Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit Review

10 out of 10

Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit Review

Usually I’m pretty nonchalant when it comes to products offered for review – they can be a little samey. I must confess that when contacted by Vawn and Boon, I was extremely excited. Um, hello… PVC clothing? Talk about right up my street! I was offered the beautiful looking signature piece from the range, the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit, and of course I accepted without any hesitation.

Vawn and Boon not only manufacture high quality PVC fetishwear, their headquarters is surprisingly close to me – Lincoln, UK. I’m hoping to visit the team in the coming months for a proper chat and catch-up. As well as the flagship piece, the PVC Catsuit, Vawn and Boon offer a mesmerising array of PVC corsets in a range of sizes.

Vawn and Boon PVC

Vawn and Boon PVC isn’t just any old PVC. It has been specially developed with “4-way stretch” – and it really does stretch over my curves beautifully. The stretch of the material isn’t the only facet which points to the superiority of Vawn and Boon PVC over other brands; it’s also velvety soft to the touch. It’s smooth – I’ve never known PVC to feel so smooth, like it slips out of my grasp when I go to pick it up, like wet soap, it’s that soft and smooth feeling. Like softened butter. PVC I’ve owned and worn in the past always had that friction, a squeak to it – Vawn and Boon PVC feels exquisitely, buttery soft.

Easy To Wear

The Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit is extremely easy to put on. I just step into it, slip into the sleeves and zip up the front. As I only wear a bra underneath the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit, no knickers or G-string, I was sure to be extremely careful when zipping around the genitals area. Any zip-pinched skin is painful enough but vulva/labia trapped in a zip? No thanks! Carefully following the journey with my fingers to protect my sensitive areas helped me zip it without any yelps for the first aid kit.


At 5ft 7 I required the tall version of the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit, and I’m now a UK 10-12 on top and a 12 on the bottom so went for the UK size 12 (Medium). It fits me comfortably and I think it looks great – I’m very happy with it. As I have a small waist for the rest of my proportions I could do with an underbust corset to nip me in a little more – watch this space on that score!

Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit Review

I’m currently losing weight and it tends to go from my boobs first, so the bust area doesn’t fit as snugly there as when the catsuit first arrived. I have less cleavage now as I’ve gone from a DD cup to a C cup in a matter of weeks, which isn’t Vawn and Boon’s fault in the slightest. I still love the shape that the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit gives me, and it looks playfully stern when fully zipped up to the neck.


I can team it with my black patent stilettos – or with thigh high boots for a more traditional Domme look. It’s not the weather for thigh high boots right now as we’re in the middle of a heatwave, but I’m certainly planning on lacing up my tall boots with this catsuit when the weather cools in autumn/winter time.

Material Care

As I couldn’t find any material care details on the tag in the garment, I headed back to Vawn and Boon themselves to find out how best to clean the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit between uses.

They say:

We recommend non scented baby wipes (or a light wipe with new slightly damp cloth), then a pat dry with kitchen roll or a clean towel.

So there you go – easy!


The Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit isn’t your typical PVC piece of fetishwear. This is an easy to wear, beautiful statement piece which will impress you from your very first glance, and then make you fall in love from your very first touch. It’s absolutely worlds apart from the typical sex shop PVC clothing I’ve become used to – there’s none of that squeakiness, friction, worry about tears when I’m pulling it over my curves. The quality is simply sensational.

Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit Review

At £89 the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit is also extremely affordable when you consider the look, material, high quality of manufacture and fit. Unlike much of my fetishwear wardrobe I don’t sigh resignedly when I think about putting it on, knowing I’m in for a strenuous workout trying to get it to fit nicely, and then battling with the zip. This catsuit glides on as if it were made for me. Easy to put on, supremely comfortable to wear and an instantly dramatic, head-turning look. Perfect.

Buy Yours

If you’d like to own your own Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit, you can buy yours here from Vawn and Boon for £89. There’s even free UK delivery on £55+ orders.

The team are extremely friendly and helpful – so if you have any sizing or other queries get in touch with them and they’ll be sure to advise promptly.

Thanks so much to for sending the Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit to me in exchange for my honest review here at


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Vawn and Boon Vortex PVC Catsuit Review

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