Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set Review

10 out of 10
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Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set Review

I’ve fallen in love with so much of the Lovehoney lingerie this year, and this new set is no exception. The Lovehoney Night Lily range is a wine and black themed lingerie collection comprised of a bra set and a basque set, available in both standard and plus size. I was lucky enough to be offered my choice of Night Lily lingerie to test and keep, so it’s my absolute pleasure to present to you my Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set review today.

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The Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set arrives in the standard discreet outer packaging from Lovehoney, while the item of lingerie itself is simply wrapped in transparent cellophane. You can obviously see the item through the packet, and ensure you’ve been sent the style and size you ordered before tearing it open in excitement.

First Impressions

Fab! I loved the deep red wine colour, and the traditionally seductive black complements the burgundy shade perfectly. The basque and matching panties seemed very well made, with some welcome stretch to (hopefully) ensure a good, comfortable fit.

The suspender straps are attached to the bottom of the basque. The central black lace overlay leading to the shaped, patterned bust area is extremely flattering and silhouette-enhancing, while the crossover straps over my cleavage is exactly my style. I love strappy bras and cleavage-enhancing lingerie, they look so pretty.

The matching panties are thong style, without being too skimpy to provide any cover or comfort. The wide lace waistband is gorgeous as well as supremely comfortable, and I find this style very flattering on my wide hips. I choose this sort of waistband when shopping for my everyday thongs, so this was perfect for me. The front panel is wide enough to protect your modesty (until you choose to reveal all, of course) and pretty with that overlaid black lace pattern.

Like some of the other Lovehoney lingerie I’ve loved recently, this panty has a gusset (*celebratory dance*) and isn’t crotchless. I’m not a crotchless knickers fan!

Size & Care Details

My Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set is medium size, which is stated to fit UK dress size 10-12. I feel this is correct, as I can wear both size 10 and 12 in other clothing styles.

The basque set is made of a polyester and elastane mix, and needs to be hand washed in cold water then carefully hung to dry.


This Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set is refreshingly easy to put on. There’s no fiddly hooks, zips or buckles, just step into the basque and panties and adjust the shoulder straps and waist band accordingly.

I do have a bit of an issue with suspender clasps but that’s a general annoyance… somehow I always manage to both take absolutely ages and several tries getting the stocking material between the stud and hook, then once it’s attached you can guarantee it’s not centred on the back of my legs. The trick is clearly to ensure you buy (or are bought) lingerie which is sexy enough to distract from terrible suspender clasp techniques (if you have the same issues!)…

How It Feels/Looks

Great! I think the Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set looks beautiful, and as a bonus it’s really comfortable too. This set really offers the best of both worlds when it comes to sexy lingerie: confidence-boosting seduction and luxurious comfort throughout. It’s such an elusive combination.

I love that this style of lingerie can be worn underneath a dress to give you a little boost and a sexier reason behind your smile. If I ever want to feel instantly sexier, or enjoy an evening out in public with a little more spring in my step, I can just wear this set underneath my clothes and it provides as much of a turn-on for me, as it does for him later when I reveal all.

Of course, the set is also fabulous for simply dressing up in the bedroom and adding a little extra sauce and passion to couples’ intimacy and sexy fun.


The Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set is a beautifully designed set of sexy lingerie which has thoughtfully gone beyond seductive aesthetics to provide a comfortable and practical set of bedroom attire, too. From the adjustable shoulder straps, through the form-fitting and comfortable stretch, to the cotton gusset and wide lace waist band, this set offers it all. Now I can reveal as much of my body to him in my own time and luxuriate in bliss and seduction throughout, rather than focus on shedding a pretty, but ultimately uncomfortable, item of lingerie as quickly as possible. And you know how I just love being in control in the bedroom…

This lingerie set adds real value to both your daytime and evening wardrobe collection. It can be worn under an everyday or night-time dress to provide another layer of personal confidence and tangible sensuality, or pulled on before romantic interludes for an instant injection of passion.

At less than £35, this set is fantastic value. It’s well made, looks gorgeous and –did I mention this already?- it’s really comfortable.

Where To Buy Your Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set

If you’d like to buy your own Lovehoney Night Lily Wine and Black Lace Basque Set, or opt for the bra set instead, you can find them at Lovehoney USA and Lovehoney UK. Or, click through the big green buttons below!

buy the lingerie here USA readers  buy the lingerie here UK readers

Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending me this divine and glamorous lingerie set free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.



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