Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review


Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review (Medium)

The final piece of the Lovehoney lingerie I bought recently (read my other reviews here) is this Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set. The glorious bright red of this sensual lingerie set attracted me right away (it’s my favourite colour), plus the pretty lace panels combined with the push-up effect rendered it irresistible.

The Lovehoney Seduce Me Lingerie collection is extremely alluring, in my opinion. The bold colours, clearly defined shapes, beautiful & body-positive presentation along with cleavage enhancing designs has resulted in a winner. I own the Seduce Me Dress and Seduce Me Push-Up Bra, both in black, but what did I think of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set?

Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review

Delivery & Packaging

My Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set arrived in a discreet outer box with the other things I’d ordered, and was in a transparent plastic outer just like the other pieces, which was easy to dispose of. The chemise set had a small label attached with the product name on it, the size I’d ordered (Medium, to fit UK 10-12) and some material & care details.

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Fabric & Care

Like the Seduce Me Dress, the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set is mostly made of a delicate lace material which is slightly stretchy, and as such it’s not suitable for machine washing. It’s hand-wash only, in cold water, then hang to dry. The microfibre areas are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, while the lace areas are made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex. The inclusion of spandex helps the chemise cling to your every curve.

Detailing & Design

I love the pink detailing on the black items I have from the Seduce Me range, but I must admit the black contrast to the bright red on the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set is where my heart’s at. It’s so unapologetically bold and bright. Loving this look. The dangling small Lovehoney heart logo between the bra area finishes the piece off nicely.

The front of the shoulder straps are covered with microfibre material and thick enough to be comfortable without being overly and unattractively thick. Where the shoulder straps are on my back, they revert to a more traditional bra style strap, which is adjustable. There are two more adjustable straps at the back which hook in place, so you can find your perfect fit.


One thing I was worried about with this Chemise Set was the length. I’m 5’7 tall and I’ve had issues in the past with chemises and babydolls being too short for me to feel comfortable in them. There’s a risk with fitted items in particular that they’ll roll up and expose my butt with every step.

Unfortunately, this very thing happens with the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set. It stops before my butt does at the back, and at the front I feel like I want to pull it down to cover more of my thighs. I’ve actually put my finger through the lace pulling the chemise down – not a manufacturing fault at all, I just forgot how delicate lace can be. I’ve only recently started wearing it again.

You’d think the included suspender clasps would help with my length issues here, but I prefer not to use them while wearing the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set. I found the grips on them difficult to attach to stocking tops; so difficult in fact that I gave up and just went without. They also hook into small loops into the hem of the chemise which on the one hand makes them happily optional, but on the other means that they can come out of those loops while you’re trying to attach your stockings. It all ended up being too much of a faff and my heart was racing for all the wrong reasons.

Cup Sizes

Another issue I have with the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set is the cup sizes in the bra section. This is an issue I have with the rest of my Lovehoney Seduce Me Lingerie items, and an issue I have with sex shop lingerie in general. They’re sold in sizes such as Small, Medium, Large etc rather than specific cup sizes.

But that’s not how boobs work. We don’t have boobs that all fit into generic small, medium or large sizes, and certainly not based on our dress size. I might be a UK size 10 with an EE cup, or a B cup. Or a size 16 with an A cup or a GG cup. Breast vary – a LOT. I understand that it’s much easier to manufacture and stock a small selection of sizes, but it will always be difficult if not impossible for an underwired lingerie range to fit every person’s breasts perfectly simply based on dress size or labelling them small, medium and large.

I can get my boobs into the Medium sizes of Lovehoney Seduce Me Lingerie, and it’s fairly comfortable, but it’s definitely not as good a fit as my specifically 32E or 34DD bras and other lingerie. I can tell that the underwired cups aren’t made specifically for my size, they’ve been made to attempt to cater for what a UK size 10-12 person’s breasts are ‘probably’ like.

The Thong

The included thong is very comfortable to wear – unlike the vast majority of ‘included’ G-strings which usually arrive with the main item of lingerie from sex shops and resemble a plastic triangle on a bootlace. The Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set thong has actually made it into my everyday underwear drawer and I feel comfortable wearing it under any item of clothing. It’s not specifically ‘lingerie-like’, it doesn’t have those annoying fangle mcdangles (you know the typical sexy G-string décor; chains, diamantes, fringes, metal clasps, buckles) to chafe or otherwise irritate, it’s simply a comfy red thong.


Minor gripes and irritations aside, the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set looks simply stunning when worn and certainly has the wow factor. My partner loves the look and says it’s very me. For someone shorter than my height of 5’7 I think the length would be perfect – I feel just slightly too tall for the length of it, myself. The microfiber areas feel gorgeous to the touch and the transparent lace areas give a sexy hint of what lies beneath.

Buy Yours

The Medium size of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set would be a great buy for someone shorter than me, with slightly smaller boobs than 32E/34DD. Also helps if you adore vivid red and flaunting your legs and arse. Buy yours today from Lovehoney:

Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review

Lovehoney Seduce Me Red Push Up Chemise Set Review

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