not only your clit but your labia, nipples… all over your erogenous zones.

I’m a complete convert. This is from someone who was entirely cynical… doesn’t believe hype, never came from oral sex. Well now I have – but it took the Sqweel to show me how.

There is only one problem with the Sqweel – how to deal with your soon to be very jealous man!

Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy Review Original Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Sex Toy Review

The original Sqweel product was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by Cara Sutra. 

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