Sex Toy Storage Options: How To Store Adult Toys Discreetly

It’s a fine thing to love an abundance of sex toys, but where do you store them once playtime is over? Believe me, I know how easy it is to get hooked on adding exciting new sex toys to your collection regularly. Before you know it, your bedside drawer is too small to store all those wonderful vibrators & dildos. What other sex toy storage options are available? What’s the best way to store adult toys discreetly?

Sex Toy Storage Options: How To Store Adult Toys Discreetly

Before delving into the storage options for your sex toys, it’s a good idea to start by getting every single sex toy & bondage item together, so you know exactly what size of a collection you’re dealing with. My top tip is to lay an enormous bath towel over the bed, then gather up every single sex accessory you own and spread them out over the towel. Then you’ll be able to see just how big your collection is. This is also a great opportunity to decide whether you really want every single toy you own.

I’ve written at length about how to spring clean your sex toy collection, as well as how to recycle your old sex toys, so I strongly advise you to start with a read through of those articles before settling down to choose your best storage options for the toys you have left.

Now you’ve sorted through your toy collection and you know exactly what you’re keeping and what you need to store, you’re best placed to choose the perfect sex toy storage for your little orgasmic beauties. How many sex toys do you own? I was curious about the size of other people’s adult toy collections, so I ran a poll on X (formerly Twitter). The results were very interesting!

Sex Toy Storage Options: How To Store Adult Toys Discreetly

Over half the respondents have what I’d call a medium sex toy collection, which is anywhere between 10 and 75 items, including bondage gear. That said, almost 40% have between 1 and 10, which I’d say is a small collection. Almost 10% have a simply enormous collection, numbering in the hundreds of items.

So, what are the best ways to store your bedroom products safely & discreetly? Read on to discover my recommended sex toy storage options for small, medium & large adult toy collections.

Small Sex Toy Collection (1-10 items)

Sex Toy Storage Options: How To Store Adult Toys DiscreetlyFor your small sex toy collection (up to 10 items), I’d advise storing them either in individual pouches then in your bedside drawer or pop them all into a specialist sex toy case. Ditch the odd socks you’ve sheathed your dildos in, or the food bags containing your bullet vibes & cock rings – they were only ever temporary storage solutions at best.

There are some gorgeous zip-up bags from Lovehoney (such as the Happy Rabbit Silicone Zip Up Storage Case from and the Liberator range (loving the Liberator Tallulah Toy Case which is lockable & comes in an assortment of colours).

If a hard case is more your style, and suitable for your collection, Lovehoney offer a medium size lockable sex toy case at

Sex Toy Storage Options: How To Store Adult Toys DiscreetlyI strongly recommend checking out the Joyboxx, too (SheVibe/UberKinky). This antimicrobial, lockable case features hidden ventilation so that your toys can dry thoroughly after cleaning whilst being stored away discreetly. There’s a hidden hole for your USB charging lead, so you can charge your sex toys while they’re locked away out of sight. There’s plenty of room for up to 10 sex toys – maybe even more depending on the size/style of your toys. A play tray helps keep your collection neat & organised.

For those deluxe sex toys which cost a lot of money, it’s a good idea to invest in a specific pouch or case to ensure the star of your collection is kept clean & safe at all times between uses.

Before storing under the bed or in the bedside drawer, you can set your Magic Wand to rest in a leather-look soft storage case from

There’s a case for the brilliant Blowmotion penis masturbator too:

Or shop the entire sex toy storage range for the perfect pouch or case for your prized pleasure possessions:


Shop: USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Australia | New Zealand

Medium Sex Toy Collection (10+ items)

If you have more than about 10 sex toys or bondage items, you may find that merely having separate pouches or a hard case from a sex store doesn’t quite fit the bill. Bedside drawer overflowing? Box under the bed getting too busy to find what you want in the heat of the moment? You need to upgrade your toy storage.

There are several ways you can rectify your disorganised toys situation and store your bedroom products neatly.

For example, a fold-out lidded box such as this storage box from is available in a variety of colours to suit your bedroom theme. It just looks like another piece of furniture in your room; you could even use it as the stool for your dressing table.

You could create a ‘sex toy filing cabinet’ using a basket drawer system such as this one from If you don’t have enough products to fill all the baskets, use one for labelled charging leads, another for lubricants and so on.

If absolute discretion in the privacy of your bedroom isn’t an issue, consider an overdoor shoe organiser for the back of your bedroom door (or en-suite, if you’re lucky enough to have one). An overdoor shoe organiser like this one from is fantastic value for money, you can see all the sex toys & bondage gear you have in an instant, and it keeps them separated and perfectly organised. Any charging leads can be stored in the pouch with the relevant toy, and you could use any spare pockets for lube, condoms, wipes or other small sex essentials.

Large Sex Toy Collection (75+ items)

Sorted through your collection and still overwhelmed by the amount of vibrators, dildos, gags and bondage cuffs you own? For large sex toy collections, you need to carefully consider how you’re going to best organise and store them so you can access them all easily when you need to, keep the collection in a safe but discreet place, and invest in something sizeable enough to house them all.

Sex Toy Storage Options: How To Store Adult Toys DiscreetlyAs you would probably expect, having reviewed adult products for over 14 years, I have an enormous sex toy collection. My advice is to keep your regularly used sex toys in the bedside drawer, with the rest safely stored elsewhere. If you’re curious about which sex toys are in my bedside drawer, you can discover my ‘handy grab collection’ in my favourite sex toys blog post.

Turning your attention to all your other bedroom items, first sort them into sex toys and bondage gear. There are plenty of larger chests/trunks/ottomans which can be placed at the foot of your bed, looking like another item of furniture in your room. I like this one, from They can be as expensive as your budget allows – from fold out styles to solid wood types which you could affix a padlock to.

Another option is to transform your entire bed into sex toy storage!

Divan beds have drawers in one or both sides of the base, meaning you can organise your collection into categories then have them all easily within reach whenever the urge strikes. I like this one from as it has drawers on both sides and I just love a high headboard.

Hydraulic lift beds reveal the entire space below your mattress ready to store all your sexy gear. This is a clever and extremely discreet way to store all your products, but it does mean you need to get what you want to use before getting cosy and ‘down to it’ on the bed. Otherwise you’ll have to get off the bed, raise the mattress and retrieve before getting back to playtime. This sleigh-style hydraulic lift-up bed from is absolutely gorgeous (other styles available at, but there are plenty of other styles to choose from.

Have You Considered…?

Before and during your toy organisation into their new storage solutions, there are some other important factors to consider:

Have you thoroughly sorted your toy collection, disposing of/recycling sex toys which are too old, unsafe or broken?

If discretion is a priority for you, are your sex toy storage options lockable?

Do you travel regularly? If so, are your sex toys travel-friendly, with travel locks, easy charge methods and with portable storage while you’re on your travels?

Are your sex toys & bondage gear still easily accessible in the storage you’ve selected for them?

Have you located & sorted out all the charging wires & docks for any rechargeable sex toys you own? I find it helpful to label the wires using my DYMO labeller (, so I can match up the right wire for the right toy at a glance.

Don’t forget about your sexual lubricants – are they all in date, and stored correctly? Do you have the best lube to use with your sex toys, and for any sexual liaisons? Find out more in my big guide to lubes.

Is it time to refresh your sex toy collection? Why not treat yourself, and your partner, to a new sexy gift to enjoy alone or together? Don’t forget to check out my various discount codes to save on your sexy shopping.

Not sure what to invest in? Check out my various sex toy reviews & bondage gear reviews to see what I’m absolutely loving.

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