BON4 Silicone Chastity Device Review

9 out of 10

BON4 Silicone Chastity Device Review (Original, Transparent/Clear)

By penny_nrm

Cara: I have recently re-locked a slave into chastity. After researching various chastity devices, we agreed on the BON4 Silicone Chastity Device. The chastity cage worn would need to be comfortable enough to sleep in, and for long-term wear taking into account toileting and hygiene needs. The situation at the moment dictates long-distance tease and denial only, rather than face-to-face domination and submission, so the chastity device also needed to not pose any body damage risks to my slave. I hope you enjoy his review below.

BON4 Silicone Chastity Device Review - Original Transparent / Clear BON4 Cage

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BON4 Original Silicone Chastity Device Review

The BON4 Silicone Chastity Device arrived within 2 working days of placing the order. Unaware of a promotional offer, when I received the order I was pleasantly surprised to find that, in addition to the cage I had ordered, I had also received another one as a free gift.

BON4 Silicone Chastity Device Review - Original Transparent / Clear BON4 Cage

Each device together with all of the necessary parts came in a neat and stylish black drawstring pouch with BON4 branding.

The parts for each device comprise of 4, different sized, silicone back rings, 2 clear plastic straps, a white nylon locking peg, 5 numbered plastic seal locks plus a small metal padlock with 2 keys.


Fitting the BON4 Silicone Chastity Device should be, and probably is fairly simple and straightforward.

The testicles are threaded through the appropriate sized back ring so that it sits behind the testicles between the ball sack and the body. The flaccid penis is placed into the cage which is then attached to the back ring. This is done with the use of one of the plastic straps which threads around the ring and also through slits on forks of the penis cage that fit snugly into groves in top of the ring. The non-elastic plastic strap not only attaches the cage to the ring but counters the elasticity of the ring itself. This is essential if the penis is to be properly captured and give the Keyholder the control desired.

My Specific Fitting Problem

The conventional chastity device will always pose a problem for me and my kind as I am one of those whose ball sack has a tendency to hide. Google searches show that many men complain about saggy ball sacks and there is little advice on how to deal with the opposite problem. Problem it is. Especially when dealing with the traditional male chastity device consisting of a back ring that captures the male’s balls and a penis shaped cage that fits onto that ring.

The apparently simple task of threading one’s testicles through the back ring is not so straightforward when separating the testicles from each other and from your body is nigh impossible.

I find that chastity cages which involve solid back rings are generally of no use to me. The ring to my previous device, the CB-6000, was not a solid ring but came in two pieces that locked together as part of attaching the cage itself. With some difficulty this was possible to fit in some manner. Although a solid ring, the silicone material from which the BON4 is made, offered some hope. Its elasticity meant it may be possible to capture my balls in some way.

I have been successful and have captured my testicles (in a manner) if in a rather hideous way that certainly does not reflect the simplicity of fitting the BON4 Silicone Chastity Device as illustrated on the manufacturer’s own video.

The method involved stretching the back ring over an old coffee mug, placing my penis and testicles into the mug and then slipping the ring off the mug and in so doing, fitting the back ring between my testicles and body. I’m sure you can imagine, it took far more than one attempt to succeed in doing this.

Wearing The Device

Compared to the rigid plastic CB-6000, the BON4 Silicone Chastity Device feels extremely light.

The back ring is far wider than most rings (metal and rigid plastic). This is by necessity because of the need to accommodate the width of the plastic strip.

In my case it is too early to properly comment on the long term use of this cage (only two weeks in confinement). However early indications are that the lightness plus the width of the back ring would make it ideal to wear long term. The only torment would be the desired effect of chastity and there should be less soreness and chaffing which is invariably a problem from long term wear of most other chastity devices, including the CB-6000.

Although the expected torment resulting from denial, which is after all the objective of chastity, does make relaxing and sleeping more challenging, the BON4 Silicone Chastity Device itself is often hardly noticeable. Erections are of course restrained and restricted, as they are intended to be, and at times like those the existence of the cage is deliberately undeniable.

I find the hole at the end of the device, designed to enable urination, has another effect. It creates something equivalent to a cool draft that appears to penetrate the urethra and seems to tease a sensitive spot deep inside the penis. This almost cruelly adds to my arousal on an almost constant basis. This was also the case with the CB-6000 and whether or not this is unique to me, I cannot say.


Compared to metal or rigid plastic the tendency would be to believe silicone would be far easier to escape from. This however is not necessarily the case. The elasticity is cleverly countered by the plastic strip. One may think that the material could easily be cut but the elasticity also makes cutting into the ring extremely difficult.

The elasticity ensures a very snug fit of the back ring behind the ball sack, making cutting the ring very hazardous. I doubt any chastity device is entirely secure, but this is no less secure than others.

My Specific Wearing Problem

As mentioned above, I managed to fit my BON4 Silicone Chastity Device despite my ball sack problem in a very unconventional way. As with the CB-6000 the fitting was not easy and although effective was not quite as it was meant to be. I appear to have not quite captured both testes cleanly and that has resulted in short periods of discomfort. As time goes by that discomfort is felt more often and although not overly painful is a little disconcerting.

The Keys

BON4 are not alone in disappointing with the mundane nature of their metal locks and keys. Considering the nature and symbolism of the keys, a little more imagination regarding them would not go amiss.


My specific problems and my small criticism regarding the keys should not however reflect on the product itself. The parts and materials are of high quality and as previously mentioned the product would normally be easily fitted and comfortable to wear.


– penny_nrm

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