HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

10 out of 10
Metal, Silicone

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

The HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine is quite simply the best thrusting fucking machine you can buy. It’ll fuck you in ways you never dreamed of, at speeds beyond those possible by any mere mortal, plus it features industry-leading technology.

At an incredible price of around £500, there’s just no competition. Thanks to HiSmith for sending over the Red model (HS06) to review – it’s also available in purple, blue, gold, and regular old black.

Video Review: Find our thorough HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine video review after the main write-up below.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

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Unpacking the HiSmith Premium

Arriving in a plain brown box, the HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine package is discreetly labelled to not reveal any hints about the contents. Inside you’ll find a robust black canvas carrying case. This has pink HiSmith branding on each end but is otherwise also quite discreet. It could be easily tucked on top of a cupboard without anyone being any the wiser.

Inside the storage case, every part has its own individual compartment, broken down into two layers. On the top layer, you’ll find the main body of the machine, fitted cover, wireless remote, wired controller, 8″ silicone dildo, and power supply. Underneath is a hex tool, four leg pieces, the thrusting arm, and three t-piece connectors (one is a spare).

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

From this state, you’ll need maybe five to ten minutes to construct the HiSmith Premium. Use the included hex tool to fit the heavy metal legs into two upside-down t-shapes, the shorter legs forming the base and the longer one forming the upright. Made from what appears to be solid steel, the legs provide outstanding stability during use. The thrusting arm should also be slotted into the hole on the front of the machine and secured.

Quick-release latches on the machine mean inserting the legs is easy and doesn’t need any tools. But not only that, the flexible design means you can adjust the angle of the HiSmith anywhere up to around 45-degrees to hit just the right spot. The height can also be adjusted from 8 to 42cm: perfectly suited to missionary, doggy style, and everything in between.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

In fact, the HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine can fuck you in ways you’ve never experienced before. By removing the crossbar from the front of the machine and attaching it to the back, it can even stand fully upright! However, you may need to purchase an extension rod if you’ll also be standing (scroll down to find out more about the KlicLok accessory range).

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

While the heavyweight bag is excellent for long time storage (realistically, I don’t think you’ll be traveling anywhere with this 11kg monster), I really appreciate the fitted dust cover. It pulls down over the top of the machine and secures via the elastic at the bottom. It’s perfect for leaving the HiSmith Premium up for daily use, which you probably will want to do, because it’s that good.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

Powering on the HiSmith Premium

A machine of this size and power requires mains AC power and doesn’t have a battery, so ensure the included adaptor is plugged in. It’s a standard DC barrel jack connector, and the adaptor outputs 24V at 4A maximum–or just less than 100W. I mention this because it’s easy to replace should the power supply ever break, and shouldn’t cost more than about £30.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

Even if you’re planning to use the wireless remote or smartphone app to control the machine, the wired controller will also need to be plugged in and turned on at all times. It’s a four-pin connector plug with a small notch, so ensure those are lined up before you push fit it, then screw on the outer sleeve.

The wired controller is a simple affair, with an illuminated on/off switch and an analog speed dial.

Adjusting the Stroke Depth

On the opposite side of the motor, you’ll find the stroke adjustment mechanism. Strokes can be as short as 1 inch, up to 6 inches, and can be adjusted using your fingers to unscrew the joint and slide it up or down the crank.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

This adjustment’s mechanical nature means that it can’t be changed while in use, so make sure to try it out before you get settled in.

KlicLok and Compatible Accessories

Included in the set is a body-safe lifelike cream-skin colour silicone dildo, with 6.5″ of insertable length and a maximum girth of just less than 5″. It’s definitely on the squishier side of silicone insertables in my collection, and that’s a good thing, as you’ll want a little padding when the machine is thrusting on full power.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

However, if the included dildo is too big (or too small) for your tastes, it’s not a problem. The HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine uses the KlicLok system, which makes it effortless to swap attachments.

HiSmith sell a range of body-safe dildos that are already fitted with a KlicLok attachment point so you can use them right away. They have all shapes and sizes, so if you don’t already have a favourite dildo you’d rather use, this is a cost-effective way to get something compatible.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

On the other hand, if you do already have a favourite dildo or two that you’d like to use with the HiSmith Premium, there’s also a range of adaptors that you can buy individually or as a set:

  • Vac-U-Lock
  • Suction cup
  • Clamp

Suppose you have a more extensive collection and must have ALL the adaptors. In that case, The For Her Accessory Kit includes all the above, as well as an extension rod and a spring. Find out more about this in my Hismith Pro Traveler Portable Sex Machine review.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

The HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine can thrust pretty much anything you throw at it, provided you buy the right adaptor.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

Wireless Remote and App Control

Although the wired controller needs to stay plugged in and activated during use, you needn’t use the dull analog speed dial to control the machine.

A small wireless remote is included, which features an on/off, speed up and down, and a pattern button. There are around ten patterns that feature dynamic speeds, but most of them I found to be a little too intense, with no way to adjust the maximum speed. I can see them being enjoyable though if you’d already warmed up and been playing with medium or high basic speeds, and wanted to switch to a little variety offered by the patterns. But they’re probably not something you’ll want to jump straight into.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

My favourite method of control has to be the app. To my knowledge, HiSmith are the only sex machine manufacturer that offers smartphone control, and it’s incredible. In fact, it’s the same app used for the HiSmith Traveller Pro, so if you’re upgrading from that and have some favourite programs saved to your profile, you’ll find they’re all compatible with the HiSmith Premium as well.

If this is your first time opening the HiSmith app, you’ll need to create an account. This might worry some people, but much of the app is designed around remote play and community features, so it’s to be expected. Perhaps in the future, there’ll be a slimmed-down app for offline control only. That said, you can update your profile settings so that you don’t receive unsolicited messages and aren’t public.

You also need to pair the HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine over Bluetooth from within the app (not from your smartphone settings). This only needs to be done once. After that, it’ll automatically connect when the machine is on and in range. In my testing this worked reliably, which is rare with sex toys. I tested on both an Apple iPhone X, and a Sony Xperia Z2. Older Android models may not be so successful, but anything from the last few years should be compatible.

From the main screen, you’ve got a lot of play options. 

The first is to simply scroll through the patterns and tap on one you like the look of. Each has a name, session time, preview image, and profile icon of who made it. Many of those you see are created by other users, and of course, you can share your own creations. Tapping on one will start playback immediately. There’s even a scrollbar so you can skip ahead or replay a bit.

Back on the main screen, you’ll also find a big play button, which opens up the full selection of options.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

Solo Play” takes you to a very basic touch control screen, where dragging your finger up or down controls the speed (albeit in slow increments). The icon in the top right lets you choose from the same built-in patterns as the wireless remote.

Play Mode” is where you can browse the full pattern selection, organise your favourites, or create your own. To create a pattern, you define a step with a start speed, end speed, and duration. You can then add more steps or cycle a sequence of other steps. It’s a little confusing, but honestly, I wouldn’t worry as there’s such a range of patterns already made that you’re sure to find one you like (even if you have to try them all).

Play Online” takes you to a multiplayer game lobby. “A what?”, you might be thinking, and that reaction would be apt. Apparently, you can host a session (or join an existing one), and the action will be synchronised. Or something. I admit, I don’t really understand this bit, and every time I’ve tried to investigate, there’s been no one to play with. It’s probably the weakest part of the whole app, and best left ignored.

Finally, “Play Remote” lets you share a personalised control link with a long-distance partner on the other side of the world. Or some random stranger on Twitter. They can open the link in any web browser and see the same interface you do in Solo Play mode. But the Play Remote mode also serves a particular purpose for those who enjoy broadcasting themselves on cam sites: it allows your HiSmith Premium to react to tips.

Raw Power

The HiSmith Premium is the most powerful sex machine you can buy, which mostly relates to the torque of the motor. If you’ve purchased a cheaper machine, you may have found it just doesn’t have the force required to penetrate you–particularly when being used for anal.

The 100W motor of the HiSmith Premium has 300Ncm of thrust, and up to 240 strokes per minutes. That means that it can incredibly fast, and with all the pushing force needed for even the biggest of dildos. That also means you need to be a little careful to set the stroke depth appropriately. In my experience, it’s a good idea to let the machine fully pull back, put yourself into position and insert it a little, then start the fun. Otherwise, you may find it pops out, and starts thrusting with monstrous force into either the wrong hole, or something that isn’t a hole at all. Ouchy.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

When used on a bed, even with the sturdy solid steel legs, the HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine is prone to rock back and forth at high speeds. That’s not a failing of the machine as such—just the physics of a heavy machine in motion. I came up with one solution to lower the rear leg down and jam it between the mattress and the bed frame. When used on a carpet or hard surface, the sheer weight of the HiSmith Premium was enough to stop it from moving anywhere.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

But the powerful torque doesn’t just mean you can have it fast and deep; it also means you can enjoy the slow and sensual thrusts. On less powerful machines, they often stall at slower speeds. So you end up having to turn them up to full speed before they can actually penetrate you. Not so with the HiSmith Premium; you can turn it right down and really feel every contour of the dildo as it slides slowly in and out.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine Review

With all that raw power, having sex with a machine must be loud, right? If you’re worried about waking up the whole neighbourhood, you shouldn’t be. At least, if you do, it won’t be the fault of the machine. You can barely hear a thing on slower speeds, but even on the highest speed, we measured no more than -50dB. It could easily be drowned out by a TV or radio. Good luck keeping yourself quiet though. The HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine is going to make you scream in delight, whether you want to or not.

So, What Is It Actually Like Fucking the HiSmith Premium?

Mind-blowing. Your other sex toys will be shoved to the back of the drawer and forgotten.

Relentlessly powerful. You can have it as deep and hard as you want, for as long as you want. It won’t get tired, or disappoint halfway through.

Occasionally robotic. Both because of the beast’s mechanical nature, and the fact it has more power and speed than any human is capable of.

And ever so slightly terrifying, if I’m honest. Your boundaries will be pushed. As a male, the HiSmith Premium is the only thing capable of genuinely thrusting me into a blissful sub-space. I can float off and just give myself over entirely to the intense waves of an elusive full body orgasm.

As a bit of a pillow princess, using the app to play someone else’s pattern is by far my favourite way to use the HiSmith Premium. Especially when I’m tied up first. I don’t want to fiddle around with a speed dial: I want the machine to have its way with me.

My partner was equally impressed, and it’s so much fun to play together. Maybe you’ve fantasized about having a threesome with another guy. The HiSmith Premium is safe way to play without the emotion and squishiness of bringing a real human into the bedroom.

If I have one complaint about the HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine, it’s that the app is a little clunky when you venture beyond the main screen. The multiplayer lobbies are pointless, and the wording throughout could do with being fixed up by a native English speaker. The Solo and Remote Play control screens are too simplistic, and require some frantic finger action to get the speed up to full. But these are very minor complaints. On the hardware side, it would be nice if the wired controller was optional. The Bluetooth chip and power button should be moved onto the main chassis, meaning one less thing to plug in and one less cable dangling down. But again, an overall minor issue on what is otherwise an incredibly well-built sex machine.

The HiSmith Premium isn’t cheap, but nor is it outrageously expensive. If you want a powerful fucking machine with industry-leading features, this is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s sturdy, exquisitely well-made, and clearly built to last. Everything about the HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine exudes, well, “premiumness”.

People often say we’ll be thoroughly fucked in a dystopian future ruled by robots. However, if the HiSmith Premium is any indication of how the robots will be fucking us, I can’t wait to submit.

10/10: send lube, please.

Video Review

Enjoy our thorough video review of the HiSmith Premium.

HiSmith Premium App-Controlled Sex Machine video review:


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