Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review | Pulse 3 Duo Guybrator Review

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Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review

The Pulse III Duo sex toy was sent to me by Hot Octopuss for the purposes of this fair and honest review. I was intrigued to know how the Pulse III Duo differs from the first two instalments of the self-titled Guybrator; after all, my partner and I loved those. What changes have been made to make the Hot Octopuss Pulse sex toy even better – and is it really any better than mark two?

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review Pulse 3 Duo Guybrator Review

Like the first two Pulse sex toys, the Pulse III Duo comes in a super-shiny outer box which is gender-free, classy and understated – yet somehow screaming all of the above. The lid is sealed with three small transparent stickers, letting you know the contents haven’t been tampered with since manufacture. Reassuring.

Inside The Box

To the contents of the box: you get the Pulse III Duo toy, the remote control (because this is a Duo, whereas the Solo doesn’t include a remote) a drawstring storage pouch adorned with the Hot Octopuss logo, a magnetic/USB charging lead and an instruction manual.

The Pulse III Duo is set into a charcoal coloured insert which feels like recycled card (reformed pulp) and is therefore recyclable. I much prefer it to the squeaky plastic moulded inserts I’ve seen with plenty of other sex toys. So does Sable who has purloined it for use as ‘terrain’ in his Warhammer games. Bonus.

Charging Up The Pulse III Duo

Before I could get going testing out the Pulse III Duo with my partner, I needed to charge it up. This was pretty simple – the lead has an area which fixes magnetically to the corresponding area on the base of the toy, while the other end plugs into any USB charging port. You might prefer your PC or laptop, but I tend to charge up sex toys via my by-the-bed USB to mains multi plug. Useful.

The light on the end of the charging lead is always green when plugged in, but turns red when connected to a Pulse III Duo which needs charging, then green again when it’s fully charged and ready to go.

How The Pulse III Duo Differs From The Pulse II Duo

At first the differences between the two seemed subtle, but on closer inspection they improved the Pulse quite a bit. You can read my Pulse II Duo review here.

The Pulse II Duo & Pulse III Duo Comparison

  • Multi-award winning male and couple’s toy
  • Can be used flaccid or erect
  • Independently adjustable vibrations for her with remote control
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 5 stimulation modes with adjustable intensity
  • NEW Turbo function
  • NEW Magnetic charging (Pulse II was charging via jackpin into a port under a flap)
  • NEW Anti-stall sensor

The Remote Control

The Pulse III Duo remote control seems to be the same as with the Pulse II Duo; it’s powered by the same large button battery and the cover is fairly easily removed with a twist off action when it needs replacing. Which isn’t very often.

The ‘action side’ has a soft area the user presses during use to scroll through and control the intensity of the vibrations delivered through the Pulse III Duo.

Pulse III Duo Video

The video above shows the 5 vibrating settings on the Pulse III Duo (at the same time as the inner plate oscillates), then how the remote control the vibration intensity (not the oscillating plate) and finally the Pulse 3 Duo in water.

Our Pulse III Duo Experience

Our experiences with the Pulse sex toys have always been a lot of fun and the Pulse III Duo was no different. The subtle changes on this version do improve it and I like that there’s a turbo function for a quick step-up in power.

My partner finds the Pulse III Duo easy and fun to use. Although he doesn’t use sex toys all the time, and doesn’t rely on them for his sexual pleasure, he is really impressed with the Pulse sex toys. They’re different to the typical wank sleeves and with a Solo or Duo option they’re very inclusive. The slightly open style, with the enveloping silicone flaps, means that the plate sensations from the inside of the Pulse III Duo can be enjoyed from flaccid to full rock hard erection and then during sex with a partner if you wish.

When I say ‘sex with a partner’ I don’t mean PiV (penis in vagina) sex. When the Pulse III Duo is around his penis we can (and do) enjoy the sensations delivered by it – the oscillating plate on the inside of the toy against his shaft and the vibrations towards the outer area for me to hover over/grind against. It’s a mutual sexual pleasure experience without PiV penetration, and we can then decide to move into PiV sex or simply bring each other to orgasm using the Pulse III Duo as a shared sex toy.

The vibrations are just as enjoyable for me as they were on the past couple of versions of the Pulse sex toy. I do prefer the silicone cover than the plastic outer of the first Hot Octopuss Pulse. I can use water based lubricant to keep things comfortable and slippery, but I often find I don’t need any at all – my natural lubrication soon comes into play.

My partner really enjoys the oscillating plate on the inside of the Pulse III Duo, as it stimulates his shaft and has him on the verge of orgasm in no time at all. As well as placing the Pulse sex toy over the top of his shaft as he lays on his back, we’ve also experimented with it enveloping his shaft from the underside of it – which means he enjoys the oscillation while I get to tease the exposed side of his shaft with my increasingly lubricated vulva and labia. We’ve had some very intimate experiences with the Pulse III Duo which are literally sensational in terms of pleasure.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review Pulse 3 Duo Guybrator Review

It’s really fun being able to explore and experience something a little different to the usual foreplay then PiV sex habit that couples intimacy can often fall into.

The Turbo Function

When you press and hold the side button for a second, during use, the oscillating plate steps-up to another level of power – the turbo function. It was, quite honestly, a bit difficult to press and hold just long enough to enable to turbo function without holding too long and turning the Pulse III Duo off. After quite a bit of practice we’ve got the hang of it now, but I’d advise getting the press-and-hold thing down before you use the Pulse III Duo in a shared pleasure or masturbatory setting.


The Pulse III Duo isn’t just an inclusive sex toy for those who might not be able to use standard wank sleeves or have PiV sex, it should also be considered as a way to spice up your sex life whoever you are and whatever your relationship orientation or status. I wouldn’t recommend it to a cis woman for solo pleasure, but that’s the only type of person I can’t see getting the maximum enjoyment out of this toy – and let’s face it, cis women have plenty of other options available to them.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review Pulse 3 Duo Guybrator Review

The Pulse III Duo is a waterproof, powerful, fascinating and ingenious pleasure tool which delivers orgasmic sensations to their penis while offering the option of varying intensities and patterns of vibration to a partner. These can be controlled wirelessly and easily via the included remote control. The Pulse III Duo is rechargeable with a fab new magnetic style of lead, and it’s retained its first full charge through several lengthy sessions so far. I love that it’s waterproof, and that it comes with its own storage pouch to keep everything in between uses. The turbo function is handy for that moment when you want to inject that last minute extra ounce of oomph – it might just tip you over that orgasmic edge in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Where To Buy The Pulse III Duo

If you’d like to buy the Pulse III Duo you can order yours directly from Hot Octopuss here for £99. The Pulse III Solo is the same sex toy without the remote control and intended for solo use (surprising, right?).

Many thanks to Hot Octopuss for providing the Pulse III Duo for us to play with in exchange for this fair and honest review. Discover the newest Pulse sex toys & catch up with all the news at


Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review Pulse 3 Duo Guybrator Review

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