Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress Review

10 out of 10

Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress Review

As you’ll have read in my recent Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Long Sleeve Zip-Around Body review, I was delighted to be offered two items from the spectacular new Lovehoney Fierce clothing range to review. Upon seeing the Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress I fell in love, and knew I just had to have it. It’s so me! Did reality live up to my initial lust?

Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress Review

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My Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress arrived in the same discreet outer packaging for the post as my Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Long Sleeve Zip-Around Body did. The dress itself was sealed in transparent plastic wrap. The outer wrap bears a sticker telling you which Fierce clothing style/size is inside, and the dress also has a luxury branded tag with the Lovehoney logo/Fierce branding and the item particulars.

First Impressions

First thoughts? I love it. Oh my god, I hope it fits. I love it. It’s black! It’s stretchy! It’s kinky and fitted and slinky and sexy! I really, really hope it fits.

I have the medium size of the Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress which is stated to fit a UK dress size between 10-12. I’m smaller up top than on my epic bottom, so was hoping the style and length of the dress would be flattering and curve-enhancing. The slit at the back to enable easier movement while wearing didn’t seem too long like on some previous items, which exposed my arse when I didn’t want it exposed.

The rest of the dress reverse sports a sexy corset style cross-over lacing made with wide elastic and hooked through metal D-rings to each side. This is just for decorative purposes and not adjustable at all, which is fine by me – anything making the dress easier to pull on and wear, rather than having to spend ages adjusting and fiddling, is good news. Having to ask your partner to fasten the seduction outfit of your choice does lessen the element of sexy surprise, somewhat.

The shoulder straps are slim bra strap style, and removable. They slip into small loops, two on the front inner area and two at the rear, and adjust like bra straps. I love the versatility offered by being able to change up the look of this dress by wearing it with the straps or as a strapless outfit.

Again, like a bra, the bust area is padded and has a little uplift ‘pillow’ to the bottom of each cup. The cups are wired, which did worry me slightly – the dress size is ‘medium’ but no cup sizes were offered, and as we all know, people’s breast sizes differ to a greater extent than dress size. My fingers were still firmly crossed over the fit, when the time came to try it on.

Size & Care Details

As I mentioned, I have the medium size of this dress. It’s also available in sizes UK 6 through to 20 (standard or plus-size available). The Lovehoney site says the dress is made from faux leather. I couldn’t find any care details on this garment, but I highly doubt it’s machine washable –I’d say hand wash very carefully in cool water and hang on a hanger to dry.


A little video clip of me modelling my Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress:

How It Feels & Looks

So easy to slip into! Like I’ve mentioned, I love the fact that I don’t have to do anything with the cross-over straps at the back, they’re set and stretchy and it’s completely hassle-free. The dress does up really simply, with just one long side zip. The slim shoulder straps stay in place too despite only being hooked into those little loops – I much prefer the dress with the straps rather than without, mainly as otherwise I’d constantly be worried my boobs had escaped without permission.

Although this clearly isn’t the most luxurious faux leather dress in the world, and is quite thin ‘pleather’, it is comfortable to wear and fits my curves in a flattering way. The style of the dress suits me perfectly –I am so down with this longer length dress with little back split to reveal a little leg as I’m walking in heels. My cleavage is quite honestly epic in the wired cups, despite my initial worries that a lack of defined cup size would pose issues. My breasts are held up, together and presented wonderfully, adding to the overall attractiveness of the dress.

For a dress which isn’t tailor-made to my shape, it cinches in fine in the middle and covers the diva-esque curves of my hips and arse well without any worry of the material overstretching or breaking. I can move around in the dress, bend, walk and more… all without worry that a seam would pop or I’d be uncomfortable or that the outfit would somehow be damaged if I dared move in it. And yes, all that can and does happen with low-quality ‘bedroom attire’!


I’m all about versatility in my lingerie collection these days, so to have the opportunity to review and own a garment like this from Lovehoney is fantastic. As soon as I put the Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress on, I said to my partner that I’d feel fine wearing it to an event like a party or a kinky night out, as well as just for fun in private. It covers everything yet reveals my shapely silhouette, so it’s perfect for teaming with hosiery and heels, sparkling jewellery and a femme-fatale look for an evening prowl… or to stalk some lucky prey.

It really does make me feel FIERCE!

For less than £50 this dress is a gorgeous, elegant, well-made and budget-friendly wardrobe addition. It can look just as fierce as you feel. This Lovehoney Fierce dress certainly ignites my fierce passions while I’m wearing it, boosting my confidence to sizzling heights.

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Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress Review

I strongly recommend this Lovehoney Fierce Leather-Look Bodycon Dress to all my sister femme fatales and anyone searching for the perfect silhouette-enhancing, passion-inducing outfit. Buy yours directly from or for less than £50. Or click through the big green buttons below!

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Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending me this dress free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review.


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