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10 out of 10

Liberator Fleshlight Mount On A Mission Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kinky Kitten Kim

Review of the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission sent by Liberator:


The Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission comes vacuum packed, like all liberator shapes/wedges. The Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission came in a rectangular box. Upon opening the box I saw it came with a waterproof valour (this is on the underside and helps stop the mount from moving during use)/faux leather cover and an instruction manual with position suggestions. These gave examples of ways to use the Mount in Solo and Couple situations. The Mount itself is in a green cylinder bag it is also vac-packed in a clear plastic bag. I have no idea how they get it in there but they do. When opening the green bag the On a Mission Fleshlight Mount just expands into shape it can be a bit tricky to get out but after some pulling and tugging it was free.

Once I had gotten the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission out of the bag I then ripped a hole into the clear plastic bag and took it out the mount expanded even more. It is at least twice the size of the box it came in. It was a little creased due to being vacuum-packed however it soon straightened out. I then opened the cover and slid that over the mount.

Solo Male Experience

When I had the chance to use the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission on my own, I first got it out onto the bed ready for use. When using it on my own I chose to use the Fleshlight freaks cyborg, and when it’s attached to the mount it does look quite fascinating. I leapt onto the bed ready to start, I first lubed up the Fleshlight and then myself to get ready for action. The mount is quite sturdy and durable as it stood in place while I was using it the thrusts didn’t budge the mount one bit, with all my body weight pushed onto the liberator there is no chance it will move.

I started to realise that the mount does feel a lot like the commando position, while in this position it allows you to thrust into the Fleshlight while you hold the mount in place with your upper body weight. In that instance it does start to feel like you are having actual sex, and it does a great job at giving the illusion of penetrative sex which feels a lot better than using the Fleshlight Without the mount. When using a Fleshlight to masturbate it still feels like masturbation, you are still manually using your arm which whilst using the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission you thrust into the Fleshlight leaving your hands free to do as they please.

Even though the Fleshlight can be used outside of the mount it still doesn’t have that feeling of a realistic vagina because of you having to stroke the Fleshlight over yourself with your hand as if you are masturbating, this in turn can be a huge distraction mid-masturbation. With this mount you don’t get that problem as you can relax and enjoy thrusting away as if you were having sex, I could feel myself getting deeper into the Fleshlight every time I thrusted. This in turn gave me a lot of satisfaction the thought of using a Fleshlight in this way, that felt so real I came to the point where I just had no choice but to finish what I had started.

Overall the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission is a good product for solo user’s or couples, this can also be used in various positions and can sustain a lot of weight. This is essential when using as a basic Fleshlight mount and for the first one that I have used it has been a great experience and sure would like to get some more similar to this.

Couples Experience

The Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission is very sturdy and can withstand a good amount of pressure. I have sat on it and kissed Mr whilst he penetrated the Fleshlight this was quite unusual at first but I found it very bonding that we were able to use the Mount together it wasn’t like he was masturbating on his own. I have also used it to lie across with my upper body and Head dangling off the end whilst my vulva was easy to access just above the Fleshlight, this position meant my pelvis was elevated which also gave Mr easy access to my G-spot. This made things extremely exciting. I was exposed and due to the Shape and flatness of the Mount, I was quite restricted. It was totally sexy! As a couple, we loved the idea of having a “second vulva” to play with. When I was asked what I thought my reply was “it’s like a threesome without the extra person”.

I have used the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission on my own as a chair almost. I masturbated with my Doxy wand and it’s super comfy. The best thing is the cover is waterproof so if things get a little messy I don’t have to worry about ruining the Mount. Mr suggested that I should use it to sit/lie on when I am using a G-spot toy because if I squirt it won’t get that messy. I haven’t tried this yet but I am going too.

The size and shape of the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission is great no one would know the nature of it unless you told them. It is quite discreet and could easily pass for a foot rest or stool or a very small gaming seat or even a cup holder. It does have a tiny label that says Fleshlight just under the green rim but unless you look extremely close to it you wouldn’t be able to tell.

We love how versatile the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission is. And it’s so easy just to whip it out and make it part of our foreplay. It allows for easy access when used on a bed. Your partner just simply bends over and lies on their stomach over the mount and you can the penetrate them from behind. This is a great doggy style position that gives you extra support so you don’t have to hold your own weight up.

We are delighted with how well the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission lives up to our expectations and we are extremely happy to recommend it to: Couples that want a mount that is able to support body weight during sex. Couples that would like to experience more positions, the mount is very versatile and can support your body which is great for those who aren’t able to support their own but still want to try out new positions. It is amazing for Solo use for anyone with a Penis. The Fleshlight stays put and your hands aren’t getting tired, you can thrust away and enjoy the moment. For solo or couple use the Liberator Fleshlight Mount is tonnes of fun and an amazing piece of equipment that makes using Your Fleshlight turn into a whole new experience.

Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission review official pic

Stock photo from Liberator

We give the Liberator Fleshlight Mount on a Mission a 10 /10 because it is an amazing upgrade to have for your Fleshlight. It means using a Fleshlight can feel more like penetrative sex than using it to manually masturbate.

– Kinky Kitten Kim

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