Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

10 out of 10

Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

I am one incredibly lucky woman. Not only did I get the chance to own and review the Vawn and Boon Black PVC Vortex Catsuit last year, I now have a matching red one! My favourite colour! Plus, this new PVC Catsuit was accompanied by a new addition to the V&B range, the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Thorax Corset – reviewed separately. For now, let’s take a closer look at the blazingly hot Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit.

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Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

Just before Christmas last year, I received the review bundle from the fab folks at Vawn and Boon. Almost an early Christmas present.

Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit ReviewMy black Vortex Catsuit is a UK size 12, but as I’d lost more weight during my fitness regime over summer, I wasn’t sure which size would be best. I was kindly sent both the UK 10 and UK 12 to try out (in tall, as I’m 5’7) but as it happens I didn’t even try on the size 12 this time. The size 10 (Small) fit me perfectly!

The Vawn and Boon Red PVC Thorax Corset was sent in a size 24” waist, and also fitted me well. My waist fluctuates between 26-28 inches (26 when I’m dolling up!) so that was the correct size for me going by the website.

My Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit was packaged in a transparent plastic bag, with tissue paper within the folds to help keep the catsuit in pristine condition. The outer wrap was a discreet opaque postal bag.

Like the black version, the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit was easy to figure out and put on. There’s a zip which runs the length of the centre of the catsuit, from the top of the collar down past navel and nethers finishing above my arse at the back. With two zippers on the fastening you have the option to leave most of the catsuit closed while you simply expose a small area; great for teasing and useful for practicalities during CFNM sessions or other kinky play.

For example, the zipper could just expose my vulva for pussy worship, or golden showers, or to insert a sex toy. Or just my arse could be revealed for anal-based Queening/facesitting fun, or a cheeky spanking from my partner if I feel so inclined on a given day. The double zip fastening is a brilliant addition as it keeps the rest of me covered in kinky PVC; handy for practical purposes but also retaining that fetish-feel during playtimes.

As the bottom of the legs taper quite narrowly –not skin-tight legging style but no flare, either- I can choose from a selection of footwear to go with the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit. I prefer to wear my matching red high heel Pleaser Shoes with it, mainly; thigh-high boots are such a faff to put on and lace-up. But it still remains an option, if I wanted to wear them. Of course, the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit looks amazing even when I’m barefoot. Team with some matching bright red toenail polish and this Goddess is all set for some thorough foot worship.

The primary reason why the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit (and the black version) impressed and continues to impress me so much is the material it’s made from. You may be thinking, “well it’s just PVC – what’s so special about that?” and I’d forgive you that thought, as you’ve clearly not felt Vawn and Boon’s PVC. This is a 4-way stretch PVC which is unlike any other PVC material I’ve ever felt. It’s not only incredibly stretchy, form-fitting and comfortably hugging my curves, it’s also velvety-soft. It’s buttery.

Other PVC clothing I’ve owned, worn and played in over the years has been nice enough, but there’s been that creak, the pull of shiny material that I have to force in order to fit my generous curves nicely. There’s always been the worry that tugging too hard will tear the low-quality seams, that accessories such as zips, button-holes and ribbons won’t be able to withstand the rigours of my rough, kinky pleasures. I don’t have any of those worries with the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit –or any of my growing Vawn and Boon clothing collection.

Thanks to high quality stitching, clever design and a superb type of PVC material, the Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit feels like it was made-to-measure. It gives me what feels like a tailored-fit –and that’s no easy feat, considering that I’m 32DD-26-36. Once the material has warmed to my body temperature, which doesn’t take long at all, it’s like a second skin. It isn’t like other fetishwear that may look fantastic but there’s that massive sigh of relief once it’s peeled off a tortured body at the end of the day. It’s almost like I could do the housework in this catsuit and it would be fine and comfy –if I did my own housework, obviously. 😉

Because I can pop this catsuit on and there’s no worry of it tearing, or ongoing discomfort at the back of my mind, I can properly let go and concentrate on the fun. I’m so thrilled at the discovery of a PVC catsuit which not only looks spectacular, but which is comfy to boot, that I must award it full marks. If you’re searching for a sexy PVC catsuit, this is the one. The Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit is an absolute must-have, in my opinion, for anyone ready to let go of their inhibitions, release their wild side and stalk out in 100% confidence –and comfort.

Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

Thanks so much to Vawn and Boon for sending me their fabulous Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review!

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Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

Vawn and Boon Red PVC Vortex Catsuit Review

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