Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner Review

9 out of 10

Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner Review

By Cara Sutra

The Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner comes in the same style of professionally packaged, clearly branded bottle that the Bondara Body Lube does. A clear liquid can be seen through the transparent bottle, with the Bondara label and info upon it. This bottle of Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner holds 150ml. It is alcohol free and dispenses by a pump spray dispensing action.

Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner Review

A few little instructions on how to use (with only one typo) and the ingredients are found on the back of the Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner bottle. There is no expiry date given, or if there is, I can’t see it. Not even sure if sex toy cleaner needs an expiry date, but apparently make up does… moot point I guess as I am sure you all have enough sex toys that warrant cleaning regularly!

To use, simply remove the plastic cap under which the spray top is found. After using your toys, you spray the Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner over your toy and leave for 30 seconds to a minute before rinsing off. The instructions say you can just apply it and leave, and only wipe off if necessary, but personally I like to rinse it off and dry my toys, just in case.

The Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner is quite a thin cleaner, not syrupy or sticky. I found I needed 6-7 sprays to cover a standard 5-7 inch vibrator or dildo to properly coat.

There is no scent that I can make out, nothing unpleasant and definitely not a toxic or alcohol smell. I would have liked a little scent of something refreshing, just as a psychological reassurance that there was something going on, I think. But scent-free is fine too.

The Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner does what it says on the label and I can’t fault it.

Ready to buy your bottle of Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner? It’s only £4.95 for 150ml of cleaner over at the Bondara online sex shop.

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Update January 2017: This bottle of sex toy cleaner has been discontinued, but you can find the newest Bondara toy cleaners at this page.



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